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It Just Gets Deeper & Deeper
Here we were all led to beleive that energy independence would be for the USA. This would give us unlimited abundant, affordable energy.
We would no longer have to buy crude oil from nasty people. We would renew our economic base and rally.
We wouldnt have to pay what we pay for our largest addiction, gasoline and diesel. Oh and of course some natural gas to stay warm.
No it's turning out that was a hype job. Instead were going to drill and drill and drill and still import crude oil and export our bounty as refined products.
The world drilled 3921 wells in 2012, the USA drilled 45468 wells in 2012, yes thats correct and pump prices have not come down.
Yes and we are turning our environment into a block of swiss cheese full of secret sauce frack cocktail chemicals.
Just do the math on 45468 wells each using 3 million gallons of water to frack, it came out to this ungodly number 136,404,000,000 gallons.
If you dont get a headache from the frack chemical's you will from the economic's of it.

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"It is interesting to note that while once the oil and gas industry exploited other regions of the globe to effect energy security for the U.S.,
it is now exploiting the U.S. to provide energy security to other regions, primarily Asia.
These economies will pay the highest price and thereby offer the most profitability to the individual corporations."

Shale & Wall Street

Yes and there is the Keystone pipeline, wether you let them build it or not there just going to load it on train's.
So why not build it for a couple of reason's, one, before we derail and blow up a city in the USA, two, with decline rate's
on frack well's we will need to actually start using the tar sand oil instead of shipping it, refining it and selling it abroad.
In the new America we will all drive train's and work in hydrocarbon's. With a 1000 rig's drilling and say 100 jobs involved per rig, (directly and support)
 involved that gives 100000 people a job, but they go away when the rig's stop. Even if you take 45468 times 100 it creates 4.5 million jobs.
But it doesnt take 100 people per well to get it done and keep it all running. So its a one time fluke.
2008 to 2013 and this country is in big debt, big unemployment, big everything but so very, very, little common sense.
How Many People Are Really Unemployed

Even if we stay conservative with 15 million unemployed and had every 100 people on a drilling rig and support job's, we would need to have 150000 rig's drilling.
Then the USA could be a sponge full of secret sauce frack cocktail chemical's. then the government could start a super fund to clean up the mess.
Two problem's with that, one, they never ever cleaned up the messes from the industrial age and now, they are stone cold broke.
And all the time this is going on and all the time you been reading this a small 2% are going to exploit the hell out of this.
With no reguard for the envionment, their fellow american's, the next generation, not one dam thing, but their money.

Everyone Is Poised & Ready To Protect Their Interests, Not As A Collective Nation.
Were Going To Wreck Whats left Of Our Country To Become The China Of Refined Gasoline
The Rapid Increase Of Gas Condensate In Texas & Ohio.
Gas Condensate

The Deception

The Talking Heads

The Big Lie

Riding Your Back

Can You Feel The Weight

China Of Refined Gasoline

Billions To Be Made

China Benefits - Americans Suffer

Exports - Exports

Gaming You

Gaming The Keystone
Saudi's Refine In The Gulf

Not That It Matters - Patriotism

Pay, you will pay tomorrow You're gonna pay tomorrow You will pay tomorrow
Save me, save me from tomorrow I don't want to sail with this ship of fools, no no
Oh, save me, save me from tomorrow I don't want to sail with this ship of fools, no no
Ship Of Fools

Has The Energy Boom Really Created Alot Of Jobs
I Think Not

"America needs a practical, forward-looking, all-of-the-above energy plan that will help us to develop more energy with better environmental
and lead us to the long-elusive goal of North American energy security," Senator John Hoeven North Dakota
America Needs
John and staff need some ketchup for their toxic laced cheeseburger,
North American Energy Independence

EPA To Allow Surface Dumping Of Frack Water
Or they need to catch up with whats really happening.

North American Energy Export Profit Security
Wrap your head around this one, the unthought about costs of import crude oil. Once again on the people's backs.
Why our home grown crude and condensate is refined and sold abroad.
Real Pump Price's

You hear alot of talk to abolish the EPA Environmental Protection Agency, how can that be when they are the enforcer of laws passed by congress.
When congress is supposed to pass laws by the people, for the people. They were supposed to represent the people.

No Tax On Exports
The IRS defines taxable events for motor fuel, which are specific to the types of fuel.  For the majority of motor fuel used in the United States (gasoline and diesel)  the only exemptions would be for licensed exporters who are delivering product  out of the US, and for dyed diesel and dyed kerosene out of terminals approved by the IRS for such activity.
Abolish The EPA

They Dont Need To Abolish The EPA
They need to let it become what it is becoming .
Exploration Exploitation & Production Adminstration
Define E&P,  E&P company is known to be in a specific sector within the oil and gas industry. Companies involved in the high-risk/high-reward
area of exploration and production  focus on finding, augmenting, producing and merchandising different types of oil and gas.
“The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money.” Margaret Thatcher

Nixon - Gold - Oil - The Petro Dollar - The Begining Of The End

He Created The EPA & The Begining Of  Quantitative Easing
This is called “monetizing the debt” – printing money to buy your own debt is the most inflationary thing a country can do. Q1 Q2 Q3
“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero"
"Our 41 year experiment with paper money is almost over. This fact should be on all our radar screens. Is it on yours?

Little Did President Nixon Know. He Knew To Much.
On the table behind him is it cash, gold bars,  food stamps or petro dollars?
Tin soldiers and Nixon coming, We're finally on our own.
This summer I hear the drumming, Four dead in Ohio.

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Little Did John Wayne Know

America's Navy Stand's Ready To Protect China's Oil Interest's

Yes We Are
China Control's Iraq Oil

To The Men & Women Who Lost Their Live's In Iraq
Their Is No Greater Citizen Then A Patriot & A Soldier

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