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This Page Was Created October 2014 In Response To The Announcement & The Viability Of Said Promotion

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Badlands NGL Iron Sands Bill Gilliam Rexene

The Industry Forecast & Decline
NG Futures

October 2014 - This Plant Was Announced
It Is Now 2024 - No Plant - Plant's
Nine Plus Years Have Passed  & Nothing Has Been Done - As It Probably Never Will Be
Yet Alone Two More Plants Were Announced - June 2015 & Sept. 2016

WTI Oil Was At $85.00 Then - Bakken Oil Was $67.00 Then - NG Futures Were $3.92 Then - Futures Declined Since Then - Good News For A Plastic Factory
Problem Is These Producer's Came For Oil - Not Gas. No Support For Oil - No Drilling - No Gas
Apparently Based On Form D Updated Filing Dec. 30th 2014 - $11,023,871 Has Been Offered & Sold To 87 Investor's - Is $126,711.16 Per.
Only $ three billion nine hundred eighty eight million,  nine hundred sixty seven thousand, one hundred twenty-nine dollar's to coming online. The First Plant.

The Years Come & Go & ND Still Does Not Have a Cracker
Badlands Files Bankruptcy
The State & Others have removed their hype studies as the un-vetted project died. 
In This Same Time Frame Saudi Aramco & Dow Chemical Have Built & Bringing Online The $20 Billion Dollar Sadar Chemical Complex
With the production capacity to produce more than 3 million tons of diversified chemicals and plastics per year.  Saudi Arabia - Boom Or Bust

It Would Be Great
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"Why North Dakota" / 10-13-14
$4 Billion Plant Announced
"The company has not specified the capacity of the ethylene cracker
 or how much ethane the facility will require for feed stock.
The company also has yet to choose the technology it will use for the project
and has not received required permits to build the plant.
Regardless, Badlands expects it to come online by 2017." / 10-17-14

Expect to invest $4 billion / 10-13-14
Community Leaders
As Investors

Badlands NGL Spoksperson / 10-22-14
Marketing Begins

He added, with regard to his record on economic development, that he took the job at Commerce because “I was the only one I trusted to do it.” He expressed to me skepticism of these sort of economic development policies, and said that it wasn’t always fair to judge him by the job he did for his bosses Obamanomics !
ND Constitution

Article X, Section 18 of the state constitution reads:
The state, any county or city may make internal improvements and may engage in any industry, enterprise or business,
not prohibited by article XX of the constitution, but neither the state nor any political subdivision thereof  shall otherwise loan or give
its credit or make donations to or in aid of any individual, association or corporation except for reasonable support of the poor,
 nor subscribe to or become the owner of capital stock in any association or corporation.

It Could Be Done
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It Could Have Been Done - It Should Have Been Done - It Will Probably Never Be Done
A Year has gone by and there is no plan, no numbers,  nothing from no one that shows what numbers are involved, are needed,  what the cost is, is it probable, is it profitable?
Come on, wouldn't one take current production and how much gas is needed to liquid to plastic, from that production.
You Wouldn't Go In Front Of The Sharks Without A Plan

2014 Value Added Study
ND ngl and ethanol value added study - Quick Read
Gas Conversion Chart NGL - 101 - The Basics
 EIA NGL Work Shop Study - Quick Read
ND Primed For NGL's

Alaska Governor Wants In The NGL Business
Alaska Special Session Called For
But Were Exporting It

Why Doesn't The State Or Fed Get Behind This & Offer The Capek VIA The Public
John Hoeven Is Always Saying We Have Energy Independence & Lets Do For The Country What We Have Done For North Dakota
2014 Value Added Study - The Non Confidential Version - quick read
What did the confidential version say?
For The Billions Worth Of Natural Gas That Has Been Burned Off - The Boat Could Have Been Floated Many Times Over
Billions Worth Of Gas Up In Smoke

2015 Updates - News
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October 2015 - Badlands Signs License Of Univation Technology
The Story

September 2015 - Badlands enters a "precedent agreement" with CLR
Shane Goettle of the Bismarck-based firm Odney, a consultant on the project, said Badlands
Won't be able to draw on Continental's ethane until the plant is completed, hopefully in three to five years.
A Continental spokeswoman said the company had no comment beyond the news release."

