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This Is Not Right - No One Has Ever Put Up Real Private Capital To Build This
The Funds Involved In These Projects Came From The Federal (Debt) Coffers & Minot Working Class - They Were To Be Used To Help The Working Class Recover
From The 2011 Flood  - Not To Float Some Unfunded Developer - If One Would Have Asked Wal-Mart Or Home Depot Or Sanford To Put Together A Real Plan For
 Downtown - You Could Have Had Something - Really Had Something - The Bakken The 18th Largest Oil & Gas Development On The Planet & The Nearest Modern
 Hospital Is In Bismarck - The Nearest Burn Center Is St. Paul - But NO

Minot Alderman Miller stated "The parking structures have been a disappointment thus far
 And they have become a standing joke in the community." 01/12/2015

Council member Bob Miller took Cypress to task for its request, calling it "utter audacity" and "an affront to this community."  02/25/2015

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Ramp Flow Chart 15 Ramp Flow Chart EID & MAGIC Fund Cypress $750K Loan
City Attorney Debacle Is There A ? Old Y Building Photos Minot Ramps Photos Bismarck Ramp  A Fictional Portray

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Developments - Subdivisions - Lawsuits
$11 Million In CDBG Monies
Real Estate & Debt
Where Did the 1 Billion & 50 Million Go?
Vanishing Minot
Decades Gone By & No Management Of The Dams Of Contention

2017 - 2018

One Does Not Need Hindsight When One Does Vetting & Due Diligence - It Is 2017 & This Whole Thing Is A Bad Joke - There Is No Low Income Housing From This. Trinity wants to build a new hospital
 and is in debt up to its eyeballs. Its existing facility is a piece of junk. Could you imagine if all this money threw at a hideous new airport and these miserable parking ramps had been used to support Trinity
to build a state of the art medical complex in downtown Minot with a direct education tie in with Minot State University. You would have had a winner. Wall Street would have signed off on it in a Heartbeat.
Trinity keeps delaying and delaying and downsizing the plan for a new hospital. Trinity leaves downtown its game over. All the retail in this town is on the way south side of town. Downtown is a dead horse.
 Main street in Minot made sense when that's all there was, two railroads with passenger service and no malls and big box stores and the internet. Main street in Minot goes no where, on the
north end it quits and has this ugly wrecked railroad crap. You need a tank to get to the Amtrak Depot (where as if all that railroad infrastructure of yesterday had been preserved it would have been a huge
tourist draw business) the south end and you get this ugly hospital that looks like it belongs in the third world. (where as at one time  you had this beautiful Empire theater which would have remained a huge
 tourist draw, but no it was tore down for parking). Better then half of downtown Minot has been tore down for parking and what do they build ? More Parking. Every opportunity to reinvent this area has
been pissed away  because of a lack of foresight and self centered greed. Wal-Mart wanted a second store, a new hospital is needed, a new middle school gets built on the extreme north side of town and
Trinity is looking to build on the extreme south side of town. Of all the dumb things that create jobs and business its a Wal-Mart, a school, a college and a hospital.
No we have a airport that looks like it belongs in Saudi Arabia, a middle school that sits in the north countryside and two parking ramps that look like they belong in Russia.
It is 2017 and there is no resolve of the Money Pits.  The Following Statements Are From The City Manager - May 2017

“There has been some question as to the quality of the workmanship so we are working through those issues. I can assure you the city is not wanting to accept any unfinished work,”
That puts the city’s investment at more than $6 million on the Renaissance ramp and nearly $7 million on the Central ramp.
“Constituents have mentioned that to me. They don’t feel safe,”
He added some people believe there is a stigma to the ramps that discourages people from using them, and he is concerned the current, unfinished look of the exteriors may be turning people away.

No the stigma is that the taxpayers got bilked on something they never wanted and had no say in.
When money that was supposed to help flood victims went to a good old boy taxpayer ponzi project.

