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Developments - Subdivisions - Lawsuits
$11 Million In CDBG Monies
Parking Ramps & Debt
5.3 Million In CDBG Monies
Vanishing Minot
Decades Gone By & No Management Of The Dams Of Contention

As Of 2019 - May - Hold That Phone Some More - The State legislature Has Given Minot $82.5 Million Dollars
$921 Million Dollars Since 2011 & City Debt Has Increased By $212 Million

Total Received = $1,133,000,000.00 One Billion and One Hundred and Thirty Three Million Dollars
At a population of 50,000 That is $22,660.00 for every man, women and child in Minot

$83 Million

As Of 2017 - One Billion and Fifty Million Dollars In Grants & Created Debt Since The 2011 Flood - Where Did It Go?
2017 - June - Hold That Phone Some More - The State Water Commission Has Given Minot $6 Million Dollars

$838 Million Dollars Since 2011 & City Debt Has Increased By $212 Million
Total Received = $1,050,000,000.00 One Billion and 50 Million Dollars At a population of 50,000 That is $21,000.00 for every man, women and child in Minot

$1 Million Plus $5 Million From The County

2017 - April - Hold The Phone - The 2017 Legislature Just Gave Minot Another $193 Million - Minot Will Have To Increase Debt By $112 Million To Match Their Share
$832 Million Dollars Since 2011 & City Debt Has Increased By $212 Million
Total Received = $1,044,000,000.00 One Billion and 44 Million Dollars At a population of 50,000 That is $20,880.00 for every man, women and child in Minot
With The Intermodal Yard Bankruptcy & Parking Ramp Rabbit Holes At Least Another 25 to 35 Million In Taxpayer Debt

2016 - Minot Has Received Roughly $414 Million Dollars Since 2011 In Federal (Taxpayer Debt)  Plus Another $225 Million From The State Of ND
$639 Million Dollars In State & Federal Aid Since 2011 & City Debt Has Increased By $100 Million
Total Received = $739 Million Dollars At a population of 50,000 That is $14,780.00 for every man, women and child in Minot
The City wants some 700 to 900 million for flood control - What happened to the $739 Million

Total Federal Grants = $340,403,763.00

State Money Awarded To Minot
$225 Million From The State

Minot Received $340,403,763.00 - Three Hundred & Forty Million - In Less Then Four Years
+ The $74 Million Resilience Grant + $225 Million From The State
= $639,403,763.00
In That Time - "Minot has replaced, repaired, and constructed 294 units of affordable housing with CDBG-DR funds" Which One Is It?
The Minot Housing Authority has developed 129 units of new affordable housing, and 35 more units are under construction. Page 3.
458 Units Divided By Gross Funds Is $1,156,462 Per Unit Or By Hud Funds Is $224,086 Per Unit
Phase 2 Application 10/2015
Page 68. Allow time to load!
Two new parking garages are nearing completion, and 200 units of market rate,
And 50 units of affordable housing will be constructed above these parking structures.

Add On Another $74 Million From
HUD Resilience Grant
 12-2015 - They Are No Where Near Completion & No Money To Finish Them
12-2016 - There Is No Apartments - Looks like Cypress Has Pulled The Plug - An Audit Is Called For
The Rabbit Hole

One Minot real estate agent had posted on his professional site that the Minot market has been correcting since 2012.
Prices are down 15 to 20 % across the board in the residential market. The rental market has been effected as well.
Hotel vacancies increased dramatically because of overbuilding and cooling demand.

