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Denton Bans Fracking
DentonWasnt First TMBC The Sky

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This Page Is Dedicated To Carrie & Frank & All Those Who Battle Cancer
These rose colored glasses  That I'm looking through 
Show only the beauty  'Cause they hide all the truth'

Rose Colored Glasses

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Key Impacts Of Dirty Drilling At The State & National Level
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Released 10/2013 - Data Is From State & National Public Sources
Fracking By The Numbers

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Benzene - Toluene - Xylene - Styrene - Napthalene - Dioxins

Death By Flairing

Health Risks Mounting Evidence
Story After Story Two Million Ton's

“We’re confessing that we are flaring a tremendous amount of gas right now,”
Governor Jack Dalrymple, a Republican, said at a Bloomberg Link Conference, in Washington on Feb. 24. 2014
 “Everybody feels it’s a huge waste, to say nothing of the environmental impact.”
Natural gas is flared, or burned directly to the atmosphere, rather than being vented without combustion because methane,

 the primary constituent of natural gas, has much higher global warming potential than carbon dioxide,
the main component of combusted gas. By law, North Dakota prohibits natural gas venting.

EIA - ND Natural Gas Flairing Numbers

Oct. 2016 - 240,168,180 mcf Flaired Daily
6000 cubic feet is a BOE (barrel of oil equivalent) of one BBL Oil (barrel of oil)

  240,168,180 mcf divided by 6000 cf = 40028 bbls of oil a day burned off
220 bbls is a truckload - 182 truckloads a day
660 bbls is a rail carload
So Everyday Set Fire To 61 Railcars Of Oil And

See If You Fully Get The Amount Of Pollution Being Created

Bakken Crude Train On Fire

See More Photo's Below Of Burning Oil

Denton Texas - 'Unprecedented Fracking Ban'
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LA Times All About The Denton Story Landslide

Hasnt Heard About Biocide's ?
Flow Back Frack Free Denton

TRRC Chairman - Christi Craddick - stated that the voters’ decision was likely based on“misinformation” about the potential dangers of  fracking

Will Not Honor The Ban

TRRC Commissioners comments
Putin Plot
 A Rogue Russian Oil And Gas Cartel, And Protecting U.S. Interests.
Texas 2015 Annual & So Many Well's
2,752,000 bbls oil a day - 193,807 Wells =  14.2 bbls oil a day -   January 2016

Fracking a natural gas well next door to the University of North Texas' football field in Denton.
No Wonder They Wanted A Ban

Denton Was Not The First & Wont Be The Last
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Turtle Mountain Band Of Chippewa - North Dakota
"What is happening in western North Dakota is a travesty for all Indian people.  I feel proud that we are taking this stand."
Tribal Chairman Richard McCloud concluded, "In the future, water will be worth more than oil. 
We need to protect our water here in the Turtle Mountains for our kids and grandkids."

The tribe became one of the first tribes in the nation to ban 'fracking' within their territories and backed up that ban
with a new tribal law in place. The new tribal law states that hydraulic fracturing or any other process that is toxic
is prohibited in perpetuity and this includes the lands enjoining the Little Shell Valley Aquifer,
which are not part of the reservation, but which are the tribe's main source of fresh water.


The Turtle Mountain Chippewa became the first tribe in the United States to ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking) on November 22, 2011,
 By unanimous vote for a tribal resolution drafted by the grassroots tribal member group No Fracking Way Turtle Mountain Tribe.
 The tribal resolution fracking ban was amended by the tribal council to direct the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to cancel oil and gas bids
 On 45,000 acres of tribal land that was scheduled to begin on December 14, 2011.The BIA cancelled the bids on December 9, 2011.

No Fracking Way TMT

The Dark Side Of Fracking In ND
"It is time for a fracked oil and gas moratorium on Ft. Berthold, and Standing Rock Reservation
Hundreds of municipalities, counties, provinces and countries are.
Indian country needs to do the same. North Dakota needs to as well"

Tribe Bans Fracking

And it's not like the oil is going to get less valuable if they leave it underground for a while 
as we figure out the impact of this massive science experiment that's going on in the Bakken. - Story On The Tribal Ban

Invoking tribal health and cultural survival, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
 has declared a ban on fracking on its sovereign land in what is today North Carolina.
Eastern Cherokee Band Bans Fracking

The Land They Have Chosen To Protect - Excellent Grain & Cattle Land - Wetlands
USGS Report - Shell Valley Aquifer

While Otherwise At The Fort Berthold Indian Reservation

This Is Mandaree - On facebook
Pollution On The FBIA

The Sky
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This Is A Photo Of Minot Looking South Southwest At Sunset
There Are Four Samples Of Blue Swatches On The Horizon Of The Photo
Do You See Any Blue ?
No you Are Looking Out At Space Through A Toxic Cloud - You Are In It.
Particulate Matter, NOx, Carbon Monoxide, VOC's, Sulphur Dioxide
They are all dense and heavy and lift up from the thermos of the sun light
When darkness returns they all come back down to the surface, for you to breathe and eat.
Alot Of People In Western North Dakota Have Turned A Blind Eye To This
When Asked - They Call It The Color Of Money!
No Its The Color Of Cancer, Sickness, Death & Greed
Fact Or Fiction?

