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Permian Basin  - West Texas
The USA is 5 % Of The World Population And They Use 25 % (16 to 21 million bbl's - A Day - 14583 bbl's a minute) 
Of The Daily World Production (85 to 95 million bbl's - A Day - 66000 bbl's a minute).

    What The Permian Produces In One Day. 3,030,397 Barrels - Mar. 2024 - The USA burns in 208 minutes. The World Burns in 46 minutes.
(2104 bbl's a minute - 3,030,397 - daily average - Mar. - 2024)  Texas Permian Basin Production

 TRRC Is Taking Three To Four Months To Update Production Data - Fall 2021 TRRC Has switched to some screwed up office app

Based On The Number Of Permits Issued For The Permian - Give Or Take For Oil or Gas
105,253 Wells According To TRRC (2008 to Mar. - 2024)
Texas Permian Basin Permits
That is an average of 28.8 bbl's of crude oil a day per well. Not Even 1/7 of a truck load

Note - TRRC Is Always Late In Monthly Production Data Updates & Always Back Dating Number
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Current Tight Oil Production
Bakken/ND - BK/ND / Permian - PM / Eagle Ford - EF

Note - TRRC Is Always Late In Monthly Production Data Updates & Always Back Dating Numbers
Texas - TRRC The Permian Basin
Texas - TRRC
Condensates - NGL - Crude Oil

I wanna hold 'em like they do in Texas plays
Fold 'em, let 'em, hit me, raise it, baby, stay with me (I love it)
Poker Face

The Great American Oil Boom, which he helped create, is "not going to be as massive as people think."
The chances of the USA being independent in oil are very slim,
Mark Papa former CEO of EOG Resources

The Fracking Bubble.

"There is no next big horizontal play waiting in the wings to follow the Bakken and Eagle Ford." EOG, CEO.
There Is No Act Three
But Thomas (EOG CEO) contends the Permian is not a pure crude oil play.
The Permian is a “combo” play–meaning that it has lots of natural gas, and natural gas liquids, but not nearly the quantity of oil that the Bakken and Eagle Ford have.
EOG’s Thomas addressed the Permian specifically at the Bernstein conference by noting
“that while the Permian has a big boe (barrel of oil equivalent) count, the play is heavy on the “e’s” and not so much on the “o’s”…….”.

“The Permian Basin is so blessed,” said Hoxie Smith, director of Midland College’s Petroleum Professional Development Center, at the forum.
 “We have more oil here than anywhere in the world, probably more than Saudi Arabia, right here in this basin.”
Tens of billions of barrels of oil could still be tapped, he said.
West Texas Boom or Bust

  I'm Lost In The Shuffle
Lost In The Shuffle

Comments From A Land Man
Every 35 year career geologist and engineer that I know and work with in the Permian Basin
 knows that the 90% of the horizontal wells completed today are not economic.

Burn out the day Burn out the night
I'm not the one to tell you what's wrong or what's right
I've seen suns that were freezing and lives that were through
Burnin For You

Need for clarification. In a lot of articles published on the net and paper. Stated production numbers from both plays that do not add up.
Such as . Eagle Ford making 2.3 million bbl's. Look to the state agency that count's the eagle ford, Texas production.
TRRC - Texas Railroad Commission

Question Is

Permian Basin - West Texas - Decline - Production Chart

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Oh, save me. Save me from tomorrow I don't want to sail with this ship of fools

Ship Of Fools

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