Another Minot real estate agent had posted that prices are dropping and seller's are nervous.
State's that just a month ago average home price was 300,000.00 and only 200 home's were on the market.
( both agents have since changed their sites )

Minot & Its Massive Debt
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Just Like Alaska - Oil & Debt - Have Left Minot In A Stranglehold
I got you in a stranglehold, baby You better trust your fate

ND Debt Clock
The Alaskan Stranglehold Alaska Debt Clock
The USA - Un-Godly Debt's

In 2010, the debt per capita was $888. Even with a nearly 9 percent estimated population increase, the current debt per capita is about $3,021.
At the end of 2014, Minot residents were carrying nearly $140 million in debt, compared to $37.75 million of debt in 2010.Details of the current debt include:
 Minot Public School District had $23.9 million in debt, of which nearly $23.7 million was assessed to residents within the city of Minot.
 Minot Park District carries $10.4 million in debt, all assessed to city residents.
 Ward County has $34.6 million in debt, of which $23 million falls on city residents.
 The city of Minot has nearly $15.3 million in general obligation debt, essentially for street projects.
 The city has almost $23.2 million in debt for improvements paid through special assessments placed on those residents who benefit from the improvements.
 The city of Minot has $23.3 million in water and sewer revenue debt. / The city of Minot has $19.2 million in airport revenue debt.
 The city also has added about $2 million in debt for updates to the All Seasons Arena, to be paid by lodging tax.

Minot City Debt Triples - 2015
as cached on google
Minot And Its Massive Debt
as cached on google

Taxes Taxes & More Taxes
Minot 2018 Budget

Larry Bellew, a Minot state representative, spoke to oppose the overall budget. Although the city’s later research could not substantiate his claim, Bellew said his overall property
 tax bill will increase by 52 percent,  not including what he calculates to be a $3 sewer bill increase. The sewer flat rate will go up 48 cents and fee for 100 cubic feet
would go up 21 cents for residential customers and 23 cents for commercial customers. Can the citizens of Minot continue to afford to pay these increases
 or are we chasing them away?”
Bellew said. “I do not think I am the only one who thinks our property taxes are out of control.
Perhaps it’s time for our local governments, not just the city council but the other taxing entities, to adjust their budgets instead of making the property owners adjust theirs.
The Keywords Being - Chasing Them Away & Out Of Control

Minot City Council (Does Nothing To Cut Pork) Approves 2018 Budget

Larry Bellew - Letter To Minot Daily News - Sept. 2017
Taxes Taxes Taxes Taxes Taxes & More Taxes Taxes Taxes Taxes Taxes
An example is that the owner of a $200,000 home in Minot will see their property tax increase by about $535 per year and more for higher valued houses.
This does not include the City’s raising the monthly sewer fee by $3.
With these huge increases, something is wrong when a city official says that
“We don’t have an expense problem, We have a revenue problem.” Is this not arrogant to make such a statement?
It's Not Arrogance, It's Stupidity, The Problem With The City Council & Ward County Commissioners
Is None Of Them Have The Balls To Say No

Can our citizens continue to afford to pay these taxes or are we chasing them away?
Based on my research, Ward County, the City of Minot, and the Minot School District could be the poster children as to why property taxes should be eliminated.
Perhaps it is time for our local governments to adjust their budgets instead of making the property owners adjust their budgets.
Spend, In-Debt and Tax, Spend, In-Debt and Tax, Spend, In-Debt and Tax, Spend, In-Debt and Tax, Spend, In-Debt and Tax, Spend, In-Debt and Tax, Spend, In-Debt and Tax
Spend, In-Debt and Tax, Spend, In-Debt and Tax, Spend, In-Debt and Tax, Spend, In-Debt and Tax, Spend, In-Debt and Tax, Spend, In-Debt and Tax, Spend, In-Debt and Tax
Over one billion fifty million dollars received since 2011 and the City of Minot Is Broke.

"It seems unlikely that the local economy, and thus tax revenues are going to skyrocket in the next year or so.
This puts the City of Minot in a tough spot, with budget constraints and mounting debt."
City Right To Examine Tax Structure

Minot Debt - Page 9

Another issue facing the city is debt that has increased about 165 percent in the past four years. The per capita debt of $989 in 2012 grew to $2,611 in 2016
“Currently the city’s debt is about $104 million. About $60 million of that is tied directly to growth,” Barry said.
 “Debt is slated to grow to $132 million by the end of this fiscal year.”
Of particular concern is not only the amount of debt but how far into the future it is extended, he said.
Debt once held for 10 years now is being held for 15 or 20 years, increasing the cost in interest payments.
City Will Tighten Belt

The 2016 Big Debt Letter

One Can Only Ponder How The Debt Went From $140 Million To $102 Million
The City Has The Highest Water & Sewer Rates In The State

Minot proposed budget for 2016 125,000,000.0

How is that possible, down 35 million from 2015 and property taxes still need to rise?
Had It Ever Crossed The City or County Minds To Hire Their Own Engineer - Architect?

