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"New Bold Leadership In The White House And In Bismarck"
The Phrase Was Coined By Now North Dakota GOP Governor Doug Burgum - The Only Candidate For Governor To Endorse Trump

A Million, A Billion - Did you Ever Imagine the Day when Trillion and Quadrillion is the Norm when it Comes to Government's and Bank's - In Unsecured Debt's?

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"A New System For The Privileged Is Not A Remedy For The Economy" - Bob Chapman - The International Forecaster
US citizens reduced to credit addicts, paper rife with fraud, AIG still bonusing staff after TARP, US laughing stock of capital finance.
November - 2009

Who Was Bob Chapman?

Lets Lower Taxes for the Rich, Raise the Swamp, Piss off the World. Invite the Russians and have a Giant Debt Party - GDP - Gonna Party Like It's 1999
 Hillary was in the White House, Gasoline was 99 cents, We weren't at War, Russian President
Boris Yeltsin was a Drunk, There was a Budget Surplus in 1999.
One would also recall all the girls wore one, are wanted one and it was always playing on the Radio, Raspberry Beret Good times! Those days are so gone.

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The Red Wave Is Here - USA Debt Clock - The Red Wave Of Debt
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Deadline approaches  For the weary land  It used to be something  But we let it run down in our hands  Too late for debate, too bad to ignore  Quiet rebellion leads to open war 
Bring a sea-change to the factory floor  This is not a false alarm  This is not a test  No where we can fly away  No where we can rest  The party is disrupted by an uninvited guest
 As the Red Tide covers the shore
Red Tide

You Know Something Is Wrong When You Have A Debt Clock! - All Money Data Is Supplied By Various Government Agencies
USA Debt Clock
Fascinating - National Debt Is Now Greater Then National Gross Domestic Product - GDP - Giant Debt Party - TDP - Trumps Debt Party

August 2018 - WARNING - TDP - Trumps Debt Party (Our GOP Govt.) On Track To Borrow (In-Debt) The Most Money Since 2008 Meltdown
"The Treasury predicted the U.S. govt.'s borrowing needs in the second half of this year will jump to the most since last decade’s financial crisis as the nation’s fiscal health deteriorates despite a strong economy".
GOP Party Time
Trump and the GOP will go down in history as the President and party that collapsed the House Of (Credit) Cards - Pure Genius
Our 47 year experiment with a fiat currency is almost over - You can't borrow (print) yourself out of Debt

 Nixon - Saudi - The Petro Dollar
"Printing money to buy your own debt is the most inflationary thing a country can do."

"Trump has Built a Pyramid Scheme of Public Fraud - It's a Taxpayer Backed Cash Grab 
It's an orchestrated, unprecedented scheme to enrich a President, his Family and his Friends"

Did You Really Believe It Was Anything But?

TOP -  Trumps Old Party - Tax Cuts & Jobs Act - Import Products Coming In - Export Products Going Out - Tax & Tariff - Who Is Paying Both Ways - You
1/2 through 2018 New Federal Debt is at $778 Billion - Double that to the end of the year is $1.6 Trillion In New Debt - TOP Will Beat Bush & Obama In New Debt
Larry Kudlow - Trump's Top Economic Adviser "
Deficit Is Coming Down Rapidly" - OH DEAR GOD - Is He Lost - Someone Give Him The USA Debt Clock Link

Trumps Old Party & TOP Tax Cuts & Jobs Act & Tax & Tariff Are Increasing The Debt!

When all you do is keep draining the people to fill the swamp. Debt really does produce some great numbers.
Trump said he would Drain the Swamp! Trump isn't Draining the Swamp. Trump is Building Dykes to make it Deeper.

