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You Are On Search "New Bold Leadership In Washington & Bismarck" Boom Or Bust Page
The Phrase Was Coined By Now North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum - The Only Candidate For Governor To Endorse Trump

When The Next Generation Asks You, Why Didn’t You Do Something? Why Didn’t You Speak Up? What Are You Going To Say?
ATF - Imagine if such a leader emerged in modern society with the skills to restore back into the American psyche the concept of faith and trust in the government? The Untouchables!
 Israel Gets $10 Million A Day In
US Military Aid To Kill Their Neighbors & Sell Arms - While American Kids Are Shot & Killed In American Schools - Our Congress Does Nothing To Protect Them
 Hypocrite Lawmakers - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Hypocrite Lawmakers
The $3.8 Billion To Israel Every Year For Killing & Selling Arms  - Would  Buy 760,000 Metal Detectors at $5k Each - Less Then 100,000 Public Schools In The US - Guns & Hypocrites Are Not Going Away

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Mission Accomplished Syria Honorable Korean Kakistocracy
Plutocracy TTT Trade The Tweet No Collusion! NRA - Mass Murder Hypocrites - Gun Bacon
The Rebuke! Suicide - Killers - Guns
& Psychiatric Drugs
Witch-Hunts & Lies
& Fake News!
The Untouchables! Fake Iran!
& The Petro Dollar!
Trump - Cramer
Stand Behind Farmers!
21st Century Dinosaur Trump Kushner
Mideast Peace Plan
Church & State
New Faith - Nuke Iran

Fascinating - The National Debt Is Now Greater Then The National Gross Domestic Product - MTGA Make Trump Great Again - Watch The Clock - $2 Million A Minute In New Debt -  USA Debt Clock
LNG - Liquefied Natural Gas  Energy Independence - Get Ready To Pay More For Natural Gas - Under The Trump No Plan For You Of Exporting It Abroad - MLNGGA Make LNG Great Again

External Links
David Hogg @ twitter
Parkland Survivor

MomsDemand @ twitter


#ArtAcevedo GOP Guns Over People Jobs Leaving
At Record Pace
The Trumpocracy

Special Counsel Investigation Tom Steyer @ twitter
Need To Impeach Trump

GOP - Greed Over People
Trump Hate Map #ifamericansknew
Real Middle East (Fake News)
ND Tax Gimmicks

“I guess you’re too busy draining the swamp to ever stop and smell the stink you’re creating. That’s your doing. That’s your stink, Mr. President, that’s your swamp.”- The Fox & Friends
Trump - You Know You Are Hated & Despised When John McCain - While Still Alive Tells You In His Book Not To Come To His Funeral - He Unlike You Actually Served His Country
Trump Said Hillary Clinton Is Crooked - So He Hires Her Husbands Former Attorney To Work For Him - That Says A Lot - Only Criminals Plead The 5th - According To Trump
Sad - The First Ladies "Be Best" Cause Is Just A Redo Of A 2014 FTC
Obama Era Pamphlet - Cant They Find Something Original - Maybe How A Spouse With Respect & Self Control Benefits Children
Make Mothers Day Great Again - As The Warmongers Will March Sons & Daughters Off To The Middle East For Another Oil War & Sessions Moves To Separate Families At The Borders
Who Is Going To Pay For? - Trumps Policies - Iranian Oil Being Sanctioned - Oil Wars - Saudi Aramco IPO - Corporate Tax Cut - Trickle Down Taxes - Rising Energy Costs - YOU - VOTE THEM OUT
There is a vile, a hate, a divisiveness, that knows no end, from this administration. Just like the 2016 election, tearing and dividing the union, it knows no respect, it knows no limit. Racism, Bigotry, Fascism.

You were the sunshine, baby, whenever you smiled  but I call you stormy today  All of a sudden that old rain´s fallin´ down  and my world is cloudy and gray, you´ve gone away
Oh Stormy

So You Say - MRGA Make Russia Great Again
                                                                         US Democracy For Sale - Bought & Sold

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New Bold Leadership
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Moron - Idiot - Unhinged - Saving US From Disaster - Pull Troops Out Of Korea - What Is Going On?
Makes Sense - Putin Has The Gas & The Pipeline South Korea Wants - So Call Putin & Tell Him To Rein In The Honorable Korean & Pull The Troops - Another Tough Break For Russia
The Trump Administration Is Being Very Tough On Russia - Tougher Then Any Other Administration! - That Toughness Is Sure Helping Russia Get Pipelines Built & Expand Their Gas & Political Market.
Trumps Toughness On Russia Has Delivered Another Blow "To The USA" - Sanction Iran - Soar Oil Prices - Alienate Allies - Increase Revenue For Russia & Saudi Arabia IPO - He Is One Tough King
Once Again The Kings Toughness On Russia Has Delivered Another Blow - The Withdraw From The Iran Deal Will Benefit Russian Companies - While Harming US & Ally Companies - Thats Toughness