The saga continues! No apartments, lawsuit against Cypress. You look back at this whole nightmare and you have to ask what were these people thinking? They were all selling hype at the taxpayers expense!
Trinity is building a new hospital on the extreme south side of town, what will be done with all their empty buildings downtown? This whole debacle has been going on since 2010, about everyone in government
who ever had anything to do with it are out or have left Minot. Leaving the taxpayers on the hook to pay for something that had nothing to do with benefiting them after the 2011 flood!

The Lawsuit

As Published in local Minot Newspaper Sept. 2018 & Comments from taxpayers.
As the Council moves to spend $1.6 million to seal the concrete roofs on the two money pits.
Tax Consuming Assets
No a asset is something going up in value, something people wanted, these are Tax Consuming Liabilities!
“The absolute goal is to have the parking ramps pay for themselves. Down the road, there will be apartments. There will be commercial activities within those,” Sipma said.
 “In the meantime, we as city officials, along with staff, want to look at maybe some different ideas on how we can get closer to break even until that happens.”
How can you have apartments when you spent the CDBG money on the ramps? The Fed wants that money back.

Council member Stephan Podrygula said he is uncomfortable with the spending but sees little recourse to avoid ramp deterioration. He supports closing down upper levels
and using only the levels needed to accommodate the number of vehicles, although that action would do more to address safety than maintenance costs.
They should close them and tare them down. Sue Cypress to tare them down. Just bow them up in place and bury them, call it a day!
There is already $1.6 million for the demolition.

Well meaning little therapists  Goose stepping twelve stepping tetotalitarianists  The tipsy the reeling and drop down pissed
We got no time for that stuff here  Zero crime and no fear  We've bred all our kittens white 
So you can see them in the night 
And at night we're on our knees 
As quiet as a mouse  Since the word got out
God Is In The House

July 2015 - Mayors Update
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$5.3 Million In CDBG Monies That Were Supposed To Benefit Flood Victims With Affordable Housing
  A Combined Total Of $10.4 Mil. So Far Of Taxpayer Debt
Now July 15 They Want $2.5 Mil. More To Float A Loan On The Backs Of The Taxpayer!
Apparently The Mayor & Finance Director Have Changed Their Minds
"You would be breaking your fiduciary duty to the citizens of Minot if you approved the guarantee,"
City finance director "Cindy Hemphill" told the council - January 2015
"I am very disappointed, but we have a responsibility to serve the people of Minot and protect their interests,"
Mayor "Chuck Barney" said. "If the city finance director and the assistant city attorney say that we are abandoning
our fiduciary responsibility by agreeing to this with an unsecured note, that weighs heavily on my mind." January 2015

July 2015 - Now The Mayor Is Going to give Them The Money - Grand Total So Far $12.9 Million In Taxpayer Money

July 2015 Looking For $2.5 Million
The Application

Every time The Price Of Oil Pulls Back - Every time The "City Goes Deeper In The Rabbit Hole Ramps"
  Every Time They Charge Assessments Years After The Fact On Streets & Developments
The Number Of Houses For Sale & Sitting Empty GOES UP
Number Of Single Family Residences For Sale 07/20/15 - 463 - Lets Watch As It Climbs Again - People Have Had Enough
 Number Of Single Family Residences For Sale 09/02/18 - 463

Minot Alderman Miller stated "The parking structures have been a disappointment thus far
 And they have become a standing joke in the community." 01/12/2015
Council member Bob Miller took Cypress to task for its request,
Calling it "utter audacity" and "an affront to this community." 02/25/2015
Where Is That Low Income Moderate Income Housing ?

The Mayors Update - July 17 2015
The Update Letter

Why Then Dont You Do What You Said You Would Do
 "I am very disappointed, but we have a responsibility to serve the people of Minot and protect their interests,"
Hire A Law Firm & Stop This

If This Is Correct That Would Be $20.5 Mil. To Build 2 Ramps
When Bid Was $10.5 Mil. Where Exactly Have They Invested $9 Mil. ?
If They Have Or Will Then Why More Taxpayer Money?

