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Parking Ramps & Debt
5.3 Million In CDBG Monies
Real Estate & Debt
Where Did The 1 Billion & 50 Million Go?
Vanishing Minot
Decades Gone By & No Management Of The Dams Of Contention

2018 - The City has several lawsuits against developments never being finished or having received Taxpayer funds and never built what they were supposed to build!
A Lot Of Lawsuits

You see them everywhere you go.  New ones pop up everyday.  There are some in Surrey. There are 3 or 4 on the way to Burlington. 
You turn on TV and there they are. ? If your going to promote your housing development in North Dakota
Why do you show films and photos of Florida & Mountains, Palm trees and Palmetto's.  How can you sell something that doesn't even exist!
The City should have filed lawsuits when they saw mountain streams and palmetto's in the plans!

Thats Not In Minot
And They Are All Pretty Much For Sale !

Minot On
Minot On

This Is Minot

This Is Rush Hour In The Bakken - Life In North Dakota Gets Tough In The Winter & Can Be Deadly & Dangerous!

2015 - Its Amazing How Soon They Forget - Commissioner Travis Zablotney Has
I think it would be a mistake if we allow this type of development to go on next to a multi-million dollar facility that's one of the city's gems."
All The CDBG money that was sunk into this area it was supposed to be for low income.
Has he driven by there lately? Show him the photos below, there are no single family homes being built there.
Its nothing but apartments being built to the south of the school.
And for him a building is a GEM and a low income human is what then, DIRT.....
Isnt Ramstad A Public School, Not Restricted By Income?
Why was Ramstad ever built so far to the extreme edge of Minot?
He Supports Frac Sand But Not Low Income Housing
as cached on google - allow to load
Amazing A Group That Actually Sponsors Low Income Housing - God Bless You
Beyond Shelter Inc

Minot Flashback - 2012
Northwest area of Minot
"Northern Lights is slated for full build out development within four to five years."

Northern Lights - 3000 Homes - 2012
It is now 2017 & sits in disarray
According to the Minot Newspaper on 05/18/2014 Theirs is a auction set for 06/25/2014 of 8 homes.
The auction can be found at

"a private developer has 20,000 acres of land north of the city to develop"
Thats 31 Square Miles - Thats Bigger Then Minot Is Now
Action Plan Minot July 2012
Page 62. City commits $5,000,000

9. Northern Sewer Project - $6,345,000 CDBG DR
Due to the extensive displacement of residents due to the flood, new development is needed north of the City.
The City of Minot will leverage a number of different funds in order to complete the much needed sewer infrastructure up to the Northern part of the City.
 With the help of CDBG funds the City also plans to use funds from the Energy Impact Office request,
The Magic Fund and finally issue a City Bond to complete the difference. Without the completion of this trunk line the Affordable Housing Development will not be possible.
 A private developer has 20,000 acres of land north of the City to develop a mix of housing including an apartment complex and an estimated 300 homes.
The current scope is under its preliminary design and therefore a detailed scope is not yet developed.

10. Northern Housing Development Infrastructure - $5,000,000 CDBG DR
A private developer has 20,000 acres of land north of the City to develop a mix of housing including an apartment complex and an estimated 300 homes.
The City of Minot is working with the developer to provide up to $5,000,000 in infrastructure costs (including streets, sewer and water lines, etc.)
 allowing the developer to commit at least 51 percent of housing units developed to be affordable to low and moderate income persons.
Thats $11,345,000.00 Dollars - Where Did It Go.

The Google Capture Is From 2012 - 2013 - It Is Now 2018 & Still Sits In Disarray
FEMA wanted Ramstad school put back where it was in NW Minot, it would have been built above
flood plain, But no Minot puts it way on the north edge of town, they have spent millions
and millions on streets and sewer and water, way beyond the money from above from CDBG.
 All these kids got a be drove out there every school day.
By not putting it back where it was left a huge hole in that neighborhood.

The Google Capture Is From 2015 - It Is Now 2018 & Still Sits In Disarray

The Hole Ramstad left behind.

Here It Is In 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018

The Pre Fab units have been up there sitting since either 2011 or 2012
They were all moved in Oct. 14 To The east side of the development

Where are the low income units?

The Sky Looks Nice
Someone had this street paved 10/14

Streets Unpaved Buildings Unfinished
Garbage Everywhere

Where is that low income housing?

$11,345,000.00 Dollars For This
The Sky Looks Nice - The New Ramstad School Looks Nice

Big Development In Surrey
The Big Development In Surrey ND, seven miles east of Minot, Announced In 2012 - Now In 2018

The Lumber Yard Opened In Surrey In 2012 Is Closed In 2016

The Building Is Empty - The Yard Is Full - Shut It Down In The Snow - They Aren't Coming Back For Business

Just on the east edge of Minot, 55 million dollar crossing or something like that. It is in a lawsuit with the city as of 2018
55th Million Street

Here is another one west of Minot, located to the south of what was the Speedway.

Another one west of Minot at Burlington.

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