While We Are Focused On "New Bold Leadership In Washington & Bismarck" & Fossil Fuels
Saudi Arabia Will Build The Largest City Of Alternate Energy In The World & IPO It & Saudi Aramco  - China Will Invest $360 Billion In Alternate Energy
& Russia Has Built The Longest Bridge In Europe & After Years Of War In Syria The USA Will Give It Up To Russia & Iran
"All Tweet - No Action" -  "Syria is Russia and Iran's now. They will be determining the future," Senator Bob Corker - R
While Rick Perry Says Fossil Fuels Would Prevent Sexual Assaults & The President Spends A Lot Of Time Tweeting Thats New Bold Leadership!

Trump & Merkel Meet & Russia Declares Victory In War Over Pipeline To Germany - Russian Pipelines What Sanctions?  Nord Stream 2
A Nobel Peace Prize? - Trump, South Korea, North Korea, Russia & The Russian Owned Trans Korean Pipeline - Sanctions What Sanctions? Its A Peace Pipe
 Imagine The Honorable Korean With A Russian Owned - Trump Brokered - Peace Pipe In His Front Yard & Nukes In The Backyard - What A Tough Break For Russia? - Thats New Bold Government!
Worse Yet - If Reports Are Correct He Has Brought On Himself A Nuclear Accident - The Sad, Sad, Sad Little Man & Cant Manage It - 
A Fool & His Evil Ideology
Tough Win Trump Just Can't Stop Being Tough On Russia - Iran Deal Exit Will Benefit Russian Revenue & Political Clout
Americans Have Found A New Way To Spend Their Trickle Down Tax Cuts - Goodbye Savings Of Going Green With Rising Energy Prices
The French Oil Company Supports Nord Stream 2 - The French President Says Trumps Policy Changes Are Insane & France Bans Hydro Carbons
Has The King Changed Policy? - MCGA Make China Great Again - Be Cool - Concerned About Jobs In China - No It's Not GE It's ZTE

  Iam very tough on Russia and very tough on trade with China.
The Leader Of The Free World Has A New Name For Third World Countries
"Shit Holes" Did He Miss The "Shit Hole" Poverty In The USA!

Trump Calls Nigeria A Shit Hole Then Gives Their Reported Corrupt Government $419 Million - Be Much Cheaper To Leave The Visa Lottery In Play - At Least Then
 Nigerian Winners Could Come To The USA & Pay Taxes To Pay For His Border Wall & Send Money Home -
4 American Patriots Sacrificed For Epluribus Unum
While The USA Is Having A Opioid & Healthcare Crisis - The GOP Has Reformed Taxes So You Can Simply File On A Postcard - Thats New Bold Leadership!
Has everyone received their postcard tax return form?
Look At That - A Simple & Fair Tax System Everyone Understands & Can File Using A Postcard - That Goes Beyond Bold - That Is Ground Breaking!
Are They Laughing At You? - Are They Laughing With You? - Or Laughing With The Rest Of The World At You?


Yet Still Trying To Figure Out Who Rigged The 2016 Election - Could It Be The  Department Of Provocation
From Hear On Out It Appears War Will Be Announced By Tweet War VIA Twitter

Trump - Congress - Are On Track To Add More Debt In Trumps First Term - Then Obama Did In Two Terms
The Balance Thats New Bold Leadership!
It Cost A Lot Of Money To Drain The Swamps & Print Those Tax Return Postcards & Put A Pay Phone Booth In Scott Pruitt's Office - $43,000.00
They create the illusion of Tax Cuts, Tax Reform while they front load their pockets. While in reality they are back loading
increased spending and debt on your kids, kids, kids backs to raise the dykes around the swamp's they will never drain.

Investment Boom From Trumps Tax Reform Have Yet To Appear Oh What A Surprise
 Americans Are Taking On More Of The Burden Of Funding
Record Deficit's
The North Dakota Delegation Voted As Such On Tax Reform - Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.

Hoeven Voted Yes - Dec. 02 & 20th - 2017 Heitkamp Voted No - Dec. 02 & 20th - 2017 Cramer Voted Yes - Dec. 19 & 20th - 2017

ND Congressman Cramer Compared Voting Against Trump To Cheating On Your Wife - That Never Seemed To Have Stopped Trump!
  Trump Will Target ND Senator Heitkamp - Can You Imagine Being Targeted By Trump?
Worse Then Having A Cheating Spouse
Look At
His Attacks On Senator John Tester - After White House Doctor Was Nominated To Run The VA & Was Reported To Have Issues
& Trump Wrote
His Own Medical Report & Now Even The Vice Presidents Doctor Has Quit

The Kings Of Debt - He Called Himself The King Of Debt

Ryan Fires
The House Chaplain!            Is Ryan A Whack Job?            Ryan Un Fires The House Chaplain!

