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Burgum Challenge - Gov. Doug Burgum Issued A Challenge July 18 - 2017 To The North Dakota Oil Industry: "To Double Production To Two Million Barrels A Day".
 At The Current Average Per Well Production Of 55.5 bbl's Per Well - Jan. 2023 - That Would Take 15,298 New Wells  At A Average Cost Of $8.5 Million A Well - Without Inflation, Interest
 And Ungodly Never Ending Service Work - Your Looking At $130.0 Billion Dollars - At The Current Rig Count Of 40 Apr. 2023 & A Five Year Average Of 1030 New Wells A Year
Your Looking At 15 Years - 2012 Was Peak Rig Count - 212 Rigs Drilling & 1738 Well Completions - That's Eight Wells Per Rig - The More Wells You Add The Faster The Decline Rate

How Many Wells Will You Drill Until You Just Drill Yourself Into Bankruptcy - The Number Of Wells Keeps Climbing & Oil Production Bangs Sideways & Down Burgum Challenge
Gas Production Keeps Putting In New Highs - It's A Tell - Your Wells Are Turning To Gas - Each Well Is It's Own Reservoir - There Is No Common Reservoir In Tight Rock

 Peak - Dec. 2014 11,749 Wells - 105 bbl's Per Well - New Peak - November 2019
16,110 Wells - 94.3 bbl's Per Well
Year To Date January. 2023 You Have Added 67 Well Completions To Increase Oil Production 102,844 bbl's A Day Or 1535 bbl's Per Well
  67 Wells x $8.5 Million Is $569.5 Million - Is $18.4 Million A Day - Divided By 102,844 Barrel's A Day Is (-$178.63) A Barrel
From Peak Nov. 2019 - 1,519,027 bbl's Per Day to Jan. 2023 - 1,060,708 bbl's Per Day - The Bakken Is Down (-458,319) bbl's Per Day

New Mexico is now producing more oil then ND - Jan. 23 - 1,792,000 BBL's Per Day EIA - All Crude Oil Production By State
2022 - 768 Well Completions x $8.5 Million A Well Is $6.5 Billion To Decrease Production 188,711 bbl's Per Day Or 246 bbl's Per Well Or ($94.77) A Barrel
2021 - 547 Well Completions x $8.5 Million A Well Is $4.7 Billion To Decrease Production 46,430 bbl's Per Day Or 85 bbl's Per Well Or ($274.88) A Barrel 
2020 - 726 Well Completions x $8.5 Million A Well Is $6.3 Billion To Decrease Production 285,348 bbl's Per Day Or 393 bbl's Per Well Or ($59.24) A Barrel 
2019 - 1156 Well Completions x $8.5 Million A Well Is $9.8 Billion To Increase Production 74,036 bbl's Per Day Or 64 bbl's Per Well Or ($363.61) A Barrel
2018 - 1168 Well Completions x $8.5 Million A Well Is $9.9 Billion To Increase Production 220,105 bbl's Per Day Or 188 bbl's Per Well Or ($123.58) A Barrel

February 2020 - The Bakken Has Peaked - Very Bizarre Admission Coming From The Top State Oil Cheerleader - Lynn Helms
"We can only grow production for another two to five years, and then all of the drilling activity that we anticipate is only gonna be able to hold that production at a plateau.
It's not going to be able to grow beyond that,” said Department of Mineral Resources Director Lynn Helms.
Two To Five Years
"Much of the world's oil supply is consumed by large cargo ships moving stuff between the U.S. and Asia and Europe, and they’re not doing that right now,” said Helms.
WOW The USA and it's Military are the largest consumers of oil on the planet, not a bunch of large cargo ships.
Does Helms know and or grasp the reality that the EIA ignores  
Shale Reality Check - 2019 to 2050

How long to wait til I'm round that crooked bend  Don't want to hate what I can't have in the end  Too many roads that dead end straight ahead  And now I know that it's over,
It's Over

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BK. Numbers

BK. Charts Due Diligence BK. - 2015

BK. - 2014
Boom Sale

Goldman Study Wood Mac Study Bold Vision BK. 2010 - 2013 Sobriety
Flaring - 26K bbl's
A Day
One County Funding Going For Broke
Obama & BK.