Looking West Out Over Williston

Excellent Photo Showing The Toxic Atmosphere

Infra-Red Image Of A Lease Pad In The Barnett Shale, Texas Showing Hydrocarbon Fumes
(Invisible To Naked Eye) Escapeing Off Condensate Tanks

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What Is Norm & How Much Cancer Will It Cause ?
What & How Much ? NORM

“Now is the time to really work this out,” said Lynn Helms, director of the state Department of Mineral Resources. 11/24/13

75 Tons A Day Of NORM Lynn Helms & The Disclaimer ND Becoming Radioactive

Filter Socks ?
Filter socks, which look like large tube socks and are used in saltwater disposal wells to strain liquids during the injection well process.
Production water from producing wells and frac cocktail water from the flowback process, contain naturally occurring radioactive material.
Frac flowback and production is always bringing up sand and other junk, so when the dirty water gets hauled to a injection well their is a filter
to collect ths junk to keep it from ruining the pumps and the injection well.
Doesnt make a whole lot of sense why they cant be buried in ND. The sand coming back on flow back is buried in ND! Go Figure.
The filings and mud when drilling the well are buried in ND!
Everybody knows (Lynn Helms, the E&P's) this waste is generated and their is no concept where to put it.
Everybody is in it for the buck & When their done good luck.

Stories And Film
“The health department has no cleanup fund,”
Hydraulic Fracking - Going To Far
& What About The Biocides In The Socks
It's Everywhere
"that orange color, we know there hot"

This Is Everywhere Why A Leak Proof Container?
The Containers Moving Flow Back Sand
& Junk Are Not Leak Proof - Neither Are The Tankers
Hauling Frac Cocktail & Production Water

Leak Proof Containers

A Fresh Sock, it takes hundreds and thousands of these a day at each injection well.
And what about all the drivers and workers changeing these all day long.
They have no special PPE or training!

There you go, 75 tons of these each day, filled with every poision you can think of
from frac cocktail to radiation.

How could you miss this

Now you dont ever see drivers or workers at these injection wells dressed like that in PPE

"the real game changer"

How does anyone not notice this
because nobody gives a dam

Just think of all the Biocides now buried in landfills

 In 2005, the oil and gas industry was granted an exemption from the Safe Drinking Water Act,
Allowing the injection of toxic fluids directly into groundwater without oversight by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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The oil boom in North Dakota has brought with it the highest worker fatality rates in the country.
 Fault Lines investigates who should be held responsible.
At 21;55 asking former bust governor Jack Dalrymple why he did not bring up worker safety at state of the state address.
Fault Lines - Death On The Bakken Shale

Sidney Family Sues Over Death At Well Site 10/2015

'Can You Keep Your Mouth Shut ?'

Tragic Deaths Keep Your Mouth Shut
Very Sad
Danger Zone

Some worker safety experts reject the idea of linking worker exposure to public health and the environment.
 The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, for example, has specifically rejected any efforts.
 To link the results of its studies of toxic vapors at work sites to health effects on those who live nearby.

Vikki Daggett.
"As far as I'm concerned, Power Fuels killed my son."
Tragic Deaths - Chemicals
Officer Abele said he did not think the driver realized
Norris had been struck.
Tragic Deaths - Run Over

Brandon Belk                                                                              Eugene Norris
"Williston - On the city's western edge, there's a 36-tank battery across the street from new housing developments
Where little girls in pink neon ride bicycles down white concrete streets. What effect are the tank emissions having on them?"

Twin Cities Hospitals Are Front Line In Treating Bakken Burn Victims
Lack Of Burn Center's

Shalefield Stories

Flair torch at lease site. Either burning off H2S which is usually a small flame.
or burning off natural gas which is usually a large flame.
Notice the thick black smoke. Now times that by 13000 + wells in ND.

Flairing off natural gas during flow back.

Treater has gone wrong and is putting oil out to the flair torch.

Train derailment Casselton ND 2013

Healthy Baby - Stay Away From Fracking
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In Depth Story On The Study With Links To Data

Healthy Baby - Not With Fracking
John Hopkins Studies

From This

To This

The Real Game Changer Hydraulic Fracking - Going To Far

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