Paul Ryan & The Zionist Mega Billionaire & Israel & Money
"It is very important that the world move quickly in developing the infrastructure for renewable energy and to electrical transportation while crude-oil and natural gas are available to make that possible."
All The While Why The USA Has To & Needs To Remain Friends With Saudi & Russia - Why The Western World Should Move Quickly - But They Dont!
It's More Complex Then One Tweet? - The IPO Will Make Saudi Aramco Bigger Then Apple & Create Jobs In Saudi - Thats New Bold Government.
Saudi Aramco Is Estimated At $1 to $2 Trillion Valuation For 5% Of The Company - Giving Then The Equity Debt To Move Away From Fossil Fuels - Apple Has A $900 Billion Valuation 11-2017

At The Same Moment In Time Trump Tweets - The King & His Son Clean House - What Is The Message They Are Sending -
Sweeping Purge

Flashback "If I were president, you'd have $30 oil right now," Trump said. "I would call up Saudi Arabia ... and I would say, 'That f***ing price is coming down, and it's coming down now.'
 And you know what? They'd lower that price so quickly, and it would be so easy." Trump In 2008 Interview - Now There Friend's - They Have To Be - They Have The Oil & The IPO
$30 Oil Crushes The Frackers - Then & Now - If Anyone Has The Phone Number To Call & Have Markets Raised & Lowered - Please Publish That Number So Everyone Has It - Or Is It 1-800 - THE-FOMC

Did Trump Miss The Part About Saudi Needing The Price As High As Possible To IPO Saudi Aramco & Then Saudi Arabia - Ghawar Field Will Pump With Abandon
A Energy Revolution Is Needed - What Was Florida Power & Light Is Now NextEra Energy - They Even Operate In North Dakota Brady Wind Farm  Now That Is Bold.

Trump & The Macron Tree
In A Few Years They Can Chip It & Sell It Back To France & They Can Use It As A Carbon Neutral Heat Source
Trumps EPA Will Now Classify Wood Burning As "Carbon Neutral" Next Week It'll Be The Internal Combustion Engine
Living In The 21 Century With A 19 Century President

Earth Day - The President Celebrates It By Praising His Rollback Of Environmental Regulations Oh Dear Lord

One Must Wonder Are There Days & Or Times Of The Day When Medication Is In Play Or Not In Play!
It's  Being Reported The White House Doctor Is Not A Tea Toddler - God Only Knows Whats Going On Inside The White House Circus & Who's Got The Monkey!
"Hostile Work Environment, Passed Out, Driving Drunk, Screaming, Drunk On The Job, Over Prescribing Medications," Who Is He Prescribing Them To?
 Name Calling, Bullying, Affairs, Grabbing Unconsenting Women's Private Parts! Thats American Values?
"Protect The Civilization"
 When You Run Your Mouth About War & Paying A Price! Instead Of Resolve & Knowing You Carry A Very Big Stick!
"The Image Of God In Every Soul"
Does That Include Women & Children Living In Shit Holes, In The United States, In Iran, In Syria,
In Africa, Etc. Do They Have A God? Do They Have A Soul? Does Slime Ball Comey, Does Crooked Hillary, Or Are You The Judge Of Us!
Does That Include The
"Honorable"  North Korean President After He Detained And Beat An American To Death?
What God, Or Man, In What Delusion - In What Parallel Universe - In The Furthest Reaches Of Shattuck Hell - Would Find Honor In A Murderer?

The Fox & Friends & The Wolf
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They Should Have Trump On Fox & Friends Everyday They Could Call It Trump Incrimination & Friends
He Wants To See Everything Go Under - Then HE Will Fix It
He Is A Man Out Of Control - With Access To The Nuclear Arsenal - Very Alarming

Kellyanne Conway Tells 'Fox & Friends' That Trump Wants To Come On Once A Month
No, no, It needs to be everyday, it moves his court cases along!

But It's True

Then There Is Rudy Giuliani & Friends
Poor Rudy

Then There is The Fox News Host Neil Cavuto - Who Blasts Trump For His Lies & Stink
Finally A Wolf

Syria - Mission Accomplished
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Mission Accomplished - In Syria
US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations”

Since WW2
In 1995 the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. reported that U.N sanctions against on Iraq had been responsible for the deaths of more than 560,000 children since 1990.

Leslie Stahl on the TV Program 60 Minutes in 1996 mentioned to Madeleine Albright, Clinton's U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

“We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And – and you know, is the price worth it?”