Debt In The Trump Term
The only green you see is the arrows for debt spending increasing. The Warning Lights Are Screaming Red.
The National Debt Has Easily Reach $24,000,000,000,000.00 Trillion In 2019 - $23.1 Trillion Plus The Deficit Of 1.1 Trillion Is 24.2 Trillion
At The Rate Trump Is Burning Cash Of $1.5 Trillion A Year - Debt Will Be At Or Near $24.5 Trillion By The End Of 2019

When Trump Took Office January 2017 To January 2018 - National Debt Increased $836 Billion
The clock just starts screaming in the last week of a month to pay the bills with more debt.

January 2018 To January 2019 - National Debt Increased $1.2 Trillion

January 2019 To January 2020 - National Debt Increased $1.2 Trillion updated in August 2019 the numbers reported from Treasury - What is Official and What is Actual!
From Taking Office January 2017 To Current Jan. 2020 - National Debt Increased $3.2 Trillion - It Is Accelerating
Add On The Current (Actual) Deficit Debt & You Have $4.5 Trillion In New Debt Since Trump Took Office
Based on a monthly average Trump will have added some $6.1 Trillion in new debt in his first term.
Call More Dump (dumb) Trucks (taxpayers) - The Swamp Is Over Flowing The Dykes

The Nation Is On Life Support - The Fed's Printing Press 24/7/365
  National Debt Level Plus (Actual) Budget Deficit As Of November 2019 - $24.2 Trillion
The Debt - It's Accelerating - 1980 to 2008 $821 Billion A Year  -  1980 to Nov. 2019 $597 Billion A Year  -  2008 to Nov. 2019 $1.3 Trillion A Year
National Debt In 1980 - $897 Billion                                              National Debt In 2008 - $10.4 Trillion

Trump had said at one time he was the only person smart enough to know how to pay back the National Debt.
So Far All He Has Done Is Increase It
His Legacy Will Be As The Biggest Spender - Debter The US Has Ever Seen

July 2018 - Here we go and it won't be the last - The White House Makes A Trillion Dollar Admission
July 2018 - Team Trump’s assurances about the deficit suddenly look
Quite A Bit Worse
July 2018 - Has Anyone Told Trump - The TOP - Trumps Old Party - That You Actually Need Tax Revenue To Run The Federal Swamp?
 Larry Kudlow - Tax Cuts 2.0 - 3.0 - 4.0
May Be Coming 

Trump Loves to boast of the US economy being the largest in the World - But Trump never points out that it has the greatest Debt in the World.
Trump never points out that National Debt is now Greater then GDP - Giant Debt Party.
If you think that doesn't spell trouble, then look down at Japan, they will never see the light of day!

World Debt Clock

Country Debt Levels - 07/01/2018

Country Debt Levels - 01/01/2019

Country Debt Levels - 07/01/2019

Makes sense why the Trumps "Have All The Funding They Need" out of Russia
What Russia has in debt the US creates that much debt every month.
Gives Putin an Ungodly amount of lee way to buy and sell governments and hack elections. - 07/01/2018

Even Putin Is Running Up The Debt - 01/01/2019

It Just Keeps On Running - 07/01/2019

The Bizarre Tweet About Tariffs
How long to wait til I'm round that crooked bend  Don't want to hate what I can't have in the end  Too many roads that dead end straight ahead  And now I know that it's over, it's over
It's Over

He Called Himself The King Of Debt

The Legacy of John McCain - His Commitment to America Came at a High Price - 1983 the year he entered Congress to the day he passed in 2018
  Debt in 1983 was $1.4 Trillion - Debt in 2018 was $21.4 Trillion = $20 Trillion divided by 35 years in Congress is $571 Billion a year in new debt!

National Debt By Year
Since his Passing August 25th, 2018 - National Debt was at $21.4 Trillion -  As of 06/01/2019 Debt has increased another $936.8 Billion
USA Debt Clock
"His impact on America is not over" Joe Biden -
No it is not. It truly is not. RIP John McCain
The King of America did not even acknowledge McCain and his Family - The King went to a rally in Indiana instead of meeting the Family at Andrews - The King was still cutting McCain down at the rally.

The net result of 35 years of Congress fighting hard for us in Washington is $20 trillion in added debt - One would hate to imagine what the next 35 years will bring - Our Congress is broken - America is broke!