That Would Bring The Total To $22 Mil. - $11.5 Mil. Over Cost
Just As Foretasted 11 to 15 Mil. More Would Be Needed

Cypress Can Pull $9 Mil. Out Of Thin Air & The Mayor Can Pull $200 Mil. Out Of Thin Air
And Not A Dime Spent On Flood Protection - No Affordable Housing
None Of This Will Be Done In 2015.
Like Ben Said "Unfortunately, the Fed can't print oil" - Ben Bernanke 2011

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Cached Page On The Way Back Machine
Minot now represents the premier development opportunity for all of North Dakota.
In early 2010, the Cypress Development team embarked on producing a Redevelopment Vision for all of downtown Minot.
Seeing the extreme shortage of housing everywhere in Minot, and understanding the great economic forces
trying to bring new residents and businesses to Minot, the Cypress team, including our architects and planners,
crafted a built-out vision of downtown which became known as "IMAGINE MINOT".
This vision illustrated the redevelopment of approximately 10 undeveloped, vacant sites in downtown, with a phasing strategy
 to complete these 5 and 6 story mixed-use build over a 4-5 year time frame once construction began.
Included in our vision is the design and development of a dynamic URBAN PARK, to include, at a lower level, a public parking garage for 275 cars.
The "IMAGINE MINOT" vision and implementation strategy has been adopted and approved by the Mayor and City Council,
and is now serving as a model for downtown revitalization for other communities in North Dakota.
Minot now represents the premier development opportunity for all of North Dakota.

It Is Now 2017 & You Have Two Ramp Buildings That Were Built To The Cheapest Look
They Have House Doors & House Caulk From Home Depot - The Apartments - Nothing Has Been Built.

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Sell The Hype - In Debt The Taxpayer - Nov. 2011

Imagine Minot Cypress Development $ 70 Million
The Hype Job
Imagine Minot Steve Larson
Passport Provisions One Million In Momentum
Imagine Minot 2011

Cypress is headed by Steve Larson, a Minot native and chief executive officer of Eid Passports, which recently opened a technology office by remodeling the former downtown YMCA building in Minot. - See more at:
Cypress is headed by Steve Larson, a Minot native and chief executive officer of Eid Passports, which recently opened a technology office by remodeling the former downtown YMCA building in Minot. - See more at:

Downtown Minot Flood 2011 - You See The Two Ramp Locations.
You See All The Open Spaces For Parking - Everywhere
Do You See Any Low Income Housing ?  Do You See A State Of The Art Medical Facility ?
Do You See Any Major Civil Or Corporate Investment In The Past 40 Years ?
Do you see any reason parking ramps were needed with all the existing parking lots?

Minot ND Property Values Double, Taxpayers Suffer While Government Flourishes
So even with all this new money coming to the city the voters felt they had to support this to get the government’s boot off of their neck
 with their property taxes. But their fooling themselves. Their tax bills won’t go down. The money will go to contractor buddies of the various
 boards and commissions. Plus our employees will continue to get their fat raises even though they are undoubtedly getting a better
deal than they’d get other places. (Otherwise why would they still be there.) Not only that there will be money to hire more workers
to do these people’s jobs for them. After all Donald Trump doesn’t drive a snowplow
Taxes, Taxes, and More Taxes

2012 - 2013
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This Is The Original PDF File
Action Plan Minot July 2012
Page 62. Using CDBG to fund private equity.  Page 69. time frame for construction and hype "New Afforadable"
Page 73. Plea's from residents not to do it.  43 pages of plea's.

More Pleas About The Way Funds Were Used For Parking Ramps & Other Projects & Not Flood Releif
Public Comment 2013 About CBDG Funds
One year after major flood that destroyed countless lives and indebted those who chose to stay, the city decides to get involved with spec construction.
In Fact is now a parked domain

Now About Fashion And Cusine
Captured On The way Back Machine
The Links Are Also Gone At New City Site

Now we have no place to park in downtown Minot
& Two Big Holes In The Ground

  "What do two new parking garages in downtown Minot have to do with flood recovery? "

$3.6 Million Administrator Fee
and then
$6.0 Million Administrator Fee
cached on google
Additional Costs For City

2012 - Minot Recovery INFO
Q. I heard the City Council approved an Action Plan, what projects are part of this plan?
 "Imagine Downtown" downtown development. Support for the development of approximately 54 LMI rental units in downtown Minot, $5.5 million.
How were low income and poor going to afford to live on top apartments of a parking ramp?