 Albright replied “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price – we think is worth it.”

       Read My Lips                    I Feel Your Pain              Mission Accomplished                 Did Nothing                  Mission Accomplished
The Five Faces Of Humanity In Syria & The Middle East In The Past 29 Years - Millions Dead
You Telegraph Tweet Putin & Assad Your Going To Strike - They Get Everything They Need Out Of The Way
You Strike Evacuated Targets At An Estimated Cost Of Some
$200 + Million - Mission Accomplished!
How is it you declare mission accomplished in Syria when over 500,000 have been murdered and more being murdered everyday!
And you slam the door on even extending refuge to the war torn? Is This What The Christian West Has Become?
If This Is Humanity - Hitler Would Be Proud!
If Humanity Does Not - God Will Judge You Harshly

Dead Children In Syria
The Red Lines In Syria Are Nothing But The Rivers Of Blood The Animals Keep Flowing

Honorable Korean
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Trump Stated Kim Jong Un Is "Very Open & Very Honorable"
What God, Or Man, In What Delusion - In What Parallel Universe - In The Furthest Reaches Of Shattuck Hell - Would Find Honor In A Murderer?

Honorable - Detained & Beat An American Boy To Death
Honorable - Selling Chemicals To Syria

Honorable - Executes His Citizens

Honorable - Starves His Citizens

Honorable - How Many People Has He Had Murdered

Honorable - Nuclear Fuel & Rockets From Russia & Ukraine
Honorable - If You Respect Stalin Honorable - Stalin - Millions Dead

And The Bands Played On!

Trump Being Played By Russia

Trump Being Played By (Stalin Junior) Kim Jong Un

Any day you can get political prisoners released is a good day - What about the other 100,000 plus political prisoners being held!

There Are A Lot
The Korea Deal Will Be Very Tough (Beneficial) On Russia (Gas & Pipelines) - & Even Tougher On America
MNKGA - Make North Korea Great Again

It Will Take Years & A Boat Load Of Cash To Clean Up The Mess

May 2018 - The Honorable Korean Is Threatening To Walk Away From The Trump Summit.
With what Trump has done with Iran, with the Embassy in Israel, with China and trade and the concept by his war mongers
to use the Libyan Model in their approach. He is probably running away.
Couldn't the Americans and South Korean's have postponed military drills until after the summit
just to keep him calm and get him to the table, he is spooked or is just playing Trump.

Once Again Telegraphing Your Enemy
Such a bright group of people in the White House - The Libyan Model didn't end well for Gadhafi - He ended up dead.
The Libyan Model
 King Trump needs to get the Honorable Korean to open the border with South Korea so we can watch 10 or 15 million people go running
across to South Korea or is he going to build a border wall over there too and get Mexico to pay for it?

Doesn't There Come A Time When You Just Go Away!
John Bolton & The Zionist Mega Billionaire
 When you realize that your years of deadly advice need to end, that something in your rational is flawed.
Where you pray to your maker for forgiveness for all the lives you cost.
Lives that were sacrificed in vain when they did not need to be. Lives gone because of your unjust war that led into more war.

Go Away Save A Life

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Some Call It A Plutocracy - Former CIA Director John Brennan Calls It A
Kakistocracy - April 13th 2018 Tweet

A kakistocracy (/ˌkækɪsˈtɒkrəsi, -ˈstɒk-/) is a system of government which is run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens. The word was coined as early as the 17th century.

The Joke Report

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Energy Costs Are Climbing - Farm Commodity Prices Are Declining - Debt Is Exploding - War Is Announced In A Tweet!

This Photo Below Is Posted On The Internet - Seems Most Recent - Now Governor Burgum Called Them Money Squanders, Career Politicians & Good Old Boys
To Get Elected - We See Who Got The Last Laugh. IE The Swamp - Trump & Cramer Are Missing From The Photo.

Why North Dakota Is A Plutocracy
Plutocracy - noun. (1) government by the wealthy (2) a controlling class of the wealthy

Dalrymple millions in farm welfare  - Hoeven got dad's bank   - Burgum is a billionaire Rick Berg was ousted by a girl -
They appear to be at a bison game - which is subsidized by tax dollars !

TTT - Trade The Tweet
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Trump Said The Market Is Rigged When Campaigning - Seems To Be So - All You Need Is A President Who Tweets About Missiles, Oil, OPEC, Hogs, Soybeans,
Steal, Aluminum, Foreign & National Policy, Trade, War Plans, Flipping, Not Flipping, The Media, The FBI, Etc. It Works Very Well For Traders In The Market!
Its Like Some Weird Subscriber Trade Signal Service To Buy Or Sell - 24/7 & Its Free - TTT Trade The Tweet
The President Spends A Lot Of Time Tweeting Thats New Bold Leadership!