Consumer Debt
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The principle is this: People don’t have to be paid more for their work to spend more; they can just borrow more. - Wolf Richter

July 2018 - We are a nation of Debt - Every Man, Women & Child in the USA has a average debt of 40 to 58 thousand dollars. Not including all the government debts.
If you add on $23 trillion in National Debt, add on another 67 thousand for every Man, Women & Child in the USA.
If you add on the $560 trillion in Derivatives, add on
another 1.7 million for every Man, Women & Child in the USA.
July 2018

January 2019

July 2019

$19 trillion above, $13 trillion below, whats $8 trillion when your living the American Dream?

NY Fed - Microeconomic Data
 July 2018 - $13.2 trillion in Household Debt - It is now $526 billion more then it was in 2008, the last time the bubble popped.
We have not learned one thing since 2008, nada, nothing, the next bubble cycle will be devastating!
bam boom bubble bust bump bang
July 2018 - Q2 2018 - $13.2 Trillion In Debt

July 2019 - Q1 2019 - It just gets bigger and bigger $13.7 Trillion

Market Crash - 2018 - 2019?
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Market Crash 2018 - 2019?
 It's highly probable! It has been ten years since the last cycle 2008 and the cycle before that was 2000.
The debt of 2008 has never been paid and is still floating around out there in the form of derivatives and has only gotten bigger.
In 2000 $94 trillion, in 2019 $633 trillion in derivatives. In reality 2008 was just a test to see who would pay for the party.

Ted Bauman has put out an advisory of what is coming, he makes some very compelling insights to what is happening, he could be right, he could be wrong,
even if he is is half right or wrong, it wont end well, as in 1929, 2000, 2008 the numbers were screaming that the train was coming off the track, as they are now.
 The only data on there that was incorrect or misstated was about Home Depot and there stock buyback.
HD was or is buying $15 billion in their own stock. HD reportedly has only 1.1 billion shares in float. They can't buy them all.
You can watch the video, or to see it in it's text form, start the video page, leave it run awhile, then go to close the page, it will ask you to stay or leave, stay and you get the text version.
The Crash 2018 Video is updated on Teds twitter page, look its like this on the macro time frame we are at the top of the 4th wave of GDP to debt, we are making the second test of the indexes at all time highs.
No one is ever going to nail the day when it all goes south, it is timing of net sellers and net buyers and where they are in the cycle, it is a house of (credit) cards.

Crash 2018 - Video @TedBaumanGuru Ted Bauman -

Banyan Hill & crew had put out a similar advisory in 2007 and they nailed it.
"These 25 Banks Harbor Nuclear Secrets that Could Vaporize Your Wealth?

These 25 Banks - Google Search
These 25 Banks - PDF.

Their were others that blew the Whistle on the Subprime Crisis

The Citigroup Executive Richard Bowen Sherry Hunt

Derivatives Time Bomb
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We all know how that went in 2008 - That debt is still out there, bad paper being held by the Fed, by you.
It Just Keeps Getting Bigger & Bigger

                   July 1st 2018                  Trillions                January 1st 2019                 

In Four Days It Grew Some $40 Trillion - January 4th 2019
Under The Con Man The Wall Street Casino Is Running Amok
Eleven Years After Lehman

The Coming Catastrophe

@ProfGreenBerger The Public Danger
The Derivatives Time Bomb How Much In Derivatives?
Derivatives Time Bomb
The Too Big To Fail Banks

Office Of The Comptroller of the Currency - US Department of the Treasury
Quarterly Report on Bank Derivatives Activities
Open the link and choose the year and quarter you want to see and select the file form you want to see it in.

2008 - $180 Trillion In Derivatives

2018 Q1 - $204 Trillion In Derivatives

2018 Q2 - $207 Trillion In Derivatives

Margin Debt - Debit balances in margin accounts at brokers/dealers.