Press Story Define Precedent Agreement Goettle Press Release

Once again where are the numbers, to do this to do that, how many cubic feet, how many gallons, how much to build out to get the gas from CLR?
In the Past Year's CLR Has Had Its Own Issues To Contend With - Cutting Capex - Cutting Hedges

August 2015 - Badlands Plans To Have Two World Scale PE Facilities.
The first one is called "Shangri-La" and will be located on the water (site selected, but unannounced). This facility will consist of 1.5 million ton design and modular construction. 
The second facility will be in North Dakota (site narrowed down). This facility will consist of a 2 million ton single train cracker and 135 Mb/d ethane.
 Once "Shangri-La" is up and running, the North Dakota plant will be established as quickly as sufficient binding ethane agreements are signed.
Define Shangri-La
"With a decline in oil prices, Badlands makes future plans with a "Base Case" of $70/BBL WTI in 2020. Although it won't be for a few more years,
When this manufacturing plant is established in North Dakota - it's going to transform the economy and open many doors of opportunities." Gilliam.
WTI Has Only Traded Above $60.00 A barrel - 10 Out Of The Last 21 Years - Bakken Oil - 4 Out Of The Past 21 Years

August 2015 - CHS Drops Plan For North Dakota Plant
Instead Takes $2.8 Billion Stake In Existing Plant

May 2015 -  Even Minot ND Was Getting On The Bandwagon For A Gas Plant.
Minot & NGLs

August 2015 - Has Shale (Tight Oil) Gas Production Already Stalled?
No Joy In Mudville - Shale (Tight Oil) Gas Stalls - LNG, Export Dead On Arrival

  June 2015- Now A Second Plant Is To Be Built - Before The First One?
“We are committed to building the North Dakota facility as quickly and as large as is commensurate with ethane commitments we receive,”
 He (Gilliam) said. “At this point, we don’t have any ethane commitments.”

Story In The Jamestown Sun
Is Jamestown The Location ?

Badlands NGL "Proposed" ND Plant
Looking At Second Plant

On Wednesday, the North Dakota Public Service Commission set a public hearing for a $20 million, 8-inch-diameter pipeline that would export up to 30,000 barrels of ethane a day to Canada, which Gilliam said “is in opposite to our plans.” - See more at:
On Wednesday, the North Dakota Public Service Commission set a public hearing for a $20 million, 8-inch-diameter pipeline that would export up to 30,000 barrels of ethane a day to Canada, which Gilliam said “is in opposite to our plans.” - See more at:
On Wednesday, the North Dakota Public Service Commission set a public hearing for a $20 million, 8-inch-diameter pipeline that would export up to 30,000 barrels of ethane a day to Canada, which Gilliam said “is in opposite to our plans.” - See more at:
June 2015 - Vantage Pipeline Is To Build A Pipeline To Increase Ethane Supply To Nova
PSC Hearings Set For Vantage

March 2015 - News On The Future Of The Plant - It Is To Be Delayed
“We want to add value to one of the least valuable components in the liquid natural gas stream.”
Badlands intended to reach a decision on a location by the first quarter of 2015.

Badlands NGL Plant Delayed
Plant Delayed Google Search
Badlands NGL Plant Delayed

March 2015 - Cracker Developers Nervous
About Building More Crackers

February 2015 - More Reflection Is Needed
Shale Plays Have Years - Not Decades Of Reserves

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As An Investor One Should Always Do Due Diligence
"It's Not My Monkey - It's Not My Circus" Leslie A.

2016 Updates - News
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Gilliam still sees the Bakken as a viable location for Badlands NGL, but there are some business climate issue to iron out.
“There are challenges to building this in North Dakota, if you stick built this polyethylene plant just like you would on the gulf coast,
 the peak employment would be 9,000 people,” Gilliam said. “Now we may not reach 9,000 but there are counties we are considering
that do not even have 2,000 people living in them. So there are going to be some very formidable challenges. But we feel it has to get built.”
The Disparity

Badlands NGLs, LLC announces Development of Gulf Coast Merchant Alpha Olefins Facility 09-2016
It doesn't say where it will be built, what it will cost, who will provide licensed technology to due the process!
This will be the third plant since 2014 announced by Badlands - the first two have never been built.
The Announcement
Also it appears it is not the first plant or expansion of it's kind in the USA!

Linear Alpha Olefin

Proprietary Ethylene Metathesis
Louisiana Plant Expansion
INEOS To Build USA Plant

ND Is In A Recession ? Going For Broke

Badlands NGL
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Announcement on you tube
Bill Gilliam Press

October 2014  - The Website Was Parked On Go-Daddy - If Your Going To Build A $4 Billion Dollar Plant
Wouldn't You Have A Website With Something Other Then Psychic Readings & Health Insurance Adds? Before A Press Conference!
December 2014 -  It's A Website That Is About Tourism & ND Trivia
It Is Now About Badlands - December 2016
In 2019 It Is A Website With Some Guy Arm Wrestling A Beaver

December 2015 - Apparently Based On Form D Updated Filing $11,023,871 Has Been Offered & Sold To 87 Investor's - Is $126,711.16 Per.

badlandssngls on linked
"The enclosed describes the context for our final $10M pre–public capital raise now underway,  including all current status, and speaks for itself.
The material is a short read. " Page Has Been Removed 11/2014

badlandssngls Actual Form
Read Lines 13, 14, 15, 16.  Do The Math As Of This Filing
Total Sold $550,001 - C omission's $550,000 = $1.00
The material is a short read.