No Collusion
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There You Have It - Trump Passed A Polygraph
Something About A Fixer & Secrets & Lies & Comey Needs To Write Another Book
Trump & Pecker


NRA - Mass Murder - Hypocrite - Gun Bacon
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Why More Then 90% Of Gun Owners Dont Join The NRA
NRA, Russia and Trump: How 'Dark Money' Is Poisoning
American Democracy
Trump Is Correct The System (Government) Is Rigged - He Played It All The Way
The Ideology Behind Our Government Is Flawed With Money

 The NRA Gave Trumps Campaign Some $36 Million They Bought His Ideology
Is That Ideology Being Bought By Putin - Would Make Sense - Install Trump - Keep The Americans Shooting, Raging & Hating Each Other
Why Are Russians Members Of The NRA?
What Is Going On?
- Member Of The Russian Government A NRA Member
Alexander Torshin
Why would the NRA ever, ever, ever involve themselves with
Anything Russian?
NRA - National Russian Association Google Search

Right to Bear Arms' international outreach extended to John Bolton, the former U.N. ambassador and longtime NRA activist, who now serves as President Trump's national security adviser.
 In late 2013, a video appeared online of Bolton delivering an address to Right to Bear Arms, as the group was pursuing a gun-rights amendment to the Russian constitution.
 (That campaign – like much of Right to Bear Arms' political agenda – has foundered.) Through his bushy mustache,
Bolton praised Putin's autocratic country as a "force for democracy in the world," and encouraged the Russian activists. "Good luck on your journey," he said, "into a new century of freedom."
Inside The Decade Long Russian Campaign To Infiltrate The NRA & Help Elect Trump

Trumps Idea Of Gun Law Reform - Kiss The NRA's Ass - To Hell With The Victims Of Gun Violence, Public Safety &
Americans That Respect Their Right To Own & Bear Firearms & Respect The Preservation Of Life - Not A Bunch Of Political Bull Shit
We Are A Nation Of Firearms - Always Have Been & Always Will Be - In Reality We Need To Be To Survive Our Broke, Broken Government

 Underfunded Law Enforcement, Broken Mental Health System, Drugs From Big Pharma To Shit Made Street Drugs That Corrupt The Human Mind To Violence
The NRA should stop giving money to all politicians and give it to society to take the bad out of the bad guys, for our politicians aren't ever going to do it.
This song and dance of giving money to politicians so they don't outlaw guns and the politicians threatening to outlaw guns if they don't get money needs to stop.

The Constitution made sure that there was nothing to fear from the Federal government, because there was no standing army. (At that time.) To keep the state free from its government, Tyranny.
Now we have a standing army, so should we have everything to fear from the Federal Government?
The 2nd Amendment

So why is the NRA needed? The amendment is self full filling, the citizens have the right to keep the state free from its government with their firearms.
You never hear the King or the NRA speak of the founding fathers intent about the federal government taking away the citizens freedom, not just their guns.
Ask yourself, are you free, free from government debt, free from never ending taxes, free from a rigged government (Trump Said It), are you free to know your
kids can go to school and wont be shot, are you free to know you wont be shot by police, are you free to know your mind isn't being changed by foreign hackers,
are you free to know your vote makes a difference when big money and dark money seem to rule the day, so are you really free and are you really consenting?

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.
 That whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it."
Thomas Jefferson

If you listen to the speakers at the recent 2018 NRA convention its just bla, bla, bla, kind of like the voice of the school teacher in Charlie Brown, wah, wah, wah,wah.
Everybody is going to take away your second amendment right to have a gun, you don't hear anyone speak to the part of keeping the state free from its government.
You don't hear them mention the freedoms they have and keep taking, as they run up debt, as they pass laws that benefit special interests, as they aid big pharma
 drugs to no end, as they tax and tax, as they get nothing done that is of and buy the people, as they scream bloody murder about all the bad guys with guns and drugs,
that they the government cant seem to find a way with law enforcement and logical laws to shut them down. All these bad people and lying people are going
 to take your gun and then the NRA chooses a man who obstructed congress, destroyed government documents, accepted illegal gratuity to be their president.

“Ollie North—oh, I’ll be happy to tell you about Ollie North,” Reagan said in an interview in 1994. “Ollie North has a great deal of trouble separating fact from fantasy.”