Close to a Trillion dollars.
To see many other charts like this one use the link below. To see this chart use the link below go to - Market Indicators - Stock Market Indicators

Corporate Debt
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We are a nation of debt - We are a economy of debt. There has been no real growth in decades - Just the growth of debt.
There has been no new vision, no new mindset, no creation of a industry to take our energy needs to a new level.
It's just the same old mule train of military and oil and big box industries.
Our Economy Is Fueled By Debt

Shopping - Eating - Housing - Cars - Health Care - Energy - Taxes - All Require Payment - All Create Debt
You must have at least two of them to survive, Eating & Energy.
We have a food industry that depends on China to buy there product, while some 40% of all food in the US goes in the garbage and Americans
go hungry. We have a oil and gas industry that is in debt up to it's eye balls and we are exporting oil and gas. We have a president and congress
that are just doing what has already been done and did not work. More military, more oil, more big box industries. MORE DEBT.

Total Corporate Debt Corporate Debt Time Bomb The Corporate Debt Bubble

US Economic Indicators
FRED - Fed Of St. Louis

We are at the Top of wave 3, do we sell or do we anticipate a break out?
Reagan had a break out and Bush 1 screwed it up, then Clinton rallied and broke out, then Bush 2 screwed it up big time.
Obama finished the screw up and with adding massive debt broke out, as Obama said "Change has come to America"
Yea, try about 9 trillion in change. Trump is arrogant and caught in his own lies, which one is it, top of wave 3, Net Sellers? Or Net Buyers?
The only way to break out is to add a ton of debt, and so far that is well under way, dinosaur leading the mule train.

Stock Buybacks
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"Instead of reinvesting profits in their businesses, management uses stock buybacks to inflate their earnings per share so they can reap windfalls with their stock options.
 Rather than invest in real innovation, they choose to loot the company for their own benefit, underpay their workers, and deprive consumers of true value.
Recently, buybacks even exceeding operating income, which means CEOs are pillaging reserves to pay themselves. This is pirate capitalism at its finest".

How The SEC Engineered Every Stock Market Bubble Since 1982

It seems to be the wave in corporate America.

August 2018 - Ellison also said he was stopping $500 million worth of previously planned investments and would put the money in share repurchases instead.
 He promised to act strongly to simplify the company's business.
Lowes CEO to Streamline
From Home Depot to JC Penney to Lowes - There was nothing to buy back at JC Penney
Closing All Orchid Supply Stores
 4300 Jobs - The stock popped from $99 to $110 then fell. 
Corporate Profits Being Used For Buybacks The Buyback Bubble Rule 10b 18

Corporate Tax Cuts For Stock Buybacks
Rule 10b 18 Creating A Bubble

Lets Buy Our Stock Back At The Highest Prices Ever
Stock Buybacks At The Highest Prices

At one time didn't we buy low and sell high and buy low again? Now we buy high and get shorted!
How is that working out for Facebook - down $88 in six months.

Facebook Buybacks - Buy High - Get Shorted

Inflated Away
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There is a key reason why the strong men are on the rise and the rule of law on the decline: the world is failing to inflate away its debts.
Even before we invented paper money, there was a well recognized method of inflating away debts.

 Perhaps most famously Henry VIII’s so-called great debasement (1554-1551) inflated away the excessive debts run up to fund wars with France and Scotland,

 as well as a bit of lavish spending by the king himself. Your analyst meets investors almost every day who believe that inflation is currently playing a similar role.

However, such an assertion ignores the fact that the global non-financial debt to GDP ratio

 is now 244% up from what seemed a dangerous level of 210% of GDP as the global economy peaked in December 2007.
The IMF Is About To Send A Profound Shudder Through A Generation Of

GDP - Giant Debt Party - Genius Predictions
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What do you think 2nd quarter revised GDP will be and or 3rd quarter GDP will be after you take out a 9000% growth in Soybean sales?
It's About Soybeans Genius

July 27th 2018 - When the Commerce Department revealed Friday that the U.S. economy had grown 4.1 percent last quarter,
 the president did not respond by cautiously tempering expectations for future growth.
 Instead, Trump assured Sean Hannity that the economy is “going to get better”; that he will cut the trade deficit in half;
deliver 8-to-9 percent GDP growth; and turn the projected $1 trillion budget deficit into a surplus.