April 2018 - Governor Calls For More Budget Cuts  - What He Should Call For Is The Cut Of The Waste Of Money In The Taxpayers Equity Govt!
 So Much For The Two Million Barrels. They Have & Need To Raise Property & Sales Taxes More
So They Don't Touch The Billions In The Common School's Fund & Legacy Fund

North Dakota Tax Gimmicks

Bakken/ND - Combined Numbers
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The USA is 5 % Of The World Population And We Use 25 % (16 to 21 million bbl's - A Day - 14583 bbl's a minute)
Of The Daily World Production (85 to 95 million bbl's - A Day - 66000 bbl's a minute).

What North Dakota Produces In One Day. 956,288 Barrels
- Dec. 2022 - The USA burns in 66 minutes. The World Burns in 15 minutes.

Peak to Peak - December 2014 Peak Of 1,229,572 bbl's - 11,749 Wells - To November 2019 New Peak Of 1,519,027 bbl's Per Day - 16,110 Wells
Peak December 2014 to New Peak November 2019 - 60 Months Later Production Is Back To A New Peak
  4,361 Wells At Some $37.1 Billion To Increase Production 289,465 bbl's A Day - Or 66.4 bbl's A Well - Or ($70.17) A Barrel Per Day

From The Production Low Of December 2016 To New Peak November 2019 
To Increase Production From The Low Of December 2016 Of 942,322 bbl's Per Day With 13,208 Wells to 36 Months Later
  November 2019 1,519,027 bbl's Per Day With 16,110 Wells
 Is 2,902 New Wells At Some $24.7 Billion Is 576,715 bbl's A Day Or 198.7 bbl's A Well Or ($39.06) A Barrel

YOY - 2014-2015 BK/ND Production Is Up 291,732 bbl's Per Day
YOY - 2015-2016 BK/ND Production Is Down 39,712 bbl's Per Day
YOY - 2016-2017 BK/ND Production Is Down 179,308 bbl's Per Day YOY - 2017-2018 BK/ND Production Is Up 201,969 bbl's Per Day
YOY - 2018-2019 BK/ND Production Is Up 220,105 bbl's Per Day
YOY - 2019-2020 BK/ND Production Is Up 116,286 bbl's Per Day
YOY - 2020-2021 BK/ND Production Is Down 285,348 bbl's Per Day YOY - 2021-2022 BK/ND Production Is Down 25,020 bbl's Per Day
YOY - 2022-2023 BK/ND Production Is Down 188,771 bbl's Per Day YOY - 2023-2024 BK/ND Production Is Up 102,844 bbl's Per Day
Apparently Drilling Yourself Into Bankruptcy
Is The New Norm & Works For Wall Street
Oil Business & The Deflationary Spiral
Together the Bakken and Eagle Ford account for
75% of horizontal oil production in the US

"There is no next big horizontal play waiting in the wings
To follow the Bakken and Eagle Ford."

There Is No Act Three
Not So Rosy 2018 Predictions For Tight Oil - Mark Papa
So Far Spot On

If King Trump Had Not Sanctioned Iran Oil - Price Would Have Stabilized With A Upward Grinding Bias
 Now With King Biden Pleading For More Oil Price Has & Will Remain Volatile To The Upside Bias
The King Serves At The Pleasure Of Russia & OPEC

Russia & OPEC

ND - Bakken 1,022,986 bbl's Per Day.  - Jan. 2023
  15,168 Wells - 67.4 bbl's Per Day
ND - Legacy 37,722 bbl's Per Day. - Jan. 2023
  2,101 Wells - 17.9 bbl's Per Day
If the EROEI is 6 to1 in the Bakken. It took 176,785 barrels to produce it per day.
17,269 wells producing 1,060,708 bbl's day NDIC Jan. 2023 is 61.4 bbl's a well

Yes ND Is In Texas's Rear View Mirror & Will Stay There - Texas Daily Production - Jan. - 2023 -
bbl's day.