The School Teacher From Charlie Brown Makes So Much More Sense Now
Wah Wah Wah
If The FED Ever Moves To Outlaw Guns There Would Be A War A Revolution - It's Our Last Defense To Keep The State Free From The Government

CDC reports their were 38000 gun related deaths in the USA in 2016, two thirds of them were from suicide. Thats A Lot Of Gun Suicide
- 3 an hour.
You never hear King Trump or the NRA bring up Big Pharma and their
Psychotropic Drugs and suicide and their relation to murder and violence.
You will never turn on the TV and see a commercial for the latest fastest firearm and your rights under the 2nd amendment.
You will turn on the TV and see these never ending commercials for anti-depressants, with side effects that would make a grandmother into a psychopath.
The NRA may have 5 million members, but Big Pharma has
1 in 6 Americans using psychiatric drugs. Thats A Lot Of People

To Survive In Today's World You Need To Arm Your Mind That You Make A Very Reluctant Victim
For you know there is something amiss when the President & Vice President are on the home page of the NRA website & their survival is protected by the secret service forever at your cost!

To realize how detached Trump & Pence are from reality, everybody is supposed to carry a gun and kill, kill, a lot of people are incapable of killing, even in self defense.
He is sick, sick in his mind, sick in his heart, sick in his soul, he attacked the French in reference to the 2015 terror attacks in Paris.
"They were brutally killed by a small group of terrorists that had guns. They took their time and gunned them down one by one," Trump added.
He then mimicked the assailants shooting their weapons, saying: "Boom. Come over here. Boom, come over here. Boom."

Now whether Trump & Pence just come up with shit to say or their staff is incapable of gathering actual facts the Bataclan Attacks played out very different in reality.
You needed a machine gun and bombs to fight these demons. A handgun with a 10 round clip probably wasn't going to work out.
Unless your very lucky or in a movie, not only that all the demons were wearing bombs, shoot one and they blow up. Trump could do it though. With his bare hands.
The Bataclan Attacks
 This comes less then a week after the French President spent three days with him, hugging, kissing.
The French President is learning what Trump says one day, has nothing to do with what he says the next day, or any following day.
This is how Trump Rolls, Trump and Pence have the secret service to do their killing. The rest of us we are very much on our own for self preservation.
France Is Outraged By Trumps Comments On The Bataclan Attacks
Maybe Trump Can Start The FRA - French Rifle Association

Former French president Francois Hollande and ex-prime minister Manuel Valls, who were in power at the time of the 2015 attacks, also expressed their outrage in separate statements.
Hollande called Trump's remarks "shameful" and said they "said a lot about what he (Trump) thinks of France and its values".Valls wrote on Twitter "indecent and incompetent. What more can I say?"

Can you imagine what the world thinks when they see the King of the USA mimicking the murder of innocents!
But he doesnt say shit about all the innocents being murdered in the USA on his watch. That might offend the NRA.
Trump Could Give A
FxxK Less About Farmers - Trump Could Give A FxxK Less About Gun Violence Murders
King Trump - “We mourn for the victims and their families.”
Parkland Families Ignored By Trump

Gun Shot Victims At The Las Vegas Slaughter Oct. 2017 -
Was The Shooter On Prescription Medication
In Trumps Mind Everybody At The Concert That Night Should Have Had A Gun - So They Could All Be Blasting The 32nd Story Window
A Good Shot With A Rifle Would Have Had A Hard Time Targeting That Window That Night In The Chaos
"Boom, Come Over Here. Boom, Come Over Here." Thats Somebody's Daughter Laying There Trump. She Didn't Get Secret Service Protection Trump.
She Got Murdered On Your Watch Trump. Shes An American Girl Trump.

Gun Shot Victims Funeral Parkland Florida Feb. 2018 - Was The Shooter
On Prescription Medication
The Thing All The Victims At Parkland Have In Common Is That They Had Tickets To Amazing Lives. Good People, Smart, Intelligent Citizens.
The Thing All The Survivors Have In Common. In Fact All Of Us. Is That Our President & Congress Have Their Political Heads Up The NRA's Political Ass.
Trump sat at his day of listening bull shit and knew he would do nothing. All Trump cares about is being King Trump, getting the NRA's money to get more
Republicans elected in the mid terms, so he can pass more bad laws, run up more debt, and get more people shot.
Did King trump go to any of the funerals? Has King Trump ever gone back to Parkland? He's always in Florida golfing.
But King Trump & Prince Pence at taxpayers expense hop on the taxpayers jet and haul ass to Dallas to kiss the NRA's ass. 
Trump Lied To The Parkland Survivors

His Concern Was So Focused He Needed A Cheat Sheet To Stop From Drifting Off
Horse & Pony Show

Hypocrite Lawmakers - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Hypocrite Lawmakers
Santa Fe Shooting May 2018
Why Are Elected Representatives - That Are NRA Members Are Always Concerned About The Government Taking Your Gun When They Are The Government!
Face Of The NRA In Texas & Their Sloppy Gun Laws - Vote Your Children -
Abbott - NRA Hypocrite
Stupid Sloppy Texas Gun Laws

He is very proud of the gun laws he has gotten passed in Texas and the thousand national guard members he sent to the border.
He should have sent them to the schools.