“The economy, we can go a lot higher,” the president told Hannity in a surprise radio interview Friday afternoon.
“We have $21 trillion in debt. When this really kicks in we’ll start paying off that debt like water.”

You bet he can, stop collecting taxes from everyone, print a ton of debt, find a ton of consumers to in debt, you bet he can.
"Trump's Economic Predictions Aren't Just Wrong; They're Counterproductive"

No Their Genius - Stable Genius

Who the Hell Is Sean Hannity? Straw man, talking head, works with water, vice president, economist? Why exactly does he need assuring?

"Trump Predicts 9 Percent Growth, Budget Surplus by End of Presidency"
Stable Genius

That has not happened in a long, long, long time.
The last time it did the US was in the billions in debt, now it is in the trillions and climbing.
Obama spent $8.5 trillion to come out of the 2008 meltdown and he couldn't get the needle to move.
As debt has grown - GDP - Giant Debt Party has moved sideways and down.

Trump is going to manage the Economy and the National Debt and Stands for Farmers
He doesn't even know where food comes from, yet alone how to purchase it. TDP - Trumps Debt Party - The Enemy Of Your Wallet

Trump said there will be a budget surplus

Barack you spent $8.5 Trillion just to stop the bleeding of the Banks and Bush! I know, I know, "Change has come to America"!
We have a surplus of debt , and you wanted to be President, Putin did you a favor getting Trump elected, Trump needs a secretary of Debt.

The Trump Administration Has Had More Turnover Then Any President In
100 Years

By the way

and never ever have a women spank you that your going to pay off, are we good.

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 "New Bold Leadership In The White House And In Bismarck"
The Phrase Was Coined By Now North Dakota GOP Governor Doug Burgum - The Only Candidate For Governor To Endorse Trump

 Now Governor Burgum Called His Opponent & State Legislators "Money Squanders, Career Politicians & Good Old Boys" To Get Elected

To the fullest extent of the law, we will not be liable to any person or entity for the quality, accuracy, completeness, reliability, or timeliness of the information provided on this website,
 or for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or punitive  damages that may arise out of the use of information we provide to any person or entity
(including, but not limited to, lost profits, loss of opportunities, trading losses, and damages that may result from any inaccuracy or incompleteness of this information).

We encourage you to invest carefully and read investment information available at the websites of the SEC at and FINRA at

Equity Is Used In It's Definition - The Quality Of Being Fair & Impartial & The Value Of That Fairness & Impartiality - As In Well Managed Business Equity Debt - As In Well Managed Public Equity Debt Created By Local, State & Federal Leaders
 The Democracy That Gives Taxpayers A Say In That Equity Debt. As In New Airports, New Public Structures, New Schools, New Jails, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Addiction Recovery, Tax Reduction, Private Investing, More Government & Bureaucrat Waste.
Thank God For Bold New Leadership That Is Of A Equity State Of Mind. No More Money Squanders, No More Career Politicians, No More Good Old Boys, No More Tilting At Windmills Whose Foundations Are Anchored In Swamps.

Just then they came in sight of thirty or forty windmills that rise from that plain. And no sooner did Don Quixote see them that he said to his squire,
"Fortune is guiding our affairs better than we ourselves could have wished. Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants? I intend to do battle with them and slay them.
With their spoils we shall begin to be rich for this is a righteous war and the removal of so foul a brood from off the face of the earth is a service God will bless."

 "New Bold Leadership In The White House And In Bismarck"
The Phrase Was Coined By Now North Dakota GOP Governor Doug Burgum - The Only Candidate For Governor To Endorse Trump


Honor - Respect - Freedom - Country -  New Bold Leadership