The Eagle Ford Just Keeps Declining & Declining - Eagle Ford Daily Production - Jan. - 2023 - 619,398 bbl's day.
The Eagle Ford Play In Texas Has Never Ever Produced 1 Million Barrels A Day Texas TRRC Eagle Ford
Hold The Phone TRRC Went Back & Changed Final 2014 Production To 1,013,051 bbl's per day. ( Feb. 2015 ) Amazing How They Do That

Now everybody's talking about this new decade   Like you say the magic numbers   Then just say goodbye to the stupid mistakes you made
Oh my memory serves me far too well

Waiting For That Day

Big Debt
"How dumb is it to increase oil production when you are losing money on every added barrel?"
Alternative Facts - How America Broke OPEC

Bakken Economics

A Great Thank You To Rune Likvern At  -  For The Amazing Data He Compiles

A Great Thank You To Art Berman At  - For The Insight Of His Data

A Great Thank You To Enno Peters At  -  Visualizing US Shale (Tight Oil) Production

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Bakken Charts
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Current Tight Oil Production
Bakken / ND - BK/ND / Permian - PM / Eagle Ford - EF

Bakken/ND Yearly Production Candle Chart
You No Longer Have Candle Over Candle - You Have Cross - Recross - Test - Cross - Recross - Then Vrooom
2015 Ended As A Hammer - 2016 Ended As A Engulfing Bear Candle - 2017 Ended As A Engulfing Bull Candle
2018 Heading For That Second Test Of The 1.2 Million Mark - 2019 Holds & Breaks Out From The 1.4 Million Mark
And Or Is It A Doji, Spinning Top? Peak!
- 2020 According To Lynn Helms Peak Is Upon Us! - 2021 Reflects That

"Production From (shale) Tight Oil Is Not a Revolution; It’s a Retirement Party"

"North Dakota and Texas have effectively joined OPEC, though they may not have realized it yet."
Oil Prices Tank

Pumped Up Kicks
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you better run, better run, outrun my gun.
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you better run, better run faster than my bullet.

Due Diligence
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As a investor one should always do due diligence to protect oneself.
The global economy is premised on expansion, where what we face is contraction  - Colin Campbell - 2012   Unfortunately, the Fed can't print oil - Ben Bernanke 2011
To Understand Energy Watch the Films - Its At A 5 Year Old Level.

Peak Oil - Energy - Growth - The Future
Arithmetic - Population - Energy - 1999

There is a need for clarification between shale oil and tight oil. This is highly misstated in articles and media.  They are not the same.
Shale Oil     
 Tight Oil

Its Tight Oil - Not Shale Oil

Need for clarification. In alot of articles published on the net and paper. Stated production numbers from both plays that do not add up.
Such as "Bakken making 1.5 million bbl's.. Look to the state agency that count's the bakken production.

NDIC - North Dakota Industrial Commission

Dreams flow across the heartland Feeding on the fires Dreams transport desires Drive you when you're down
Dreams transport the ones who need to get out of town
Middletown Dreams

The Bakken - 2015
As 2015 Drags On The Stories Of Hype & Hope Continue
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2015 2015 2015 2015
Development Tabled
More Waste $1.1 Billion Surge 20,000 Lay Offs

We All Know The On Going Turmoil Of 2015. Real Numbers Do Not Lie.
Job Losses, Lives Shattered. Hype Brought To Reality.