Abbott At The NRA 2018
Not a word about the victims

You know there is something flawed in a mans heart and mind when he wants his citizens to buy more guns.
The shooter in Santa Fe should have had more guns, he should have had more semi-automatics with bump stalks and large capacity clips.
That shotgun and 38 just didn't do it. Yea Abbott they should have had more guns, they should have picked up the pace.
You should be very proud of yourself that he and or his parent didn't take your advice. GOP Guns Over People

Now This Is Bold Leadership - A Shotgun Giveaway
The page was taken down - better question yet, why was it ever up, a sitting governor aiming a shotgun at you.

Has anyone told the governor that their were humans killed with a shotgun, in a school, in his state?
Defending the gun part of the second amendment, have at it, but when in the Hell do you stop with guns?
It would be better if you had a funeral giveaway or a year of Texas Ranger protection for a kid.
Better yet if you just resigned and went and worked for the NRA.
It Goes Way Beyond Bold - Downright Cruel

Somebody in Texas is Highly Delusional, 3353 Gun deaths in a year. Thats Nine A Day
They really do need to have a Win A Funeral Giveaway - Nine giveaways a day would work.
Texas Gun Deaths

Or a free trip to Israel

Abbott & The Zionist Mega Billionaire & Israel

He even advertised it on a door flyers. Not one word about protecting schools and churches.


Hypocrite Lawmakers - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Hypocrite Lawmakers

The Pathetic Face Of The NRA In Texas & Their Sloppy Gun Laws - Vote Your Children - Cruz - NRA Hypocrite
Stupid Sloppy Texas Gun Laws

"God Bless The NRA" Cruz's word's! Unreal, God Bless The NRA
God Bless The Survivors In Vegas, God Bless The Survivors In Parkland, God Bless The Survivors In Santa Fe, But God Bless The NRA! WOW

Besides Blessing NRA Money Ted Is Very Busy In Israel

Cruz & The Zionist Mega Billionaire & Israel
 Cruz represents everything that is a lie and everything that is wrong in this country.

"Iam Proud To Be A Life Member To The NRA" - He should be, they own him with money!
His answer to gun control, go after violent criminals, most of the time mass shooter's are not violent criminal's.
 No the air force never reported the shooter at Sutherland Springs to the national data base as a people offender, they screwed up.
Cruz At The NRA 2018

As Cruz Keeps Saying - "That's Texas To". GOP Guns Over People

Ten Dead At Santa Fe Texas School Shooting
Hypocrite Lawmakers - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Vote Your Children Vote Them Out - Hypocrite Lawmakers

Ted Cruz Should Go Live In Israel - So he can be hootin and shootin at Palestinians - Israel has tons of guns and he can start a rifle association over there - The IRA
Our Country Would Be Even Greater If Voters Kick Cruz Out

If you ever, ever, ever, ever, wonder why people become out of control with guns, Ted Cruz can show you. To him a firearm is a toy.
Ted Cruz Makin Machine Gun Bacon

Everything about Cruz just screams that there is a place called Hell.
Ted Being Panned On Twitter

There Is One Official Who Will Speak To The Situation & No Sir You & The Nation Are A Long Way From Rock Bottom - We Are Asleep At The Trigger
Until That Phone Rings & It's The Call No One Would Ever Want - "We Need You To Come Down & Make Identification" The Rock Bottom Is Far Away.
Rock Bottom Comes As A Impact & Having To Plan A Funeral For A Loved One Who Should Have Lived Another 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 Years
No Sir We Are Years, Decades, Maybe Even Centuries Away From The Day When Firearms Allow Us To Find Rock Bottom.

Art Acevedo - Rock Bottom

Chief Of Police - Houston Texas

For All Those Who Have Left Way To Soon - In A Flash Of Violent Angry Light They Left Way To Soon - May Gods Loving Warm Light Find & Keep Them
For You The Blind      Who Once Could See     The Bell Tolls For Thee

Losing It
The Rebuke
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Would The Judge Be Doing His Job If He Didn't Question Why Your In His Court Room
That & This Isn't His First Rodeo - Thats How It Works You Get The Little Fish To Go After The Big Fish

Sounds more like the judge has a vision then a doubt.

“You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort,” the judge said. “You really care about what information Mr. Manafort can give you to lead to Mr. Trump” and his eventual prosecution or impeachment.

In an Aug. 2, 2017, memo, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein authorized Mueller to investigate whether Manafort “committed a crime or crimes
 arising out of payments he received from the Ukrainian government before and during the tenure of President Viktor Yanukovych.”

