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Cause it's a bittersweet symphony this life  Trying to make ends meet, you're a slave to the money then you die  I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down.
Bitter Sweet Symphony

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Hamm Warns Frackers Not To Spook OPEC - March 2017
You Spook The Tiger - You Will Get Clawed - The Tiger May Be Toothless - But It's Got Big Big Claws

He Spooked The Markets That Day - Oil & CLR Stock Dropped Like A Rock
Age & Oil Prices Are Taking A Toll
At 71, this tycoon faces an uncertain future. Continental’s net loss in 2016 was $330 million.
The company produces 210,000 barrels per day and carries $6.6 billion in debt. For the non-GAAP inclined, Continental’s 2016 EBITDAX was $1.9 billion.

Up On Trump - Down On Oil - Harold Hamm CLR - 03/09/2017

Got His Trump & Dump Socks On
Three Years Later & The Trump & Dump & They Still Dont Get It - They Just Dont Get It
The Rest Of The World Cuts Production & The Frackers Increase Production - Hamm Called OPEC Toothless In 2014
Now He Is Spooking Them - You Spook The Tiger - You Will Get Clawed

Hamm Warns Of Killing The Market - March 2017

Saudi Oil Minister Warns No Free Riders - March 2017

CLR - Harold Hamm Fires Back At Short-Seller Jim Chanos - Sept. 2017 CLR - Slams EIA ‘Exaggerated’ U.S. Oil Projections - Sept. 2017

2014 - 2015
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"A #1 World Class Market Timer"

Expert Outlook Harold Hamm CLR - 11/06/14
Bottom was reached in oil price, and it’s quickly recovering.
WTI Price Close On 11/06/14 Was $77.82 - Bakken Sweet On 11/06/14 Was $59.44
Harold Hamm CLR - Calls Bottom In Oil Prices - 11/06/14
"By dropping the hedges the firm is gambling that prices go up. If they go down, Continental will go bust."

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Looks Like That Toothless Tiger Has One Big Paw
Humbled By The Toothless Tiger CLR Cuts Capex Again 09/08/15

Former Governor Schafer Quietly Exits CLR Board 10/09/15
“I was elected to clap and cheer from the sidelines,” For a $104,429 in pay and $274,720 in stock options in 2014.
Good Money For Clapping & Cheering

Why Would You

Harold Hamm - CEO Of CLR - Naked Gamble Not Paying Off

CLR Cannot Grow At 25% With Oil At 65.00
Oil is at WTI $57.45 & Bakken Is At $41.44 Week Of 12/12/14

Call These Guys "A Toothless Tiger"
In 2013, Saudi Aramco produced 3.4 billion barrels of oil, about one in every eight barrels of the world's crude oil production.
It would take the ND 7.8 years at 1184000 bbls a day to produce 3.4 billion barrels.
Their Valuation Is In The Trillions
Saudi Aramco

04/17/2015 - Saudi Adds Half Bakken Production In One Month

Harold Hamm - CEO Of CLR - The Russians Are Coming ! Fracking & A Nobel Peace Prize

“It’s horizontal drilling” that’s new, Hamm said. “Fracking’s been around for 60 years.
1947 was the first time Erle P. Halliburton fracked a well in Oklahoma.”
Hold The Presses

Hydraulic Fracturing - Been Around Since 1940
Directional Drilling - Been Around Since 1920

Why Is The Real Game Changer Of Fracking Never Brought Up
The 2005 Bush Cheney Overhaul Of The Clean Water Act
Under President Bush and Vice President Cheney, fracking was exempted from significant EPA regulation
Hydraulic fracturing, an increasingly common aspect of the oil and gas production process,
is not subject to the same standards as other industries when it comes to protecting underground sources of drinking water
Hydraulic fracturing involves the injection of fluids including toxic chemicals into oil or gas wells at very high pressure
Other forms of underground injection are regulated to protect drinking water,
but in 2005 Congress created exemptions for hydraulic fracturing to benefit Halliburton and other oil and gas companies

Hydraulic Fracking - Going To Far
Hidden Beneath The Ground ? Biocides

The Dark Side Of Fracking In ND

The Game Changer Of Shale (Tight) Oil
Its The Water! Yes Water With Biocides

A Nobel Peace Prize !
Even though the prize has come with some controversy, the committee asks the right question each year.
What living man or woman has contributed the most to make the world a better place?"
Harold Hamm - CEO Of CLR - Deserves To Win Nobel Peace Prize

Pollution - Death - Cancer - Rose Colored Glasses & Denton Texas Outlaws Fracking
Data Key Impacts -  From Tight Oil Development - The Impacts On The Environment
CLR Spills In North Dakota

Harold Hamm - CEO Of CLR - The COWBOYISTAN WAY March 2015

June 2015 - Harold Hamm CLR - The Billion Dollar Blunder
What Ever The Rationale For Closing The Oil Trade Back In 11/2014 - It Did Not Involve Looking At A CLR Or Oil Chart?
Every Time Frame Was Screaming Down The Hill! & So Was The CLR Chart.

CLR Current Key Financial Statistics

CLR In A Month Chart

It isn't easy for me to let it go  Cause I've swallowed every single word And every whisper, every sigh  Eats away this heart of mine And there is a hollow in me now
Sweet Nothing

Our Hat's Off To You Mam

The $975,000,000.00 Lady

Over The Hills & Far Away
Many have I loved - Many times been bitten  Many times I've gazed along the open road.
Mellow is the man who knows what he's been missing  Many many men can't see the open road.

The Bakken Producer Stress Test 01/2015

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