2012 - Wal-Mart Declines Second Minot Store
When Wal-Mart wanted a second store they should have done the hype dance
and asked them to build it in downtown Minot.
Then you would have seen some real private equity bail in.
“A month ago, I would have said I would have voted for this project. But I have done a lot of soul searching and I have done a lot of research,” council member
 Amy Moen said. “Will a second Walmart store draw new shoppers to Minot? Is there an economic benefit to having a second Walmart in Minot? No.
 Every penny will go out of state.” Moen said Minot doesn’t need a Walmart to provide jobs or business competition. “When Walmart opened its first store
in Minot over 15 year ago, we needed it. The economy was stagnant,  and we were thrilled to have any large retailer come to our city.
But we aren’t the same city,” she said.

“Minot is now in a position where we can choose to be picky, and we can say no.”
Just Say No To Cash Rich Corporation & Say Yes To Cashless Parking Ramps

Moen Soul Searching
2013 - Cached On Google
Moen Leaves Minot
2014 - Cached On Google
Soul Searching In NM

2013 - Why CDBG Funds For Parking Ramps

Performance Report 2013 - Where The Money Was Going By Project

Read The List Of Money & Where It Was Going

Flashback 2012 MADC Annual Report
So Much Has Changed
Oct. 2012 - As Of January 2017 It's Still A Unbuilt Site - North Of Central Campus

Jerry Chavez - Oct. 2012 MF Minutes
File Has Been Removed
Committee Approves Money For Parking Ramps
2012 - Cached On Google
Jerry Chavez - March 2014
Leave's Minot
Minot Housing 2012 Magic Fund 2012 Report
$3 Million Grant For Ramps
MADC Annual 2012

Google Capture Of Downtown Minot - Before The Holes Were Dug - Wal-Mart Should Have Been Enticed To Build At Ramp 1 Location
& Big M Building 1/2 Block Tore Down & Your Ramp Built There - Wal-Mart Has $6.2 Billion In Cash On Hand
“Minot is now in a position where we can choose to be picky, and we can say no.”

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Bid tabulations and documentation of rejection of bids were not found in the electronic or hard files
Issue A: The following projects did not include bid tabulations in the electronic or hard copy files reviewed:
The Downtown Development Parking Facility, Renaissance and Central Structures
Issue B: The Downtown Development Parking Facilities were advertised for bids three times with the first two groups of
proposals being rejected.Documentation was not found explaining the reason for rejection of two groups of bids. 
Internal Audit 2014 - as saved on the way back machine, way back being the keyword

 The domain name is for sale for $9.99 at go daddy!

"The City Is Not Having To Put Any additional Money Into Reviving The Project"
City Works To Revive Parking Ramp Construction 10/08/14
 2014 - Cached on Google

"Hemphill Told The Council The City Has Spent $2 Million Already"
City Takes Steps To Get Ramp's Up 10/18/14
2014 - Cached on Google

"Just your imagination. Developers still imagining downtown Minot"
Some Additional Imagining !
2014 - Cached on Google

Apartment Group Says Minot's Rental Needs Are Met
Enough Already - Update 12/2015
as cached on google
Why Are They Going To Build All These Apartments? This Is Not Portland, Not Dallas, Not Chicago!

The Awarded Contract Was To Shaw Lindquist Then To Diversified Then To Construct ND

If You Check their Standing With The Secretary Of State & The Other Trade Names You Will Find
ND Secretary Of State Business Records

current 10/14
Shaw Lundquist
To Many With Same Name

current 10/14
Construct North Dakota
Dissolved Involuntarily 05/19/14
Both AMGI & Cypress Development Show
HENDERSON, NV  As Location Of Principal Office's

current 10/14
Cypress Development

2015 - 2016
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As 2016 Gets Underway The Debacle Just Gets Deeper & Deeper.
From Give Us More Taxpayer Money To Give Us MAGI Funds To Give Us The Deed
When Did The Taxpayers Of Minot And The Taxpayers Of This Country
Ever Get In The Development Business - Isn't That Socialism ?

