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To The Men & Women Who Lost Their Live's In Iraq
Their Is No Greater Citizen Then A Patriot & A Soldier

Long Road To Hell
October 2015 - The Blame Game
2015 - American Troops Did What
Gut Wrenching
No Control

The Briefing

Americans At Their Worst

2013 - Hubris
Losing Iraq
July 2014 - What Went Wrong
2014 - The Sons Of Iraq

Bush - Cheney - Rumsfeld - Bremer - Petreaus - Obama
4486 Dead Americans - 2 Thrillion Dollars - No WMD -  And We Didnt Get The Oil
Why Didnt We Get The Oil ?
Iraq Oil Production

Dick Cheney: “My Thoughts and Prayers Are with the Iraqi Oil Wells” Oh Dear Lord
America's Navy Stand's Ready To Protect China's Oil Interest's
Yes We Are
China Control's Iraq Oil

So Very Very Bad

"Oil Wars" - Not Opression & Weapons Mass Destruction

Treasuer Speaks About Petreaus - KKR

ND Ethic's Laws And David Petreaus

More On The Treasuer & Petreaus

Petreaus Convicted
According to court documents, Petraeus admitted removing several so-called black books - - notebooks in which he kept classified
and non-classified information from his tenure as the commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan -
- and giving them to his biographer, Paula Broadwell.

After he resigned from his CIA post in 2012, Petraeus told the government he had no classified materials in his possession.
 That claim turned out to be false as the FBI found the notebooks when they conducted a search of Petraeus' house in 2013.
When he was questioned by the FBI at the time, he lied and claimed he never provided classified information to anyone not authorized to have it.

"So yeah, they lied to Amy Dalrymple."
Big flipping deal.

Also, Schmidt’s office apparently asked KKR for some advice when Forum Communications reporter Amy Dalrymple
 got wind of Petraeus’ visit before they were ready to announce it. KKR told Schmidt not to return Dalrymple’s call.
Schmidt’s office apparently used the excuse that somebody  was out of the office. So, yeah, they lied to Dalrymple.
 And that’s probably not going to do wonders for Schmidt’s relationship with the media, but c’mon.
Those sort of dodges happen all the time. And the big scoop Dalrymple was after was just the fact that Petraeus was visiting.

Big Flipping Deal

Who Is KKR

ND Retirement & Investment Office

Investment Performance

What North Dakota Produces In One Day. 1,033,693 Barrels - Nov. 2015 - The USA burns in 71 minutes. The World Burns in 16 minutes.
Big Flipping Deal

Are Private Equity Firms Shopping For Sales

Mouse Video to 58:45
Demand Supply Constrained

Begining Of The End

KKR Acquire's Samson

Apollo Trumps KKR

Smart Women

Whiting - Kodiak

Paulson Nets 360 Million

Buyout Gone Bust

Shale Bubble & Wall Street Report

KKR & Samson In 2015

$4.1 To $7.2 Billion - Poof
KKR - Samson Files Bankruptcy 09/17/2015
Yes, It Must Get Old Having The Same People In Your Court
"I am operating in a somewhat altered universe than the one I was operating in when I took the bench this morning,"
said U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Sontchi, after learning of the new treatment of the bonds.

Furious Judge Rebukes Banks Judge Sontchi Judge Warns - "Energy Future"

KKR Acquire's Samson Samson Layoffs KKR & Samson In 2015

"Samson’s woes stand as a cautionary tale of the U.S. shale boom. Fed by cash from Wall Street and private-equity firms,
drillers in recent years rushed to tap new oil-and-gas deposits across the country—and contributed to the collapse in prices for both fuels.
Samson’s woes have been exacerbated by the very tools private-equity firms use to juice their returns:
Samson carries debt used to fund its own purchase and pays fees to its owners. Last week, Moody’s Investors Service
downgraded Samson’s credit rating while taking the unusual step of simultaneously flagging the company for further downgrade."
KKR Stumbles 12/2014
Samson Stock - $19.89 in 2008 to $0.59 cents in September 2015

North Dakota Spent All Its Oil Tax Money - No! - 2012
What I have found is the state is spending the surplus at each legislative session. The surpluses are not accumulating. Whatever surplus we have from the last biennium
 we are spending in the next biennium. As a result, the only savings we have (aside from the new legacy fund which just started collecting funds) is this biennium surplus.
 So in essence we have an annual surplus, but almost no accumulation of reserve funds.
Budget Increase Of 62% For Coming Biennium

North Dakota ( Legacy ) Stripper Wells - 2012
In fiscal year 2011, 43 percent of oil-producing wells in North Dakota were qualified as stripper wells,
according to statistics from the North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner.

State Debt

ND budget processes and policy issues

According to a January 2014 report by the nonprofit organization State Budget Solutions,
North Dakota had a state debt of over $9 billion. Its state debt per capita was $13,241.
The report revealed that state governments faced a combined $5.1 trillion in debt, 33 percent of annual gross state product.
The obligation amounts to $16,178 per capita in the nation. A bulk of the state debt -- 79 percent -- was linked to unfunded public pensions

Total state debt in North Dakota
Type Totals U.S. rank
Total state debt $9,263,742,000 30
Per capita debt $13,241 30
State and other fund expenditures $4,132,000,000 46

Public Pensions

Unfunded Pensions
See also: North Dakota public pensions and North Dakota public employee salaries

A 2012 report from the Pew Center on the States noted that North Dakota's pension system was funded at 72 percent at the close of fiscal year 2010,
 below the 80 precent funding level experts recommend. Consequently, Pew designated the state's pension system as cause for "serious concern.

Taken together, the funding ratio for the state's pension systems decreased from 85.68 percent in fiscal year 2007
 to 63.46 percent in fiscal year 2012, a decrease of 22.22 percentage points, or 25.9 percent.
Likewise, unfunded liabilities increased from under $1 billion in fiscal year 2007 to more than $2 billion in fiscal year 2012

What Part Of

Honor - Respect - Freedom - Country

Do These People Not Get

David Petraeus Let His Guard ( Pants ) Down

A Disgrace To Those Who Paid The Ultimate Sacrifice

Define Malignant Narcissism

Petreaus & NAFTA & 20 Years Later

After America comes North America,” Petraeus said
confidently in answering the question about what comes after the United States, the theme of the panel discussion.
“Are we on the threshold of the North American decade, question mark?
I threw that away — threw away the question mark — and boldly proclaimed the coming North American decade, says the title now.”
He also boasted about how the three economies have been put “together” over the last 20 years as part of the
 “implementation” of the North American Free Trade Act

Petreaus celebrating the end of U.S. independence — and by extension, the demise of the Constitution.

The “highly integrated” forces of Canada, the United States, and Mexico, Petraeus continued, will become the world’s powerhouse for energy and science.
 “There are four revolutions that are ongoing at various levels in each of the countries but foremost in the United States,”
said the former CIA chief, who now serves as chairman of the KKR Global Institute.
“The energy revolution is the first of those, which has created the biggest change in geopolitics since the rise of China since 1978.”
The other “revolutions” include IT, manufacturing, and life sciences, which,
 “as highly integrated as they are, allow you to argue that after America comes North America,” he added.

Caught between the longing for love   And the struggle for the legal tender
Where the sirens sing and the church bells ring  And the junk man pounds his fender
Where the veterans dream of the fight   Fast asleep at the traffic light
And the children solemnly wait   For the ice cream vendor
Out into the cool of the evening  Strolls the Pretender
He knows that all his hopes and dreams
Begin and end there

The Pretender

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