Minot budget for 2015 155,000,000.00

424,657.00 dollars a day, 17,694.00 a hour.

Minot budget for 2014 190,000,000.00

521,978.00 dollars a day, 21,749.00 a hour.
Coming in just over $190 Million Dollars, the proposed budget for next year is a $12 Million Dollar increase over the current. 
That's due in large part to more money being put in place for the expansion of Minot International Airport. 
The City hopes to add 37 new positions for the coming year, which means an increase in property taxes for 2014,
"The city is growing by leaps and bounds, that means more garbage routes, you have more streets to plow,
 you have more water and sewer you have to take care of and different things like that. 
Growth doesn't come without a price," said Minot City Finance Director.

The County & Debt
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From $15.3 Million To $19.2 Million For This
$4.8 Million Went For The Architects
Nearing Completion & Over Budget
as cached on google
Had It Ever Crossed The City or County Minds To Hire Their Own Engineer - Architect?

Was This Expensive Design Needed To Conduct The Peoples Business
As For A New Jail Why Doesn't The County Buy Halliburton's Closed Facility & Buy Some
Of The Housing From All The Man Camps Closing & Get Into The Prison Business
Instead Of Spending $37 Million For A New Jail

Shelter Debt
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The County Spent How Much CDBG Funds To Build A Low Income Project In Burlington - In The Flood Plain
Some 8 to 9 Miles From Minot - Low Income - No Income - People - So Now They Can Spend A Ton Of Money Commuting - To Work - To Live
Beyond Shelter Received $5.1 million From CDBG Money Through Ward County to Construct Low Income Housing

2014 County Meeting $5.1 Million The Willows

Minot Flashback - Northern Lights - 3000 Homes - 2012
According to the Minot Newspaper on 05/18/2014 Theirs is a auction set for 06/25/2014 of 8 homes.
The auction can be found at
Action Plan Minot July 2012
Page 62. City commits $5,000,000

The North Hill Location For Sunset Ridge - The View To The South Is The Defunct - In Disarray Northern Lights Development

Airport Folly
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Cutting Cost's At The Minot Airport Mean's Turning Off All The TV's For Two Hour's.
Pay Cut's - Not Raise's - For City Director's

Number Of Operations At Minot Airport Have Declined

Minot Airport MOT
In 1990 aircraft operations to 43,789 - In 1995 aircraft operations to 32,451 - In 2000 aircraft operations to 38,695 - In 2005 aircraft operations to 39,801
In 2006 aircraft operations to 40,314 - In 2007 aircraft operations to 39,521 - In 2008 aircraft operations to 34,954 - In 2009 aircraft operations to 38,445
In 2010 aircraft operations to 46,330 - In 2011 aircraft operations to 47,289 - In 2012 aircraft operations to 44,970 - In 2013 aircraft operations to 31,728
In 2014 aircraft operations to 32,517 - In 2015 aircraft operations to 25,489 - In 2016 aircraft operations to 23,067 - In 2017 aircraft operations to 25,933
In 2018 aircraft operations to 27,912 - In 2019 aircraft operations to 33,650 - In 2020 aircraft operations to 33,255 - In 2021 aircraft operations to 31,088
In 2022 - Aircraft Operations January to July 1st - 13,538
Good Times 2013 - $40 Million - $13.7 From Local Funding
  Why Are We Building A New Airport - In 2013 Operations are at 1995 level - When the last new airport was built.
All The Minot Airport Ever Needed Was Portable Huts With Alcohol & Buses For Off Site Parking & Management
This Money Could Have Went To The Needs Of The Many - Affordable Housing & Flood Control
Oh They Can All Live In The Oversized Airport - See Below