The judge was summarizing out loud - Its his opinion not his judgement.
Judge Ellis summarized prosecutor Michael Dreeben’s argument as “We said what this investigation was about but we are not bound by it and we were lying.”
He cant make a judgement until he reads the unredacted directive given to Mueller.

The judge wants to read the unredacted version of the directive given to Mueller to know its scope. Sounds like he is doing his job.
Would you want to be in his shoes and make the wrong call?
Summary Or Judgement

Suicide - Murders - Guns & Psychiatric Drugs
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CDC reports their were 38000 gun related deaths in the USA in 2016, two thirds of them were from suicide. Thats A Lot Of Gun Suicide - 3 an hour.
You never hear King Trump or the NRA bring up Big Pharma and their
Psychotropic Drugs and suicide and their relation to murder and violence.
You will never turn on the TV and see a commercial for the latest fastest firearm and your rights under the 2nd amendment.
You will turn on the TV and see these never ending commercials for anti-depressants, with side effects that would make a grandmother into a psychopath.
The NRA may have 5 million members, but Big Pharma has
1 in 6 Americans using psychiatric drugs. Thats A Lot Of People

 May 2018 - Trump comes out with some prescription drug plan and drug company stocks and market indexes go up, they know he wont do anything.
He is afraid of the NRA and he wants to mess with Big Pharma.
Dream On Its all a distraction.

You are not alone. If you or a loved one are contemplating suicide, please call the free and confidential National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

The List of Drug Induced Killers

Florida Shooter On Medication

Children On Psychiatric Drugs

Witch-Hunts & Lies & Fake News
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You here this from King Trump all the time, everything is a witch-hunt aimed at him. The whole world is out to get him.
The media, the press, is all lies and fake reporting aimed at him. The king says 91% of all news is fake. So when you turn on the local news or pick up a paper
and you see state and county and local government representatives and law enforcement and school officials and even all the stories linked to this page
are 91% fake news, lies, the 38000 dead from guns is a lie, people committing suicide is a lie, the kids being killed in parkland is a lie, Stormy Daniels is a lie,
the taxes you pay are a lie, Russia is a lie, Syria is a lie, the 2016 election is a lie, the lies about the 2016 election are lies, all the lies are lies, everybody is a liar.
Imagine everyday your spouse, your employer, your employee, your kid, lie to you. You see them on TV telling lies about the lies they told you, you see them on
TV saying how you are on a witch-hunt and broadcasting fake news, because according to the King this is how we roll, this is our new value system.
If your values aren't based on lies and you cant forget the lies you told the day before and come up with new lies to tell about those lies, your not telling the truth.
According To The King - The Only Truth Is About King Trump - According To The King

Truth Or Lie

The CIA Helped The Russians Rig The 2016 Election

Truth Or Lie

Then CIA Director Mike Pompeo - Now Secretary Of State Says One Thing One Day & Another Thing The Next day
About Whether Russian Interference Skewed The 2016 Election

Truth Or Lie

Mike Pence - Prince Pence Praises
Joe Arpaio As Champion Of The Rule Of Law
Arpaio is the sheriff who was convicted of contempt of court and pardoned by the King, as sheriff used racial profiling, refused to investigate sex crimes of children,
targeted opponents, hideous jail conditions, misspending, misconduct, has cost the county over $150 million in lawsuits, and is
Running For Senate. 
Truth Or Lie
Truth Or Lie If Mike Pence - Prince Pence Believes Arpaio Is A Champion Of The Rule Of Law - Then The Untouchables Will Never Retire

Trump Said Pay To Play is Illegal
Truth Or Lie

The Fixer Helps Drain The Swamp

Truth Or Lie
If these companies wanted insight all they had to do was read Fire & Fiery or watch CNN (fake news).

Quick to Judge  Quick to Anger  Slow to Understand  Ignorance and Prejudice and Fear Walk Hand in Hand
The Untouchables
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Different Times - Different Crimes - Different Criminals - Same Charge Uphold The Rule Of Law - For Those Whose Blatantly Think They Are Above The Law
Times Have Changed - Crimes Have Changed - Criminals Have Changed - Two Things That Have Not Changed - The Rule Of Law & Follow The Money

Ness' Recognition in the 21st Century
Today, to police departments and Federal law enforcement organizations across America, Eliot Ness symbolizes that no matter how challenging the times, circumstances, environment

or mission objective, the badge continues to represent the tradition of "untouchable" honesty, integrity and ethical behavior for all who serve and protect.

 Imagine if such a leader emerged in modern society with the skills to restore back into the American psyche the concept of faith and trust in the government?

  SA Ness' contribution to the science of policing, along with his tireless pursuit of his vision of a professional police force,

 today, continues to serve as the standard of excellence in law enforcement leadership today.