Construction Photos & Progress - 2015
Construction Photos & Progress - 2016

Their Back - January 2015
Looking For $1.2 Million
Their Back - January 2015 City Pushes

March 2015 Its On Again
June 2015 - Keller Construction Lawsuit For Unpaid Bill Of $500,000.00 Their Back - July 2015
Looking For $2.5 Million
Their Back - July 2015 The Loan
2015 - August Council Meeting
About Lawsuit & Loan
August 2016 Another $573,000
For The Exteriors

Nov. 2016 - Cypress Part's Way's

Heavens To Betsy - Martha To The Moon - Good Grief Charlie Brown
Stand Clear My Parachute Didn't Open & The Valuation On This One
Has Left Two Ugly Holes In Downtown Minot

How Do We Go From No Money From The Developer To Shaw Lundquist Coming Back
To Build Underbid & Underfunded Project ?
This Should Be Interesting
City Manager March 2015 Its On Again

And The City Manager Is Gettin While The Gettin Is Good - July 2016
Manager Resigns Colorado For $145,000 Sounds A Lot Like Minot Manager Profile 2016

As Cached On Google

When You Consider The Language In This Approval

Its Going To Take A Hundred Plus Labors To Get This Done Before The Winter of 2015
Photo From 2014 - Less Then A Dozen Workers

The City Of Minot Has Been Down This Road Before - Websmart
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Article X, Section 18 of the state constitution reads:
The state, any county or city may make internal improvements and may engage in any industry, enterprise or business,
not prohibited by article XX of the constitution, but neither the state nor any political subdivision thereof  shall otherwise loan or give
its credit or make donations to or in aid of any individual, association or corporation except for reasonable support of the poor,
 nor subscribe to or become the owner of capital stock in any association or corporation.

Development  (Debt) On The  Backs Of  Tax  Payer's

Rise & Fall Of Websmart - A Cautionary (Reality) Tale
The Websmart Fiasco - Leaves Behind Piles Of Debt

Trouble In Minot
Buzz Stitzer

Robert Lamont
John Skowronek

Total $3,025,000.00

Parking Ramps Flow Chart
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All The Monies Tallied Come To $10,450.000.00
No Work In Progress - $2.0 Million For Two Holes
Construction Restarted 03/2015 - As 2015 Ends It Is All Up In The Air
Where The Money To Pay For All This Will Come From
Neither Ramp Is Complete - The South Unit Has Parking For 28 Small Cars
The North Unit Is Months To Forever To Being Complete

Where Is That Low Income Housing ? From The $5.3 Million In CDBG Monies
Zimbelman Is No Longer Mayor - Waind Is No Longer City Manager - New City Attorney Colleen Auer Hired And Fired 2014
"She also has filed a whistleblower complaint with the Labor Department alleging she was fired for refusing to follow orders that she believed broke the law.
 Auer claims she was asked to do unlawful things regarding contracts and documents and was fired and publicly humiliated when she refused.

2015 Parking Ramps Flow Chart
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As Forecasted All Along They Would Be Back To The Trough
Another 5 to 15 Million Will Be Needed

EID Passport & MAGIC Fund
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 City Council & Cypress
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The City Created A New Site Late 2015 - All Files In & Around Time Frame Of Flood & Ramps Are Gone
City Of Minot & All Meeting Minutes

Minot & The City Attorney Debacle
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I'm old enough not to care too much  About what you think of me  But I'm young enough to remember the future  And the way things ought to be
You may be right  It's all a waste of time 
I guess that's just a chance I'm prepared to take  A danger I'm prepared to face  Cut to the chase