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The Bakken - 2014
As 2014 Ended The News Is Only Bad & Down For Tight Oil - The Sad Part Is We May Never Know
What Exactly This Madness Would Have Peaked At....................................
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EIA - Current Bakken Production Chart
toggle moving average for data - accurate number for production

"The bottom line is that all North Dakota, except for three counties, has peaked. And only one of them, McKenzie, is still increasing relatively strong.
I expect North Dakota to keep increasing the rest of the year but to peak late 2014 or early 2015."
In ND - Its Mostly Just One County - June 2014

Kuwait On The Prairie!
Kuwait Produces 3 million bbl's Per Day
From Some 2100 Wells
Kuwait Production
Selling The Shale Boom The Bakken Would Need Another 23000 Wells Without Decline
Capex Of 23000 x $8,000,000 = $184,000,000,000
Shale Stocks Tankin
Debt Bubble Collapse

Saudi Oil
Saudi Produces 8 million + bbl's Per Day  - 25 % World Reserves - 260 Billion bbl's
How Low Can Oil Go?
The Fracking Bubble. Obama Saudi Oil Collusion
Obama is respecting the Petro Dollar with Saudi
New Projections
There Is No Act Three

What Is The Petro Dollar ? Net Debt
Feast On Junk Debt

Bakken Decline

Shale (Tight Oil) Decline Rates EIA 2014 Forecast

CLR/ 900/ Billion/ 03/04/14 CLR/ Well Costs/ 09/11/14

CLR/ Bott/ Resigns/ 09/11/14
CLR/ BK/ SCOOP/ 09/19/14
Demand Supply Constrained

Risky Push To Extend Boom
Oil Prices Tank Slow It Down
Energy Debt Market EROEI Failing
Fracking Blow

Debt Rattle
Debt Increases Boom Muffled
Own Worst Enemey

Poised To Curb !
IEA - Forecast Decline Will It Last

Sandpiper Delayed
Will It End Soon
Decline Of US Shale Doubtful Window

Constrained View

OXY Seeking Buyer

Begining Of The End Its About McKenzie County

Nothing To Get Excited About Spills - Spills & More Spills
The Mirage Is But A Ponzi Scheme
Another Pipe Dream
Write Downs

Forget ND - Texas Is #1 The Bakken Oreo Cookie

Energy Debt Market The Bubble
The Mirage Drugs & Decline
Forget ND - Texas Is #1

Dead Wrong
Bakken Peak Cancer & Hydrocarbon's
Death By Flaring
ODL - Oh Dear Lord

Save Us

A Big Fracking Lie
Debt & Tension Shale Save The World
Bakken - Hubbert Peak 2013 NG - Glut To Panic
Debt & Tension
Save Us

Pipeline's - No Interest ND & Bakken By County
Cozier Housing
Egan Crest

Exploding Trains
The Dark Side
The Export Squeeze

Sand Oil Is Cheaper Photos From Hell
Toxic Mix Blows Up

Selling The Boom
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Selling The Shale Boom

Goldman Study
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Goldman Sachs - Bakken Going to 2 Million Barrels A Day By 2017- 2014 To Be Biggest Growth

Wood Mac Studies
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Wood Mackenzie Says Bakken & Eagle Ford Will Produce More than the Two Largest Fields in North America Combined
 Art Berman, Petroleum Truth Report - July 2013
Wood Mackenzie reported on July 30, 2013 that U.S. shale plays will produce 5 million barrels of oil per day by 2019,
at least half coming from the Eagle Ford and Bakken shale plays. Naturally, most people believe this without asking the obvious question,
"How does this huge volume of oil compare with present U.S. production or the largest fields in the world?"

The U.S. produced 7.3 million barrels of crude oil per day in May, 2013 and reached peak production of just over 10 million barrels of oil in 1970.
 WoodMac would have us believe that U.S. oil production will exceed peak production by about 2 million barrels per day,  and will increase present production by almost 70%.
That would be awesome but seems highly unlikely based on the history of oil production decline in countries and basins around the world.

