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The Phrase Was Coined By Now North Dakota GOP Governor Doug Burgum - The Only Candidate For Governor To Endorse Trump

If you have any confusion about America or a Monster and how America got here and what America is and what the founding fathers wanted America to be.
Go walk Arlington, go walk any cemetery in America, go walk a cemetery or a battleground any where in the World and those Americans and
Patriots from other nations who sacrificed for America. They will help you with any confusion about who America is and what a Monster is.
I Love You America & Your Monsters?
Where will he go next  This phantom from another time  This resurrected ghost of the previous nightmare  Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Vincent Indiana, Syracuse NY  Anyplace everyplace  Where there's hate
Where there's prejudice  Where there's bigotry  He's Alive  He's alive so long as these evils exist  Remember that when he comes to your town  Remember it when you hear his voice speaking out through others
Remember it when you hear a name called, a minority attacked, any blind unreasoning assault  On a people or any human being  He's Alive because through these things we keep him alive
Rod Serling - He saw the butchery, death, and hate, humanity turned to in WW2 during the retaking of the Philippines - The story is about the evil of Adolph Hitler, That Monster lives on today - He's Alive  
"The Media Is The Enemy Of The American People" Trump - Do Not Answer A Fool According To His Folly - Lest You Also Be Like Him
When The Next Generation Asks You, Why Didn’t You Do Something? Why Didn’t You Speak Up? What Are You Going To Say?

ATF - Imagine if such a leader emerged in modern society with the skills to restore back into the American psyche the concept of faith and trust in the government? The Untouchables!
 Israel Gets $10 Million A Day In
US Military Aid To Kill Their Neighbors & Sell Arms - While American Kids Are Shot & Killed In American Schools - Our Congress Does Nothing To Protect Them
The $3.8 Billion To Israel Every Year For Killing & Selling Arms  - Would  Buy 760,000 Metal Detectors at $5k Each - Less Then 100,000 Public Schools In The US - Guns & Hypocrites Are Not Going Away
Hypocrite Lawmakers - Guns - Debt - Immigration - Taxes - Swamps - Poverty - Child Abuse - Vote Them In - Vote Them Out - Hypocrite Lawmakers
Hitler Offered Children A Shower & Killed Them - King Trump Offered Children A Shower - Abducted Them - Caged Them Crying Without There Families
King Trump, His Trumpublicians, His Goebbels, Lying For Weeks They Can't Stop Child Separation - When Under Title II Of The Constitution King Trump Started It & King Trump Can Stop It

TOP - Trump's Old Party - Playing Americans As Stupid  - Child Abuse Separation - Bombing Kids In Yemen - No Gun Reform - What Is The Issue That TOP Has With Children Safety & Welfare?

The "Treason Summit" 
"Red Lights Are Blinking"
New Bold Government

The Fox & Friends
& The Wolf

Mission Accomplished

Honorable Korean The Kakistocracy
The Plutocracy
& North Dakota
TTT - Trade The Tweet No Collusion!
NRA- 2A - Mass Murder Hypocrites - Gun Bacon The Manafort Rebuke
Suicide - Murder - Guns Psychiatric Drugs
Witch Hunts - Lies
Fake News
The Untouchables Fake Iran
The Petro Dollar
  Trump - Cramer
Stand Behind Farmers
The Lesser Of Two Evils
ND Senate & House
Current 2018 Polls
King Approval Polls
The EPA & The
21st Century Dinosaur

Trump - Kushner
Mideast Peace Plan
Church & State
New Faith - Nuke Iran
Trickle Down Taxes
"The Deep Debt State"
Vote Them In
The Deep State Spygate
No The Trump State
Obama Trump Trafficking Killing On The Border Don't Vote Need A Reason Try Child Abuse Goebbels Playbook Zero Tolerance - Boycott USA Debt Clock - GDP
Market Crash 2018?
I Love You America
& Your Monsters?
"Enemy Of The People"
Ivanka Trump?
Govt. Shut Down
Please Do It Genius
Koch Brothers
"Total Joke"
2 Minutes To Midnight
Bulletin Atomic Scientists
North Dakota
Tax Gimmicks
"Kill All The Blacks?"
Minot ND Public Schools

