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2016 - 2017 - The Airport Folly To Come
Williston Will Have A Airport Built The Same Size As Minot
Minot 125000 SF - 5000 SF Per Passenger PEAK 2012 / New Williston 108000 SF - 8000 SF Per Passenger PEAK 2014
Bismarck 70000 SF - 2413 SF Per Passenger PEAK 2015 / Fargo 118000 SF - 2313 SF Per Passenger PEAK 2014
Even If You Had A Plane With 300 People In One Hour - Square Feet Per Person Is / Minot 416 SF / Williston 360 SF / Bismarck 233 SF / Fargo 393 SF

February  2017 - The Airport Director Quits With No Notice

Whats Up With That
Steven Kjergaard

Defeat Of Revenue Money He Moved To Scenic Idaho

Why Are These Taj Mahal Type Airport Terminals Being Built?  You Have Four Flight Areas - At 100 Passengers Per Plane - At Even 25 SF Per Passenger
That Is 2500 SF  - A 5x5 Foot Area For Each Passenger  - Even If You Double It And Times Four It Is 20000 SF - Double That And You Have A Nice Terminal
Has Anyone Ever Met Anyone Who Wants To Be At The Airport?  People Just Want To Get On Or Off The Dam Plane & Get Out Of There
These Are Projects By Bureaucrats From Federal To State To Local Who Dont Seem To Realize The Debt On The Needs Of The Many
As The Nation Racks Up $2 Million Dollars A Minute In Debt 
$1.1 Trillion A Year In New Debt

108,000 Square Feet. 300 Passengers Per Hour. 1435 Parking Spaces.
When Records Show Williston Has Never Serviced More Then 13.5 Passengers Per Hour - Peak 2014 (NDAC)
Minot Peaked At 25.6 Passengers Per Hour In 2012 - Before Even Opening The New Airport  - In 2015 20.8 Passengers Per Hour (NDAC)
Yet Alone The Williston Airport Manager Current Aug. 1 2016 Shows 82905 - 16.2 Per Hour
Yet The Manager States A 34.5 % Decrease In Passengers In July

North Dakota Aeronautics Commission
Scroll Down To Airline Reports & Click On Here
Williston Airport Manager Enplanement Data

The $283 To $431 Million Dollar XWA Williston Basin (Taj Mahal) Airport Project
The Needs Of The Few Once Again Outweigh The Logical Needs Of The Many & Place The Debt On The Backs Of Generations To Come
Williston Needs A New Runway - It Does Not Need No New 108,000 Square Foot Taj Mahl
 Minot Has A Taj Mahl That Is Unsustainable  In Cost & Property Taxes Are Already Being Levied To Pay For The  
Minot Airport Folly

Consider What It Will Cost Just For Natural Gas & Electricity Per Day  - Then Look At What Minot Is Already Paying
Minot Airport Gas & Lites Went From $205,740.00 - $563.00 A Day In 2015 To $473,353.00 - $1296.00 A Day In 2016
Minot 2016 Budget - Page 45

All Of The Data Used In This Report To Sell This Airport Is Pre 2014 - 2015 - 2016
If This Data Was Updated to 2015 - 2016 -It Would Kill The Size Of  This Airport

Here Is One Data Source To Sell The Taj Mahl
Employment & Population Projections In The Williston Basin - 09/2014
Black Is Fantasy Study - Red Is Reality
In 2016 There Are - 170 Drilling Rigs - 20,000 Producing Wells - Actual 25 to 30 Drilling Rigs - 13239 Producing Wells 06-2016 NDIC
2016 Employment Population Number Working In Region - Minot - 55000 , Williston - 65000,  Dickinson - 42000.
2016 Total Population In Region - Minot - 130000, Williston - 110000,  Dickinson - 70000.
2016 - Is There Even A 100000 People Between These Three Towns
2016 Maybe - Minot 45000 to 50000 - Williston 12000 to 20000 - Dickinson 6000 to 10000

The Master Plan Is By The Same Firm Above That Did The 5 Year Bakken Outlook (Fantasy) Study
The XWA Master Plan - 586 Pages Easy Read
This Forecast Shows Williston Pacing Bismarck In 2022 & Overtaking It - Page 28 to 46 - Aviation Forecast.
The Cost Is As High As $283 To $431 Million April 2014 - Page 310 - 376 - 584
Williston At A Population Of 60000 to 100000 In 2016 - Page 476 - 477
In 2020 They Show 352,760 Enplanements - Page 413 - 434 - 570
That Would Mean The Minot Airport Was Never Needed - Or This Airport Was Never Needed - Something Was Never Needed
Budget Is On Page 144. Really Low Budget In Comparison To Minot

The Taj Mahal Boondoggle
Define -Boondoggle - Work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value.
A public project of questionable merit that typically involves political patronage and graft.
Is This Massive (Taj Mahal) Airport Needed ? Some Question That
"I wasn't going to do anything about any of this, until I heard Mr. Kjeraard on KUIZ Radio in a sound bite saying
What a showplace this is going to be for the Williston. A Showplace," Hanson said.
Is It A Airport? Is It A Taj Mahal? Is It A Showplace?
We're not building a Taj Mahal, we're building something we absolutely need now," Kjergaard said.
The Mayor Fires Back
Yes Highway 2 Expansion Wasn't Understood At The Time
No One Announced Bush Cheney Would Scrap For Frac The Clean Water Act In 2005
The Game Changer Of Shale (Tight) Oil

Commissioner Against XWA
A Voice For The Many

The Private Game
KLJ Comes Up A Lot
Does It - 2015
Misleading Numbers

Williston Airport Boarding's & Departures Chart For The Last 10 Years

Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful - Warren Buffett

A Great Thank You To Rune Likvern At  -  For The Amazing Data He Compiles

A Great Thank You To Art Berman At  - For The Insight Of His Data

A Great Thank You To Enno Peters At  -  Visualizing US Shale (Tight Oil) Production

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