March 2016 - New Airport Opens & The Director Resigns
He Needs A Break & Pursue Other Jobs

March 2016 - Then A Lawsuit Is Filed
Against The City & The Director

Minot Airport Number Of Operations
Time Frame One Year Candles

The Building Could Have Been Half The Size It Is
If You Consider The Concrete, Custom Steel & Glass Used In The Oversized Terminal
You Could Have Built The Core Of A New Medical Center - Or A Massive Amount Of Deluxe Low Income Housing
The Utility Bills Have Got To Be Some Ungodly Amount On This Monster
Is Is An Insult To The Working Class Of Minot & North Dakota

Consider What It Will Cost Just For Natural Gas & Electricity Per Day For The Monster Williston Is Building
Then Look At What Minot Is Already Paying

Minot Airport Gas & Lites Went From $205,740.00 - $563.00 A Day In 2015 To $473,353.00 - $1296.00 A Day In 2016
Minot 2016 Budget - Page 45

In 2017 Gas & Lites $882.00 A Day - In 2018 $1000.00 A Day - The Cheap Price Of NG Has Kept That Under Control
Minot 2018 Budget - Page 43

In 2019 Gas & Lites $1079.00 A Day
Minot 2018 Budget - Page 45


faa has no data for ISN Williston
While Operations At Williston Have Increased
All Williston Needs Is A New Runway & Party Buses To Bring Everyone To Minot To Pay For Minot's Uneeded Airport

Is The Williston Airport Needed

Williston Airport

Williston $300 Million Dollar New Airport Folly
No Secured Funds To Pay For It But It's Being Built

The city of Minot has $19.2 million in airport revenue debt.
Good Times

Unbridled Rec Debt
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Sales Tax & More Sales Tax
The New Jail - The New County Courthouse Expansion
Being In The Jail Business Is A Non Profit Deal
Now The Park Board & A $100 Million Dollar Rec Center
8.5 Cents In Sales Tax In Minot - That Is $8.50 A Hundred
And or $85.00 A Thousand - A Real Good Reason To Drive To
Bismarck & Shop - Pays For Gas And Dinner Out
But After All Minot Is Going To 100000 People.

A Bad Idea The Unfunded Rec Center Minot Debt

The Plan As Of Now is Voted Down 04/21/2015 - They'll Be Back
New Courthouse - New Jail - New Airport - New Parking Ramps - New School Debt
No Flood Control - No New Major Employers - 400 Plus Residences For Sale 04/2015
MARC Voted Down

Connie Feist & Ron Merritt

2015 - But Watford City Is Getting A $101 Million Dollar Event Center

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"We're on the cusp of becoming a metropolitan planning organization for a community over 50,000 people," said Estvold. "

NDSU did a study that said in the near future we could have 70,000 people.
I'm embellishing a bit, but it's conceivable that we could be 100,000 fairly easily."

As Cached On Google
Allow It To Load
Minot 2015 Growth - Minot To Grow To 100,000

Define Embellish = To make beautiful, as by ornamentation; decorate.To add ornamental or fictitious details to.
a fanciful account that embellishes the true story.

 Says Minot Will Grow To 60000 By 2017 - 27 Months to Build Out Housing For 10000 More People
3 Per Unit Is 123 Units A Month / 1481 A Year - 2 Per Unit Is 185 Units A Month / 2222 A Year
Minot 2013 Growth

Comment on internet about a poll if Minot is going to a population of 100,000
Since been removed
"It's time to get creative. I suggest you take old, used and empty oil drums and make house foundations out of them."