  Iron Sands Corp. Filings At The SEC

Badlands NGLs Filings At The SEC

Governor Jack Dalrymple -  Bill Gilliam & Associate - Doug Goehring - Wayne Stenehjem - John Hoeven
Did Any Of Them Vett Gilliam & What They Were Being Told That October Day - NO
As A Human & Or An Investor One Should Always Do Due Diligence To Protect Oneself  - One Should Always Do Vetting Before Living Or Investing - Not Hype Crap

"Tipping Point"
(Despite the name, ethane rejection could also be considered ethane inclusion: the ethane stays in the natural gas stream
Because its BTU content is more valuable in the gas than extracted, primarily because of low ethane prices.
So it’s referred to as rejection because it’s rejected as standalone ethane)

No wise man has the power to reason away  What seems to be
What A Fool Believes
 The song lyrics tell a story of a man who is reunited with an old love interest and
Attempts to rekindle a romantic relationship with her before discovering that one never really existed. What An Irony
Define Irony - a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.

Iron Sands
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Then Google
Iron Sands Corp.

Press On
There wasn't much information on Badlands NGL in the release. According to the company's LinkedIn page,
 Badlands NGL is public affiliated with Iron Sands Corp., which is a company "organized as a vehicle to investigate and,
if such investigation warrants, acquire a target company or business seeking the perceived advantages of being a publicly held corporation."

Press On
Iron Sands was created to acquire a company and, as such, is described as a blank-check company,
according to its annual report.
The CEO of Iron Sands is Samir Masri, who is also the founding partner
of Masri & Masri, a tax and accounting services company in Great Neck, New York.
A call to Masri & Masri was forwarded to its operating partner for the Badlands NGL project. The call was not returned.

Iron Sands Corp. - 10Q Filing - 2014 To The SEC Iron Sands Corp. - All Filings To The SEC

Liquidity and Capital Resources

As of June 30, 2014, the Company had assets equal to $89, comprised exclusively of cash.
 This compares with assets equal to $2,672 as of March 31, 2014, comprised exclusively of cash.
The Company’s current liabilities as of June 30, 2014 totaled $100,687 comprised of amounts due to related parties and accounts payable and accrued expenses.
This compares to the Company’s current liabilities as of March 31, 2014 of $90,594, comprised of accounts payable, accrued expenses and amounts due to related parties.
The Company can provide no assurance that it can continue to satisfy its cash requirements for at least the next twelve months.

$89.00 Would Buy A bbl Of Oil 10/14/14 - Would Buy 4 bbl's 03/01/2016 - Bakken Price $20.00

Iron Sands Corp.
Iron Sands Corp. is Masri  & Masri

They Look Like  Really Nice Guys. Wonder If They've Ever Been To North Dakota
But Look's Can Be Deceiving

Beating Up The Mayor
Sounds Like A Bakken Town - The Mayor Insulted His Mom!
They Sure Have Alot Of Blank Check Companies 
- TRENTON ACQUISITION CORPFern Holdings Corp. - Iron Sands

Bill Gilliam
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Google Search

CEO Bill Gilliam
William Jeffery Gilliam

Then Check
Then There Is PANA & AVEC
Then There Is AVEC
Then There Is The AVEC Website

Their Stock Traded From 2003 to 2011 - $116.00 Down to $0.04 Cents

Then There Is Rexene Corp.
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Google Search
Rexene Corp.

That's how he said he operated Rexene, which Gilliam said went from bringing in $7 million in 1986
to $78 million in 1987 to more than $130 million in 1988.
Then Chapter 11 in 1991.

Former CEO Looks To Reopen Rexene Plant - Sept. - 2009

While he would settle for purchasing just the Odessa plant, Gilliam said he is interested in buying all of Flint Hills'
 polymers division,  which includes plants in Longview and Marysville, Mich.
Flint Hills Purchase

Owned By Koch Industries - 2012 Revenue Of 115 Billion

Because of the size of the project, Gilliam said the new company should be able to immediately be posted on the New York Stock Exchange.
Gilliam intends to take the company public and has identified a number of "shell" companies with no assets other than cash that could invest.
 Richard From, chief executive officer of Peyton, Chandler & Sullivan, a broker and dealer company, said he has located a number of public vehicles
 with between $25 million to $150 million in cash on their balance sheets that are looking for a public company.

