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Bakken (Bomb) Train Derailments Page

2013 - Luck Has Runout - Bakken Train Derails
Our Prayers Go Out To The People Who Lost Their Lives In This Incident.
And The Ones Who Are Left With The Grief And Aftermath.
Someone Made A Big Mistake - Some How Their Has Got To Be A Better Way To Power Our World...................

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2014 Documentary On The Moving Fire Bombs

So I put my faith in something unknown I'm living on such sweet nothing
But I'm tired of hope with nothing to hold I'm living on such sweet nothing
Sweet Nothing

2013 Lac Megantic Derailment
If You Have No Business Around Oil & Gas Production Facilities - Then Stay Away From Them.

Leave it to "certain men and women" who never stop understanding the risk of hydrocarbon's and never start takeing it for granted.
73 Tanker cars, 72 loaded with crude. 660 bbl's per car.  That's 47520 bbl's. Lets say $90.00 a bbl. Thats 4.2 million.
Plus The destroyed rail cars, plus the destroyed property, plus the priceless cost of life.
MMA Railroad Files For Bankruptcy
Canadian Pacific brought the train from North Dakota to MMA near Montreal, and MMA was to take it to St. Johns.
 Ed Burkhardt, Chairman of MMA, has stated, "nobody knew what they were carrying. I can assure that CP didn't know any more than we did."

Flashback - We Got Lucky
Lac-Mégantic Derailment
People were jumping from the third floor of buildings in the central business district to escape the fire. As the blazing oil flowed over the ground, it entered the town's storm sewes and emerged as huge fires towering from other storm sewer drains, manholes and even chimneys and basements of buildings.
Photos Of The Disaster

Crude Oil Train Derailments

The Lawsuits Begin

Quebec Derailment Lawsuits
Why Are We Selling
 Bakken Oil In Canada ?

The service began with a grandmother from the town reading out the names of all the victims from a large card. "You know grandmothers — they like to tell their grandchildren stories," said Pierrette Turgeon Blanchet, before she began reading.
"But today I'd like to tell God a story."
Victims Honored

When We Dont Produce Enough For Our Own Country ?

Its All About Money

Sending Crude To Canada

Crude From Texas to Canada

These eyes cry every night for you. These arms, these arms long to hold you, hold you again. These eyes are cryin
These Eyes

2015 - Lawsuits Being Settled & Still Going
He said the amount will go even higher because three other companies –
World Fuel Services, Canadian Pacific Railway and Irving Oil – have yet to contribute.
The Lawsuits In 2015

"It is interesting to note that while once the oil and gas industry exploited other regions of the globe to effect energy security for the U.S.,
it is now exploiting the U.S. to provide energy security to other regions, primarily Asia.
These economies will pay the highest price and thereby offer the most profitability to the individual corporations.

Shale & Wall Street

Quebec July 2013

In Fact They Just Keep On Derailing!

Edmonton Oct. 20 2013
Edmonton Derailment

Alabama Nov. 8th 2013
Alabama Derailment

Casselton ND Dec. 30th 2013

Casselton ND Dec. 30th 2013
Something has to give at the Oil and Gas Division.
 Helms’ recent gaffe about the volatility of Bakken crude oil (it’s a myth, he said),
Came days before an oil train derailed and exploded near Casselton ND. 
Promoter - Regulator - Spells Danger
"For every action, there is a reaction or counter-action," he said. "Getting any product to market from North Dakota always has been a challenge, whether it is oil,
sugar beets or beef. And we have been able to find good markets because the rail industry has responded."
"Ron Ness, president of the North Dakota Petroleum Council"
When was the last time a cow or a sugar beet blew up
Casselton Derailment
Another Half Mile or 25 Miles You Would Be Counting The Dead.

Lynchburg Va. April 30th 2014
Lynchburg Va. Derailment

Febuary 2015 - West Va. Derailment

Derailed CSX Train In West Virginia Hauled Newer-Model Tank Cars

Photo's Of The Febuary 2015 - West Va. Derailment

March 2015 - Galena Ill. Derailment

Photo's Of The March 2015 - Galena Ill. Derailment

May 2015 - Heimdal ND Derailment

Photo's Of The May 2015 - Heimdal ND Derailment

Tough Day For Governor Jack

Calling For A Federal Ban On Oil By Rail
May 2015 - Nationwide Ban On Bomb Trains

Everything He Says Comes Out Stupid

Cramer Wants You To Feel Safe About Oil By Rail
He Looks Real Safe Hanging Out With Harold Hamm
"If you aspire to represent the state of North Dakota in the United States government and yet you don’t have a working knowledge or working relationships
 with people that are creating the wealth and the jobs in your state, I’m not sure you’re qualified to represent the state in Congress,” Cramer said.

“Those relationships demonstrate a working knowledge of the major issues of the day,
and they’re illustrative of the work I’ve done to position myself to be a person of influence,” he added.

Who Does He Work For Again

How Much Money Has Cramer Received From Continental

This Is The BNSF Mainline For Oil By Rail In Heimdal ND
It Makes You Dizzy Looking At It

Thats A Photo Of The Actual Wheel
Is That The Wheel That Broke Off?

Obama & Buffet - Now Its Heitkamp & Buffet - Crony Capitalism

Heidi, Heidi, And The Pump And Dump

I hear the train a comin' It's rolling round the bend

And I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when,

Folsum Prison Blues

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