Minot Population going to 100000
  Comment dated Dec. 2012 sums it up.
  Dec 19, 2012
This poll is just plain silly. Minot will not double in population unless something big happens to attract people to Minot.
 So far, nothing has been said or presented as far as new jobs, statistics or studies that would indicated this  new influx of 50,000 people
 to Minot within the next 10 years.  If Minot doubles (which I doubt) it would be larger than Fargo and surpass Bismarck.
I am guessing Bismarck would double before Minot. If people are thinking OIL is going to be the reason.
So far Oil has not had as much impact on Minot as some Minot city leaders are saying. When you look at Job Service statistics.
 There are not very many people working in the oil industry in Ward county, let alone Minot. As towns like Williston, Watford,
 Dickinson, Stanley, Tioga, etc... build more and more housing, people will move to those towns before Minot, since those towns
are where the oil jobs are at. Minot is recovering from a flood that damaged or destroyed over 4,000 homes. Thus for the construction boom
 to repair or replace the damaged and destroyed homes. Also, Minot leaders keep forgetting to give credit to the US Air Force Base and its personal.
 The base in Minot has had a large increase in new people due to an increase in the Minot Air Force base getting new programs and jobs
commissioned for the base. But 100,000 people in 10 years? I really doubt it.

From 4 to 37
Minot Bonding

71 million in debt

2014 - Missouri Pipe Company Cancels Minot Plant
Instead they built it in New Mexico

Wow even the furniture store closed, Property for sale for $2,500,000
Everything Is Up For Sale In Minot - 5 Pages Of Commercial Property
The Building Was Sold & Remodeled In 2016 - The New Primary Renter Filed Bankruptcy In 2018

Wow The Bank Building Sits Empty In Downtown Minot April 2015
The building was sold late 2015 - cosmetic repairs done outside.
Such A Great Building When It Was Built In 1975
The Building Was Sold In 2016

When It Was Built

S&L Bubble Bust Bang Of The 90's
This building has been in the wind since Midwest Federal went under.
It has been bought and sold so many times they should just use the drive through.
If it still is as when it was built, supposedly the building is loaded with asbestos when built.
Why didn't CDBG money buy this and turn it into low income housing.
Then they could look out the windows at the unfinished parking ramps.

Cached On Google
Big M Building Sold - 2011

Its for sale again on for $4,300,000 - It has been lowered to $3.9 million.
Big M Building For Sale - 2014

Google Search - Big M Building For Sale - 2014

Big Oil
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A source who has or had direct connection to the parking ramp project also told
that their is another oil formation under the bakken three forks. Its Called the Santa Fe formation.

Santa Fe Oil Formation

Big Oil Moving Toward Minot - 2010

Oil drilling will come to the Minot area in the near future, says Lynn Helms, Director of the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources.
"All the established Bakken-Three Forks companies are playing Parshall and west.
But the new money coming in is going to have to go into some of the more risky areas, so I'm very bullish on Three Forks production in
Ward County and even as far as here, " he said, referring to Minot.
The Bakken Formation, home to 4.3 billion barrels of recoverable oil, is hailed as the largest continuous oil formation ever assessed by the USGS.
However, the Three Forks - Sanish formation lies directly underneath the Bakken zone and extends beyond it.
According the Helms, the Three Forks Formation extends beyond the boundaries of Bakken
and can produce oil as much as 75 to 100 miles past where Bakken production is.

Helm's 2010
Ward County Oil Production Jan. 2010 - 4,303 bbl's month, 139 bbl's a day / October 2019 - 1,911 bbl's a month, 62 bbl's a day.
dmr oil by county

Seems it's just another day Guess I'm goin' another way Away from home
Away From Home

City Attorney - Planner Debacle
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Is It Just Women From Out Of State Or Strong Women In General
That Seem To Be Ousted From Minot Government ?