This is like telling the average American whose life expectancy is 79 that, by some miracle, we can all now expect to live to be 115 years old.
Never mind that only one person is known to have lived to be this old, it's still reasonable that everybody will live this long! Hmm...
2013 7.3 Million bbl's A Day - 2019 12.9 Million bbl's A Day - They Did It - 14.4 Million bbl's To Go By 2030
Wood Mackenzie 2014
"Could add 1.5 to 3 million barrels per day (mb/d) by 2030
Indicators suggest up to a 100% increase in recovery rates"

25% To A 100 % By 2030
If The Reports Were To Be Correct Based On Current Production Of The Big Three As Of Jan. 2020 - Average Of 34.7 bbl' a well per day
  To Reach 27,000,000 BBLS By 2030 - 410,835 New Wells Are Needed
At A Cost Of Some $3.5 Trillion Without Interest Or Inflation
USA Daily Production Oil

USA - US / Wood Mac 2013 Report - WM 2013 to 2019 Production increase of 5 million barrels a day.
Wood Mac 2014 Report - WM 25% & WM 100% Production increase by 2030.

USA Peaked In 1970 - Red Line - 10,044,000 BBL'S Per Day
1988 Peak With Alaska - Black Line - 7,942,000 BBL'S Per Day
 In 2019 - Blue Line - Put In A New Peak 49 Years Later Of 12,866,000 BBL'S Per Day - If You Leave In EIA Texas Condensate
Updated When All Four Are In The Same Month
To better illustrate, Gadde said additional volumes from Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) will come on stream after 2020, and could add 1.5 to 3 million barrels per day (mb/d) by 2030, up to 25 percent more oil than is being forecasted today. These technologies are in early test phase and not commercial yet, but indicators suggest up to a 100 percent increase in recovery rates. There are pilot tests that are underway with operators like EOG testing it out in the Eagle Ford adds Gadde. - See more at:

Texas & The EIA, The USA & Their Bad Numbers

Bold Vision Plan
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Bold Vision Five Year Plan

It Over Looked The 70% Decline Rates & Oil Price Reversion & A Equity View Of Historical Building Permit Activity
Also At The Time It Did Not Consider Bold New Leadership In Bismarck & Washington In 2017.
Bakken/ND - Real Estate Boom Or Bust
Is Unconventional Unproven Leading To Gas Condensate Not Oil ?
Google Translate Button Right Hand Corner Under Header
It Is A Known Thing That You Need To Get The Gas Pressure Out Of The Way To Get The Oil To Come Out
But Is It Showing Signs Of Oil Production Destruction
Who Is This Guy ?

The Bakken - 2013 - 12 - 11- 10
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In 2012, the U.S. completed 45,468 oil and gas wells and brought online 28,354 of them,
Compared with 3,921 wells completed in the rest of the world"

Leonardo Maugeri - Full PDF Report

Leonardo Misses The Bakken Red Queen
Rune Likvern Breaks It Down

Bakken Slowing Or Growing - Summer 2013 Will Tell

Is the Typical NDIC Bakken Tight Oil Well a Sales Pitch?

We think there's only really two major driving forces of U.S. oil growth: Bakken and Eagle Ford.
 Eagle Ford is going to surpass the Bakken likely this year as the biggest oil growth rate.

The Bakken is slowing down. Permian is really not on that fast of a track. And then there's what I would classify as all others.
 And the all others are not growing at a very fast pace at all. EOG CEO -  May 2013

2013 2013 2013
Shale Bubble & Wall Street Report

The Myth Of Saudi America
Shale Bubble & Drill Baby Drill Report

More Cracks In Shale

Shale Not Working For The Majors

Big Oil - Bad Profit

Shale - Drill Or Die

Trouble In Fracking Paradise

Ponzi Schemes

Awash In Misinformation - Tight Oil

Will The Bakken Deliver

How Fast Do Bakken Wells Decline

Greatest Show On Earth

The Bakken Ponzi Game

Little Something About NES

Will The Bakken Deliver

Could End Sooner Then You Think

Huge Capex

The Contrarian View

Future Production

The Bakken Hype

Let The Tar Sands Flow

The Bakken Director

The Phenomenon - With A Flaw

60 to 90 Day  Average Production Map

Behind The Boom - Lurks Depletion

Boom Leaves Hub A Bust

EIA Energy Outlook

Is The Boom Over ?