Fascinating - National Debt Is Now Greater Then National Gross Domestic Product - Watch The Clock - $1.5 to $2 Million A Minute In New Debt - USA Debt Clock
TOP - Trumps Old Party - Tax Cuts & Jobs Act - Import Products Coming In - Export Products Going Out - Tax & Tariff - Who Is Paying Both Ways - You
1/2 through 2018 New Federal Debt is at $778 Billion - Double that to the end of the year is $1.6 Trillion In New Debt - TOP Will Beat Bush & Obama In New Debt
Larry Kudlow - Trump's Top Economic Adviser "
Deficit Is Coming Down Rapidly" - OH DEAR GOD - Is He Lost - Someone Give Him The USA Debt Clock Link
Has Anyone Told Trump - The TOP - That You Actually Need Tax Revenue To Run The Federal Swamp? Larry Kudlow - Tax Cuts 2.0 - 3.0 - 4.0
May Be Coming 
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"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong,
Is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." Theodore Roosevelt.

“I guess you’re too busy draining the swamp to ever stop and smell the stink you’re creating. That’s your doing. That’s your stink, Mr. President, that’s your swamp.”- The Fox & Friends
King Trump - You Know You Are Hated & Despised When John McCain - While Still Alive Tells You In His Book Not To Come To His Funeral - He Unlike You Actually Served His Country
King Trump Said Hillary Clinton Is Crooked - So He Hires Her Husbands Former Attorney To Work For Him - That Says A Lot - Only Criminals Plead The 5th - According To King Trump
Sad - The First Ladies "Be Best" Cause Is Just A Redo Of A 2014 FTC
Obama Era Pamphlet - Cant They Find Something Original - Maybe How A Spouse With Respect & Self Control Benefits Children
Make Mothers Day Great Again - As The Warmongers Will March Sons & Daughters Off To The Middle East For Another Oil War & Sessions Moves To Separate Families At The Borders
Who Is Going To Pay For King Trumps Policies? - Iranian Oil Sanctioned - Oil Wars - Saudi Aramco IPO - Corporate Tax Cut - Trickle Down Taxes - Rising Energy Costs - YOU - VOTE THEM OUT
There is a vile, a hate, a divisiveness, that knows no end, from this administration. Just like the 2016 election, tearing and dividing the union, it knows no respect, it knows no limit. Racism, Bigotry, Fascism.

You were the sunshine, baby, whenever you smiled  but I call you stormy today  All of a sudden that old rain´s fallin´ down  and my world is cloudy and gray, you´ve gone away
Oh Stormy

So You Say - MRGA Make Russia Great Again
                                                                         US Democracy For Sale - Bought & Sold

You Gave Me Shelter When I Was Destitute - You Showed Me Respect, Free Will, Liberty, Justice, & Peace - I Love You America & Your Monsters?
Thank you Time - The caption should be Welcome to Trump's America Little Human - Iam going to get you a shower, then Iam going to abduct you.
Then Iam going to teach you about hate, vile, divisiveness, racism, bigotry, and fascism. Yes Little Human. Iam going to be very tough on you!
When America Can Not Find Room In The Dream For Men, Women & Children Seeking Asylum - Then We - Epluribus Unum - Have Shunned God For A Tyrant
"Satan's greatest ruse is to first create a problem, and then offer the solution. The problem created is the bait; the poison is in the solution." Constance Cumbey
I Have Never Met A Immigrant Who Hated America - I Have Only Met Monsters Who Hate Immigrants

Sickness to insanity  Prayer to profanity  Days and weeks and months go by  Don't feel the hunger, too weak to cry  I hear the sound of gunfire at the prison gate
Are the liberators here, do I hope or do I fear?  For my father and my brother, it's too late  But I must help my mother stand up straight
Are we the last ones left alive?  Are we the only human beings to survive?
Red Sector A
Performed By Rush - Written By Neil Peart For Geddy Lee - Whose Parents Survived Hitler's Death Camp's & Emigrated To Canada 
Their Son Giving The World 40 Plus Years Of Music - Are We To Repeat Those Dark Days In Trump's America? God & The World Are Watching -
Geddy Lee & His Mom

