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Fake Iran The Petro Dollar

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Fake Iran
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Effectively the United States is at War with Iran - VIA Israel - VIA Saudi Arabia - VIA King Trump
Dangerously you are getting other countries to go fight Wars for you. Whats going to happen when they all get out of control?
Trump is giving, supplying, selling War machines to Countries that should not have them. It will not end well!
The Bomb used on the School Bus in Yemen was supplied by America, and Trump has America involved in Yemen Big Time. Making it Worse - Not Better
Instead of building coalitions and peace, the King keeps selling Military Equipment like the US is just hell bent to arm the World to War.
It's Working.
Yemen School Bus Bombing

You have a deal with a country not to build a Nuclear Bomb, the deal has the support of strong military nations. Who have skin in the game.
You are the leader of the free world and you step out and throw it in the garbage, now you have no deal.
You have King Trump & his Warmongers.

It is madness, King Trump had more then enough time to call up the allies in the agreement and the concerned parties in the middle east
 and get them all together and settle this crap once and for all, enough is enough, he is the big time deal maker and blew it.
There are alot of bad actors in the middle east, very strange the way they carry on, one incredibly rich, the next one incredibly poor,
the next one on welfare, the next one beyond rich, the next one without a country, the next one totally in war and poverty.

Oh we all know what he is up to, be the tough guy and see if they submit, the Middle East is not North Korea, They won't submit either.
Some say he is going to show Obama how it's done, just like the destruction of the EPA
Out Of Spite
Israel would be wiped off the face of the earth if it wasn't for all the money we give them every year
Billions & Billions
The evidence Israel presented about Iran and Trump lied about is old, old, crap
Just Crap
Once again the King is being very tough on Russia by withdrawing form the Iran Deal
Very Tough
Trump says it's a Witch Hunt - Trump says there is Spygate - What does Trump have to say about
Black Cube

Then to shake the hornet's nest Trump has moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem.
Like there isn't enough shit going on you add to the cause of hate and unrest. All this oil in play over there and Iran having
a ungodly amount of hydro carbons that have never been produced, you cant get all these parties together and tell them to give the
Palestinians a home and a job and start paying your own got dam bills, and take care of your women and children.
Some of the richest countries on the earth and they cant along, tell them to grow up.
Why is all this happening, It's all about Money!

By the time Trump gets done, (there is already War) there will be more War and nobody will know who's side they are on!
ISIS and the Taliban are alive and well and growing like a bad Cancer as he plays his games for his bidders money.
The more he embarrasses himself, The more they will play him, The more unstable the world becomes!


The history of Iran is long with the Western World playing with their minds, it is sad. The CIA & MI6. Their good at creating monsters,
Their terrible at shutting them down.
IRAN - Boom Or Bust

July 2018 - Pompeo speech - If you didn't know any better he could be speaking about the US or Russia!
The Trump administration is referred to as a Kleptocracy and referred to as a Mafia Family

Trump is being very tough on Russia or is it Iran?

The Petro Dollar
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The Petro Dollar -It's Always About Oil & Money!
The Petro Dollar is an agreement with Saudi that they would only take the dollar as payment for their oil and keep us supplied and we would protect them.
So if the US is so Energy Independent - Why do we keep this agreement?
Because Nixon knew it and every President since him knows who has got the Oil!
Saudi Arabia & IRAN.
Not a Straw Man with a Straw, Real Oil & Lots of it. 

Nixon created the EPA & The Petro Dollar Agreement, Trump is abolishing the EPA lets see him abolish the Petro Dollar
See How That Goes

Trump Gets It - His Love Affair With Saudi

Nixon & His Cronies Detached The Dollar From Gold & Attached It To Oil As A Trading Partner - They Made Tons Of Money For It.
Your Currency Is Backed With Oil - Not With Hard Gold - What A Joke! - Read Nixon's Colossal Error Below
"For the very first time in our history, all money, all currencies, are now fiat - the US dollar used to be gold backed and it was the rock that
all the worlds currencies were anchored to - when the US dollar became fiat, all the worlds currencies became fiat."
  Nixon - Saudi - The Petro Dollar
You move to disconnect Oil and the Dollar at this point in time the House of (Credit) Cards will collapse with abandon!
If you go to the USA Debt Clock and look down on the right hand side at Dollar to Oil ratio and Dollar to Gold ratio, as of Aug. 2018 Oil would be $15.74 a bbl
 and Gold would be $4,701 a ounce.
Now that would would have made for a crazy thriving economy, don't need gold to get by, just need it to back your dollar.
 But you sure need a lot of Oil to get buy, Nixon like Trump was short sighted, what did Nixon say? "Iam not a Crook". Look where we are today.