Is The Bakken Profitable

Exxon & Bakken

Montana Oil Boom - A Lie ?
Montana Frustration - Heath Sputtering
100 Years Of Shale ( Tight ) Oil
Shale ( Tight ) Oil Revolution Is Ending
With No Boundaries

Addiction To The Drill Bit
Red Queen Running Faster
50% of the wells had decline rates (year 1 to year 2) at 50% or below, the other
S&P Analysis

Forecasting Shale Oil Production 50% had declines that ranged from 50% upwards to 85%.

North America Forecast For 2020

2012 2012
Animated Map Of Bakken Expansion

The Bakken Frac Bubble

US More Resources - Not Reserves!

Oil and Money Predicament

The Bakken & The Red Queen

Citigroup & The Bakken

The Illusion

Is The Red Queen A Fairy Tale

Bakken In Question
Epic Disappointment

The Bakken Bust

Parsing The Bakken

The Last Sip

Bakken In Question

More Oil Then Saudi

2011 2010 2010
EROI Threshold

Bakken Bonanza

Exxon & XTO

Oil Saturations - Relevance
Leigh Price Paper

Wether Or Not Peak Oil Is Real One Must Ask Three Things?  1. Is Media Oil Real. 2.Why Have Oil Prices Not Come Down With Media Energy Abundance
3. Is Peak Oil Upon Us Since 48000 Wells Were Drilled In The USA And Less Then 4000 Worldwide In 2012?

Looking back at a prairie town.  People ask me why I went away
To fly with the best, sometimes you have to leave the nest. But the prairies made me what I am today
Prairie Town

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A Sobering Look At The Bakken - 2011
Whereas conventional wells like those in the Thunder Horse reservoir produce at a rate of 40,000 bpd, 
only 14 of the nearly 9,000 wells in the Bakken produce more than 800  barrels per day,  and the average well produces only 52 bpd.
Even at 800 barrels per day, 50 Bakken wells would need to be drilled for each Liberty/
Thunder Horse size well,   and nearly 800 of the average size Bakken wells would be required.

In order to arrest North Slope declines, 700 average size Bakken wells will need to be completed each and every year.

North Dakota ( Legacy ) Stripper Wells - 2012
In fiscal year 2011, 43 percent of oil-producing wells in North Dakota were qualified as stripper wells,
according to statistics from the North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner.

EROEI For Dummies - Energy Returned On Energy Invested - 2012
It may take one oil barrel’s worth of energy to produce six barrels of Bakken shale oil.
The volume of these low-net-energy reserves could extend peak oil production for decades, but at fast-declining net energy returned to society.
We high-graded Earth’s  hydrocarbons, just as we high-graded the forests, fish, copper, tin, water, and so forth. We’ve taken the best, highest EROI hydrocarbons,
the 100:1 free-flowing wells of the 1930s and 40s. We’re now into the 3:1 and 2:1 tar sands.
These Pictures May Give You Nightmares About The Canada Oil Sands

Core Laboratories - Q1 - 2013 - Earnings Call
Absolutely not. Absolutely not, we need, come on we need months below that before you get any change in behavior.  And the Bakken rig count has been down for five
consecutive months. And so, I think something is telling you there that once you're outside that sweet spot the returns just aren't there.
 Interesting note, over the last five months, we've added 52,000 barrels of additional Bakken production.
 That's over the last five months. The seven months prior to that we were adding  somewhere on the order of 20,000 barrels a month.
 So the moderation in the rig count probably is going to lead to lower production, gross production gain within the Bakken,
 keeping in mind that the decline rate first year block in production about 40%, second year about 25%.
 So we're going to have a large hurdle to make up outside of the sweet spot if we're going to continue to get significant production growth in the Bakken.
And we've gone on record in saying that we'll take the under on 1.5 million barrels per day of Bakken production through 2014, and we're still really solid on that prediction.