Warning - "The Warning Lights Are Blinking Red Again" - Warning
"The Danger Signs Are As Serious As Warnings Before 911" Dan Coats National Intelligence Director
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There is a Major Deadly Conflict of Interest Happening - The National Intelligent Director Telling Us the Lights are Blinking Red
Dan Coats - The Warning Lights Are Blinking Red Again
Then You Have A Sitting President Who Has His Head Up Somebody's Ass & Doesn't Stand Up To Putin & Keeps Telling Us No, Everything Is Fine
July - 18 - 2018 When the President was asked if Russia poses a threat to America
His Answer Is "No"
Theses people, these Enemies, of America, they just aren't hacking your face book account they want in to control systems
The Power Grid, Pipelines, Power Plants, Dams, Air Traffic, Railroads, Financial, Military, Satellites, Communications
Something is Wrong when you here "The Danger Signs Are As Serious As Warnings Before 911" - Nobody Issued Warnings Before 911

Awareness - Not Location Is Key To Self Preservation & Self Defense  -  How Far Down Does The Great Society Go Before It Finds Bottom?
Have a plan, have a talk with your Loved Ones, have a plan a place to regroup, something is really Wrong with this President!

Over Whelming Proof Of Russian Involvement In The 2016 Election
Everyday Being Told The Red Lights Are Flashing With Russians Hacking Into Our Computer Systems
Everyday More & More Russians & Russian Involvement Revealed With Everything Trump
Trump Stands Next To Putin & Says Nothing - What Do These People Have Over Him?
When Does All This End? When It's To Late? Trump Has Put Us All At Risk
Treason, Coward, Mental Illness, Stupid, Senile, What Is With This Guy?

From Russia With Love - Putin Government - NRA - Maria Butina - Busted


"New Bold Leadership In The White House And In Bismarck" And Moscow
MORPH - My Original Russian Personality Highlighted

You Dont Have To Be A Rocket Scientist To Read The Body Language
Trump Has This Dread & Fear Over Him, Terrible Dread - The Dread You Get When Your Own Lies, Betrayals & Reality's Or Those Of Others Hit You Head On
Putin Looks Like He Won The Lottery & Had An Orgasm - Lightly Holding His Notes, Jacket Is Buttoned, Tie Is Perfect, Smirk on His Face
Putin's notes are probably a list of everything he is using to manipulate Trump, what better way to intimidate!
What Is Trump Allowing Putin To Do To Us, To America. This Could All End Very Very Badly

As A Russian Man Once Said, There Is No Such Thing As Good Or Bad Countries - There Are Only Good Or Bad People
What Has Trump Done To Coward To The Likes Of Putin?
When Will Trump Ever Start Being The President For America And Stop Being The President For Himself?

Trump praised Putin for his willingness in cooperating in the investigation into his own government:
"What he did is an incredible offer. He offered to have the people working on the case come and work with their investigators with respect to the 12 people.
I think that’s an incredible offer."

WOW - That Is Petty For The Leader Of The Free World!
Have Russian government officials ask other Russian government officials if the Russian government told them to commit a crime.
Let US officials watch Russian officials ask other Russian officials if the Russian government told them to commit a crime.

Send Russian officials into the US to investigate allegations against domestic critics of Vladimir Putin.

Did anyone ever tell Trump when your in a town or city of the Russian Federation past and present and you need to find the Thug or Wiseguy (businessman)
you had to deal with to get through the bureaucracy or some other business activity all you have to do is walk down to the Police Station
and you will find the Thug or Wiseguy you need standing with the Police smoking cigarettes and conducting business.
He Cuts Down His Own Intelligent Agencies & Mueller As A Witch Hunt & Praises One Of The Most Evil Minded Men On The Planet
Putin & Murder

You Could Call Trump & Putin Fancy Bear & Cozy Bear
July 2018 - 12 Russian Military Members Indicted & The King Does Or Says Nothing To Russia & Blames It On Obama
It Is All To Bizarre
The sites and accounts used by the named in the indictment guccifer 2.0 and DC Leaks. Twitter finally removed their accounts after the indictment.
guccifer website is still up, was removed a long time ago, in reference to dc leaks hacking and exposing George Soros.
It is incredible that the FED never ever shut all this crap down in 2016.

guccifer 2.0 - Google search dc leaks - Google search dc leaks & George Soros

Lets Not Forget

Fancy Bear And His Friend
Cozy Bear
Then Peter
Petya And Of Course His

Trump Praises Putin When Russia Under Putin's Order Is Still Attacking America - MAGA
Bare in mind the President (the Commander in Chief) has given no order to intelligent agencies to rid America of this invasion
 Ask yourself why is that?