Trump Is Repeating Nixon's Folly?
At the above ratios to back our current debt of 21.5 trillion, you would need 1.3 trillion barrels of oil or 4.6 billion ounces of gold in Fort Knox

Nixon was so possessed by peak oil (Marion Hubbert's Peak -Voices Gone ) and at the time the USA had peaked in production and peaked quickly, BAM.
 He was at war in Vietnam and running up debt and casualties. Plans had been drawn up to invade Saudi Arabia & Take Over The Oil Production

Nixon Wanted To Invade Saudi Arabia
Dhahran Option Four

For he came to know, understand with the Petro Dollar that the great society needed a secure source of oil and if the great society ever becomes engaged in
 a full stage war.  A secure source of oil is really needed, for the two largest consumers of oil on the planet are the great society and it's military.
For almost fifty years later and some dozen years of fracking the USA has finally pushed production back up to the Peak of 1970. Can they maintain it?
Even the current sitting President gets it. For If You Pull The Plug On The Petro Dollar Now The Whole House Of (Credit) Cards Will Tumble!
Trump - Saudi Arabia - Oil - Military - Petro Dollar

It seems that every President runs their mouth about oil and the day their elected they are taken in a room and it is explained to them who has the oil and they shut up.....
For If All This Crap About Energy Independence Was Correct The Petro Dollar Would Be Flushed & The Dollar Reconnected To Gold Backing
And The USA Would Be A Net (Seller) Exporter Of Credit & Oil - Not A Net (Buyer) Importer Of Debt & Oil

"If I were president, you'd have $30 oil right now," Trump said. "I would call up Saudi Arabia ... and I would say, 'That f***ing price is coming down, and it's coming down now.'

 And you know what? They'd lower that price so quickly, and it would be so easy." Trump In 2008 Interview

For every day the great society uses 16 to 21 million bbl's and only produces 8 to 11 million bbl's and imports 7 to 8  million bbl's and exports 4 to 5 million bbl's in mostly finished products and some oil.
( Bare in mind the daily production that the EIA reports includes a whole lot of condensate that they do not breakout separately from Crude Oil -
Condensate & Crude Are Not The Same )

EIA Weekly Data
Energy Nonsense

In 1974 U.S Assistant Treasury Secretary Jack F. Bennett and David Mulford of the London-based Eurobond firm of White Weld & Co
Set about the mechanism to handle the surplus OPEC Petro Dollars.

Kissinger, Bennett and Mulford helped orchestrate the secret financial arrangement with the Saudi Arabia Monetary Agency (SAMA)
 That creatively transformed the high oil prices of 1973-1974 to the direct benefit of the U.S. Federal Reserve banks and the Bank of England.


Petro Dollar Warfare
Despite the financial windfall enjoyed by the U.S./U.K banking and petroleum conglomerates who “managed the recycling of petrodollar flows.
Most Americans regard the 1973-74 oil shocks as a 
particularly painful time period of high inflation and long lines at every gas station.
In the Third World these high oil prices created huge loans from the International Monetary Fund.

Debts to be re-paid  entirely in dollars.
By 1975 all OPEC members had agreed to sell their oil only in US dollars.

 Petro Dollar Warfare Is A Book Released In 2005 By William Clark - Looking At The Invasion Of Iraq By Bush, Cheney For Oil & Crushing The EURO
We all know by history it was not for 911 and weapons of mass destruction - and they did not get the oil. Also how Bush, Cheney were hell bent to wage war on Iran.
The website has been taken down, but can be viewed on the way back machine. Look at years 2006 - 2008.

“This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous... Having said that, all options are on the table.” – President George W. Bush, February 2005
The Iranian Oil Bourse
Bush & Cheney were also possessed by Peak Oil, they knew as every President knows the Petro Dollar Agreement Stands & Will Always Stand.
Oil For Dollar's - Dollar's For Military Protection Of Saudi Arabia - Saudi has the largest proven reserves of oil and Iran brought to modern production could pace them.
Bush, Cheney wanted to do what? Scrap the Petro Dollar and take over Iraq and Iran, It's a war no one would ever win! In the end they got hundred's of thousand's of people killed

Scrapped the clean water act for the Frac Act (Halliburton Loophole) and have turned America into a block of Swiss cheese infested with chemicals and debt. Petro Dollar Warfare

Nixon's Colossal Error The Iranian Oil Bourse

He Created The EPA & The Beginning Of  Quantitative Easing
This is called “monetizing the debt” – printing money to buy your own debt is the most inflationary thing a country can do. Q1 Q2 Q3
“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero"
"Our 44 year experiment with paper money is almost over. This fact should be on all our radar screens. Is it on yours?

Little Did President Nixon Know. He Knew To Much.
On the table behind him is it cash, gold bars,  food stamps or Petro dollars?

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