Cut To The Chase

Colleen Auer

The File Has Been Removed
Lawyer Hired

Very Impressive Resume  & Professional Background.
Colleen Auer

City Attorney hired pending approval from City Council
City Manager Dave Waind has announced that an offer has been accepted, pending approval of the City
Council on Monday night, for a new City Attorney. Colleen M. Auer, presently of Scottsdale, AZ. has
been recommendedto replace John VanGrinsven, who retired in January.
Ms. Auerwas raised in Iowa and graduated from college at the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1987. She then
attended the University of Southern California where she graduated with a J.D. in 1990 and was
admitted to practice law in California & later in Arizona Prior to founding her own firm in 2012, she served as corporate counsel for
 BASIS Educational Group,
Inc. (a charter school management company) for a year and served for six years (2005 to 2011) as
Deputy Town Attorn ey for the Town of Prescott Valley, Arizona. In this position she managed litigation
brought by and against the Town in all areas; she drafted the first of its kind water auction agreement
that took second place at the 2008 Global Water Awards for “Water Deal of the Year”; she drafted the
first of its kind agreement between a municipality and the Arizona State Land Dept implementing a
water allocation and land use process for State land located within the existing (and future) corporate
boundaries of the town; drafted rules and bylaws; revised and updated the Town Code; and, filled in as
Prosecutor in their municipal civil traffic and misdemeanor matters.
Ms. Aueralso served for 18 months in 2004-2005 as an Assistant Arizona Attorney General in which
position she defended the State and State Officials/Entities against constitutional claims filed by
prisoners. Prior to this, she worked for a combined total of eleven years as an Associate Attorney for
the Law Firm of Bonnett, Fairbourn, Friedman & Balint in Phoenix, AZ and for two other firms in Los Angeles.
Pending her transition to Minot, it is expected that Ms Auer will start within the next 30 days.

Lawyer Fired

Whistle Blower

(Colleen Auer, Fired Minot City Attorney) "Next thing I know there are two officers in my office...and the rest is history."
As for the actual dismissal - Auer says the two officers were accompanied by the HR director and interim City Manager Hemphill.
WOW Removed By Police Officer's

Interview With Colleen

She also has filed a whistle blower complaint with the Labor Department alleging she was fired for refusing to follow orders
that she believed broke the law.
Auer claims she was asked to do unlawful things regarding contracts and documents
 and was fired and publicly humiliated when she refused.

New Lawsuit October 2014

2015 The Lawsuit Goes On

N.D. Attorney General opinions: Nov. 5 - 2014
  Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has issued an opinion that the City of Mandan did not violate the open records law when it treated a series of emails requesting records as one request and an opinion that the City of Minot improperly charged a requester for the time the city spent compiling, organizing, forwarding, scanning and printing electronic records, and corresponding with others about the record requests.

Cindy Hemphill
Minot City Finance Director Resigns 10/2016
Is There A
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Minot Mafia ?
If So Why Hasn't The FBI Shut It Down
Minot Mafia Is At It Again!
As Cached On Google
Flashback To 1969
Flood - Zap - Teachers - First Western

Hayden Thompson
And The Banks
Thompson - Larson - Rauh
Cows - Money - Lawsuit
Robert Hale - The Minot Mafia
  The X Sheriff's Wife Works For The Hoeven Bank

Old Y Building
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Old Y Building, back addition still sits unfinished. Street and sidewalk were dirt for past several years.
Home of EID - Steve Larson business

Street and sidewalk were dirt for past several years. Sidewalk still is.
Cypress is or was the contractor.

Amazing public sidewalk left this way for years.

Looking at back of old Y building EID business and corner where clinic was tore down in 2012

Minot Parking Ramps Photos
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The Money Pit's 10/11/14
 As of fall 2013 both parking lots were closed and dug out into the winter time.
They then sat that way until spring 2014 when pilings were set at both locations
around outside perimeter's. Work has or had started on south lot.

A source who has or had direct connection to the project told that cypress rushed ahead in 2013
to get the holes dug with giddy anticipation of construction. When during the winter Larson ousted cypress.
Supposedly a insurance company is holding the bag.  Apparently they don't want to pay for it either.
The source also stated that the apartments to be on top of the building would be wood framed
and built at a new prefab modular factory east of Minot.