Minot & The City Attorney Debacle

Lawyer Hired
File Has Been Removed

Very Impressive Resume  & Professional Background.
Colleen Auer

City Attorney hired pending approval from City Council
City Manager Dave Waind has announced that an offer has been accepted, pending approval of the City
Council on Monday night, for a new City Attorney. Colleen M. Auer, presently of Scottsdale, AZ. has
been recommended to replace John VanGrinsven, who retired in January.
Ms. Auerwas raised in Iowa and graduated from college at the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1987. She then
attended the University of Southern California where she graduated with a J.D. in 1990 and was
admitted to practice law in California & later in Arizona Prior to founding her own firm in 2012, she served as corporate counsel for
 BASIS Educational Group,
Inc. (a charter school management company) for a year and served for six years (2005 to 2011) as
Deputy Town Attorney for the Town of Prescott Valley, Arizona. In this position she managed litigation
brought by and against the Town in all areas; she drafted the first of its kind water auction agreement
that took second place at the 2008 Global Water Awards for “Water Deal of the Year”; she drafted the
first of its kind agreement between a municipality and the Arizona State Land Dept implementing a
water allocation and land use process for State land located within the existing (and future) corporate
boundaries of the town; drafted rules and bylaws; revised and updated the Town Code; and, filled in as
Prosecutor in their municipal civil traffic and misdemeanor matters.
Ms. Aueralso served for 18 months in 2004-2005 as an Assistant Arizona Attorney General in which
position she defended the State and State Officials/Entities against constitutional claims filed by
prisoners. Prior to this, she worked for a combined total of eleven years as an Associate Attorney for
the Law Firm of Bonnett, Fairbourn, Friedman & Balint in Phoenix, AZ and for two other firms in Los Angeles.
Pending her transition to Minot, it is expected that Ms Auer will start within the next 30 days.

Lawyer Fired

Whistle Blower

Original News Story With Video Removed By Local Broadcaster
Removed By Police Officer's
(Colleen Auer, Fired Minot City Attorney) "Next thing I know there are two officers in my office...and the rest is history."
As for the actual dismissal - Auer says the two officers were accompanied by the HR director and interim City Manager Hemphill.

She also has filed a whistleblower complaint with the Labor Department alleging she was fired for refusing to follow orders that she believed broke the law.
 Auer claims she was asked to do unlawful things regarding contracts and documents and was fired and publicly humiliated when she refused.
New Lawsuit October 2014

2015 The Lawsuit Goes On

2016 City Wants Mental Records
N.D. Attorney General opinions: Nov. 5 - 2014
  Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has issued an opinion that the City of Mandan did not violate the open records law when it treated a series of emails requesting records as one request and an opinion that the City of Minot improperly charged a requester for the time the city spent compiling, organizing, forwarding, scanning and printing electronic records, and corresponding with others about the record requests.

Cindy Hemphill
Minot City Finance Director Resigns 10/2016

City Planner - Attorney Debacle
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Is It Just Women From Out Of State Or Strong Women In General
That Seem To Be Ousted From Minot Government ?

Planner Hired - Planner Quits
Thompson's allegations of dysfunction in city government echo similar claims made by Colleen Auer,
Who was fired after a month on the job as city attorney two years ago.
Minot Planner Blasts The City
One Can Only Wonder If Mental Records Will Be Wanted
Planner Hired - Planner Quits

Very Impressive Resume  & Professional Background.
On Linked In Carter Thompson On Indeed

Minot City Manager Resigns 07/2016

Make Minot Reacts to Accusations Against City
Make Minot

Minot Should Welcome A Outside Review & A Visit From The DOJ For The Sheriff
Alot Of People Seem To Think So

Lawsuits Against The City Of Minot
Google Search

Minot Government Is A Mess
So They Say

Minot Mafia
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As Of Late It Seems To Be Crumbling - Sheriff With Dollars & Cents & Dead Inmate Dustin Irwin - Deputy States Attorney Arrested For Drunk Driving
The Debacle With The City Attorney & Planner - & The Make Minot Petition Petition
And Of Course The Whole Thing With The Easter Bunny Debacle
Minot Mafia ?
If So Why Hasn't The FBI Shut It Down
Minot Mafia Is At It Again!
As Cached On Google
Flashback To 1969
Flood - Zap - Teachers - First Western

Hayden Thompson
And The Banks
Thompson - Larson - Rauh
Cows - Money - Lawsuit
Robert Hale - The Minot Mafia
  The X Sheriff's Wife Works For The Hoeven Bank

This Sign Was There For Years - Local Realtor Had It Up
Building Dike's For The Flood Of 2011

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