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Bare in mind the current mayor and councilmen and city manager have had control of the budget for two years, two budgets, There Is No Excuse!
They all knew in advance of these issues, They campaigned on these issues, They were hired knowing of these issues!
In fact they changed the way the Minot City Council is operated with their Make Minot program or whatever it was supposed to be.

We now have Shaun Sipma for Mayor, Sipma with Make Minot got the city council overhauled and got him and Josh Wolsky on the city council.
(the site has pretty much disappeared, it is in the way back machine, apparently "there's nothing they can do about how we got here".)
Minot Gets A New Mayor

As Published In Local Minot Newspaper
Municipal finance doesnít engender public confidence

Itís complicated. Details are constantly shifting. For that matter rules are often changing. What we see of it today has little to do with the decision makers of today.
It is thus often frustrating, aggravating and easy to misunderstand. Itís complicated. Details are constantly shifting. For that matter rules are often changing.
What we see of it today has little to do with the decision makers of today. It is thus often frustrating, aggravating and easy to misunderstand.

Municipal finance/public sector budgeting is convoluted so it is little wonder that so many seem to lack confidence in major projects and investment budgets.
Consider that just recently the Northwest Area Water Supply project (NAWS) has been cited as one of the reasons for the City of Minotís budget challenges.

ďThatís where the majority of the pressure is coming from inside this budget,Ē City Manager Tom Barry said of NAWS last week.
The shift of sales tax back to NAWS takes $1.2 million from property tax relief and $1.6 million from infrastructure improvements.
It takes $1.2 million from community facilities, which the city re-allocated this year for flood protection.
Barry said the shift in sales tax adds more than 19 mills to the property-tax levy.

As reported in Minot Daily News, thatís caused some in the community to question where the NAWS money is going because voters believed the project had enough
money in reserves when they voted in 2011 to redirect the NAWS penny. Barry said the money in reserves was believed to be enough in 2011.
ďThat has since turned out not to be the case,Ē he said.

Later in the week, we learned that the budget to maintain roads in no way comes close to what is needed.
 Almost $6 million a year is needed in street maintenance funding to keep the overall condition of Minotís city streets from worsening,
 according to information provided to members of the Minot City Council Wednesday. The city has been spending about $3 million a year on maintenance.
At $3 million a year, street conditions will continue to deteriorate as a backlog of projects occurs, City Engineer Lance Meyer reported.
 Even at nearly $6 million a year, a backlog would exist. To eliminate the backlog in five years, the city would have to spend about $11.6 million a year, figures showed.

Is it any wonder there is ample public cynicism when presented with budget and spending projections?
 Is there really any wonder why people might be dubious of what flood protection will end up costing?

Sometimes this cynicism unfortunately descends into paranoia when todayís officials are unfairly and dishonestly labeled corrupt or incompetent for these realities.
Todayís officials didnít set these things in motion. Informed observers recognize that the current administration
is so busy trying to mitigate for bad decisions from the past that its own agenda must often take a back seat.

So they are putting the blame of bad decisions on the 12 years Curt Zimbelman was mayor, retired employee of Senator John Hoeven, owner First Western Bank!
Hoeven and his buddy Steve Larson who brought the Imagine Minot and parking ramps to town in 2010. Larson was ousted from his company EID Passport,
which has also changed names, the city of Minot is suing Imagine Minot, Cypress, whatever name their using.

Still, better communication would soften the blow of some of this spending news, which does not bode well for stressed taxpayers.
Just as long as we start from the position that government budgets/spending is not simple or even easily predicted. Because it isnít either of those things.
Then what to hell is it? Call and tell your Bank that, call and tell the Tax collector that, Give it a try and see if it works! There is no Excuse

Building Dike's For The Flood Of 2011 - While Four Dams of Contention above Minot were Left Unmanaged!
The Man driving the pay loader, Millionaire investor, he left North Dakota a few years after the flood, He had enough of the Statewide Champagne Government.

They Finally Decided to Manage the Four Dams of Contention One Sad Day in June 2011

Minot Isn't Vanishing Because of the 2011 Flood - Minot is Vanishing Because of Flood Control & Taxes - Vanishing People, Property, and Money
Vanishing Minot

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