Corner of south unit  - Fall 2014
Disaster Recovery Grant - Unreal !
A Grant will be needed to bury or finish this mess.
The original bids were 9.4 and 9.7 million. Engineer estimate was 4.5 million per structure.
cached on google
Bids Refused June - 2013

On September 3,2013 Bids were approved at 5.2 million per structure, with the language

"as the lowest and best bid contingent on acquiring the needed additional funding for the project"
Once Again The File Has Been Removed
& Is A Redirect To State Road Conditions
Bids Accepted September - 2013
Page 11.
Pages Removed

So you engage a project that at best you are short 11 million and on a bad day 15 million plus.
And the only money on the table is CDBG and MAGIC funds.
 That were supposed to go to the poor and working class for flood mitigation.

Original bids 9.4 plus 9.7 = 19.1 million.
Minus 8 million CDBG and MAGIC funds = (11.1 million)

Just think had you took the bids and actually sold the project with a real valuation.

It would be done now or nearing completion.

See Photos Below
"The foundation is that of a skyscraper not a parking ramp. 9 to 10 million is never going to cover the cost of two of these.
The old midwest building is for sale for 4.3 million. These buildings have a footprint 8 to 10 times bigger then it."

"Bismarck Built One Parking Ramp 2013 - 2014 For 13 Million The footprint looks like about 1/3 to 1/2 of Minot ramps.
Bismarck ramp has no ground floor retail  and or apartments on top and it cost 13 million!"

Has anyone seen a drawing of these buildings?
Or is this all that was ever used for cost analysis?

Where are the CDBG Monies?
Why were both buildings allowed to be started at the same time?
Why would you close all parking at the same time?
Why was no equity ever deposited as bond?

North parking lot before demolition

The Money Pit's 10/11/14
North Lot Before - No Parking Spots Were Gained By Building The Money Pits

North Lot After

North unit - Fall 2014 - looking north
Pilings and boards set in spring 2014 Hole was dug fall winter 2013

North unit - looking west

North unit - looking south

North unit - looking west

South Lot Before - No Parking Spots Were Gained By Building The Money Pits

South Lot After

South parking lot before construction. Winter 13-14

10/26/14 Colored Concrete Forms & Generator Have Been Repossed By Owner

South unit - looking north - foundation work started summer 2014
The foundation is that of a skyscraper not a parking ramp.
9 to 10 million is never going to cover the cost of two of these.
The old midwest building is for sale for 4.3 million
These buildings have a footprint 8 to 10 times bigger then it.

South unit - looking south.
It looks more like the basement of the world trade center then a parking ramp.

South unit - looking west
It would take a hundred plus workers to move these buildings on.
10/26/14 Colored Concrete Forms & Generator Have Been Repossessed By Owner

South unit - looking south
Their isnt a low income person in Minot who could afford to live in the basement
Yet alone in some apartment on top of this.

Bismarck Built One Parking Ramp 2013 - 2014 For $13 Million

The footprint looks like about 1/3 to 1/2 of Minot ramps.
Bismarck ramp has no ground floor retail
 and or apartments on top and it cost 13 million!
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As a investor one should always do due diligence to protect oneself.

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(a fictional portray of then and now based on the photo)
Dr. Robert Oppenheimer Explaining To Dr. Frank Winter At Los Alamo's In The 1940's
That In The Year 2011 That Workers At Tepco Will Use 12 Volt Car Batteries
To Try And Regain Control Of The Largest Nuclear Generating Station On The Planet
And In The Aftermath Seniors & Homeless Citizen's Would Be Used To Try & Clean It Up
& Two Large Parking Ramps Will Be Built In Minot ND With Low Income Housing Tax Dollars
After A Major Flood Wiped Out Thousand's Of House's.
Maybe Its The Look On Frank's Face!
What Would Oppenheimer Have Softly Spoken That Day At Fukushima? Is Your Car Battery Any Good?

The Father Of Atomic Energy
The Old Folks & Homeless
The Nuclear Gypsies

To the fullest extent of the law, we will not be liable to any person or entity for the quality, accuracy, completeness, reliability, or timeliness of the information provided on this website,
 or for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or punitive  damages that may arise out of the use of information we provide to any person or entity
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We encourage you to invest carefully and read investment information available at the websites of the SEC at and FINRA at


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