Peyton Chandler Sullivan - Captured On The Way Back Machine

Then There Is Rexene Bankruptcy & Golf
Rexene Awash In Debt

Then There Is The Long Sorted History Of Rexene Corp.
Back From The Brink
And The Unemployed
Rexene Employee Association

And In 1987
Humble Beginnings
And In 2014
The Plant Is Still Closed

And Now In 2014
They Are Demolishing It
Then There Is This
Short But Sweet - 1989

Then There Is This - Google Search
Gilliam - Joesph - Littlejohn
"This is what is great about capitalism in America," - Bill Gilliam
6 to 500 million - Drexel - Micheal - 1989
Divorce Wall Street Style
Short But Sweet - 1989

Mr. Gilliam has left behind a trail of broken relationships and infighting,

Role In Rexene Feuds - 1991

Mr. Gilliam had been forced out by some of his hand-picked directors

Chairman Quits

The January Effect After Bankruptcy

Who's to know if your soul will fade at all
The one you sold to fool the world
You lost your self-esteem along the way

Fake It

Rexene Plant Being Tore Down - 2014 - What A Waste

Don't say that, don't say that, don't say that
I know you're not mine anymore, anyway, anytime
Tell me how come
I Keep Forgettin

" Iam More Interested With The Return Of My Money, Then Iam In The Return On My Money " - Mark Twain
The Rough Road Traveled By NOVA Chemicals
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Once Mighty Nova Needs Rescuer After The Fall Former CEO

Nova History

I P I Company

The Petro Chemical Industry & Shale Gas (Tight Oil)
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What Is A Cracker & Why Should I Care ?

By the time the plants start operating in 2017, the numbers may not look so rosy.
Exports are poised to absorb the country’s excess ethane, a natural gas liquid that’s become the main
 raw material for U.S. chemical makers as increased drilling in shale formations makes it abundant and cheap.

“Ethane exports have the potential to get really big,” Ben Nolan, a Chicago-based shipping analyst at Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., said Sept. 4.
“What people are assuming will be a lot of petrochemical manufacturing growth in the back end of the decade may not materialize.”
Chemical Factory Boom At Risk

Chemical Boom & Over Building Tipping Point

NGL 1. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
NGL 2. She Dont Lie She Dont Lie NGL 3. No Particular Place To Go

The Ethane Asylum

Ethylene Who Will Benefit ?

The Gas Is Hot Tonight

Is Unconventional Unproven Leading To Gas Condensate Not Oil ?

"Given that the plant will have the capacity to produce enough PE
 For every citizen of North Dakota to take home more than 4500 pounds annually"

Frackers & Crackers Every Where !

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The following lists some of the projects.
Company Capacity Grades Location Start-up
Sasol 450,000 tonnes LLDPE Lake Charles, Louisiana 2016
Sasol 420,000 tonnes LDPE Lake Charles, Louisiana NA
Sasol/INEOS 470,000 tonnes HDPE La Porte, Texas 2016
Braskem NA UHMWPE La Porte, Texas H1 2016
ExxonMobil 1.3m tonnes PE (premium) Mont Belvieu, Texas Late 2016
Chevron Phillips 1m tonnes HDPE, LLDPE, other Sweeny, Texas 2017
Dow Chemical NA PE (high-value), LDPE Freeport, Texas
Formosa Plastics 625,500 short tons LDPE Point Comfort, Texas 2017
Shell 1.6m tonnes HDPE, LLDPE Monaca, Pennsylvania 2018
Odebrecht NA Unspec West Virginia NA
LyondellBasell 454,000 tonnes Unspec US Mid 2017
Badlands NGL 1.5m tonnes Unspec North Dakota NA

Forecast & Decline
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Drilling Deeper
Just Released - October 2014
Drilling Deeper - 2015

Even as we've become less hooked on crude, we've become more addicted to drilling
-- Randy Udall ( 1951 - 2013 )
Voice's Gone But Not Forgotten Don't Fear The Reaper

Flairing Task Force Report 03/2014

Ethane Future's Price Chart & Plant Completion Time Table

“ Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful ” - Warren Buffett

Question Is

We're setting sail To the place on the map from which no one has ever returned
Drawn by the promise of the joker and the fool By the light of the crosses that burn

Oh, save me. Save me from tomorrow I don't want to sail with this ship of fools

Ship Of Fools

NG Futures
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NG Futures Chart

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