The Intervention
Fancy Bear Has To Be Confronted
By the staff he never listens to and never includes.

Makes One Wonder What Bolton Is Thinking
Sure wish I had gotten my suit pressed? Do I need new glasses or is his head that big? Maybe Tillerson is correct, he really is a Moron?

July 2018 - The Poll indicates Bolton really should get his suit pressed, his glasses are fine and Tillerson was Spot On!

Tillerson Actually Understood What It Meant To Run A Corporation & To Respect Your Brand - Good Man - Treated Like A Punk By Trump
He Knew A Moron When He Saw One

Rumors follow everywhere you go  And when you left I was last to know  You're famous now and there's no doubt  In all the places you hang out
They know your name and know what you're about
Found Out About You
He Just Doesn't Get It - Still Cutting Down The CIA, FBI, NSA & Going With Putin
Yes Obama & Comey were incredibly iresponsible not to have told America the whole deal of what was going on.
Hillary being investigated, Trump being investigated. What needs to be known was Trump in on the Russians hacking the election?
If Obama & Comey had told all, Trump would have had a tantrum to no end. just like he keeps having one now.
Even though it is fact that the Russians hacked the minds of Americans during the 2016 election.
Trump won the election, so if he isn't involved with the Russian hack, then stand up to Putin and tell him it stops today, it stops now.

Oh Why Can't He Keep His Word?

Trump Loves Blaming The Media "Enemy Of The American People" Trump Calls Them - In Russia They Just End Up Murdered
In A Show Of Support - Russian Journalists Attending The "Treason Summit"
There Are A Lot

You May Kill The Messenger - But You Will Never Kill The Message - The Truth - Lying Politicians - The Enemy Of The People

Maybe He Tweeted The Wrong Country?

Born in shackles, livin' in a hold   You gotta let the bad times roll   When daddy left mama, it broke her heart and soul   You gotta let the bad times roll
If life's a bowl of cherries, you gotta break the bowl   You're standing in the fire, wishin' it was cold   When you ride with the devil, you gotta pay the toll   You gotta let the bad times roll
Oh my lord, oh my lord    There's a train a comin'    You gotta jump on board

Oh My Lord

Awareness - Not Location Is Key To Self Preservation & Self Defense  -  How Far Down Does The Great Society Go Before It Finds Bottom?
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"New Bold Leadership In The White House And In Bismarck"
The Phrase Was Coined By Now North Dakota GOP Governor Doug Burgum - The Only Candidate For Governor To Endorse Trump

 Now Governor Burgum Called His Opponent & State Legislators "Money Squanders, Career Politicians & Good Old Boys" To Get Elected

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Equity Is Used In It's Definition - The Quality Of Being Fair & Impartial & The Value Of That Fairness & Impartiality - As In Well Managed Business Equity Debt - As In Well Managed Public Equity Debt Created By Local, State & Federal Leaders
 The Democracy That Gives Taxpayers A Say In That Equity Debt. As In New Airports, New Public Structures, New Schools, New Jails, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Addiction Recovery, Tax Reduction, Private Investing, More Government & Bureaucrat Waste.
Thank God For Bold New Leadership That Is Of A Equity State Of Mind. No More Money Squanders, No More Career Politicians, No More Good Old Boys, No More Tilting At Windmills Whose Foundations Are Anchored In Swamps.

Just then they came in sight of thirty or forty windmills that rise from that plain. And no sooner did Don Quixote see them that he said to his squire,
"Fortune is guiding our affairs better than we ourselves could have wished. Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants? I intend to do battle with them and slay them.
With their spoils we shall begin to be rich for this is a righteous war and the removal of so foul a brood from off the face of the earth is a service God will bless."

 "New Bold Leadership In The White House And In Bismarck"
The Phrase Was Coined By Now Governor Doug Burgum - The Only Candidate For Governor To Endorse Trump


Honor - Respect - Freedom - Country -  New Bold Leadership