Bakken Going Deep
"The Three Forks TF, by definition, has always been considered 'an independent reservoir or formation' so your #1 makes little sense. The fact of the matter is
that hydrocarbons produced from the TF originate within the Bakken. So, while it is a separate formation, it is part of the Bakken petroleum
 system and dependent upon Bakken generated & migrated hydrocarbons. This has always been understood.
While the Bakken / TF is a significant & important unconventional reservoir & petroleum system, it is certainly not the first nor is it the
 Rosetta Stone for 'other such vast formations' elsewhere in the world." 
Read The Comments Posted
Bakken Going Deep

The Bakken Story Is Good, But It’s Not Ghawar.
Assuming that the total well count for the Bakken is something in the region of 52,000 wells, as suggested by Continental, that means an additional 45,000 wells vs. today.
At the current 2,000 wells a year that’s going to take around 22 years to drill out.
To increase production well above 1 million barrels something like double the number of wells might need to be drilled, every year.

 Note that when drilling finally reaches capacity and is unable to continue then there will be no new wells to replace rapidly declining ones,
and in aggregate the whole “field” will effectively shut off in just a few years.  Drilling twice as fast today halves the life of the “field”.
 For comparison, peak production at Ghawar was 5.7 million barrels per day in 1981. Today it still produces around  5 million barrels per day, with
about 3500 wells
Ghawar Field

Ah, the California girls are the greatest in the world  Each one's a song in the making
Singin' rock to me I can hear the melody  The story is there for the takin'

Decline Curve
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Oil Prices - Brent & WTI are not what gets paid for Bakken Oil.

Plains Marketing Flint Hills Resources
Rose Rock Midstream

The ferocity of the decline rates of these wells is part of the reason that they are called unconventional, since they do not behave
 in the same manner as a conventional well, nor can they be developed in a similar way.
shale numbers are not sufficient to counter the decline from the world's currently producing fields
Bakken Average Decline Over One Year

What If The Boom Is Just A Bubble

Drill Baby Drill -2013
Drilling Deeper 10-2014



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A Natural Beauty Up In Smoke
All This One Time Natural Gas Up In Smoke And North Dakota Is Not Even Charging Taxes On It.

As Mom Always Said  ( Those Who Go Wasting, Will Go Wanting )  Must Be That 100 Year Supply.
“We’re confessing that we are flaring a tremendous amount of gas right now,”
Governor Jack Dalrymple, a Republican, said at a Bloomberg Link Conference, in Washington on Feb. 24. 2014
 “Everybody feels it’s a huge waste, to say nothing of the environmental impact.”

In 2012 Alone Flaring Resulted In The Loss Of Approximately 1 Billion In Fuel And
GHG Emissions Equivalent Of Adding 1 Million Cars To The Road

Ceres Report Flaring Up

Natural gas is flared, or burned directly to the atmosphere, rather than being vented without combustion because methane,
 the primary constituent of natural gas, has much higher global warming potential than carbon dioxide,
the main component of com-busted gas. By law, North Dakota prohibits natural gas venting.

EIA - ND Natural Gas Flaring Numbers

  January 2023 - 154,400,000 MCFD Million Cubic Feet Flared Daily
6000 CF cubic feet is a BOEE (barrel of oil energy equivalent) of one BBL Oil (barrel of oil)

  154,400,000 MCFD divided by 6000 cf = 25,733 bbl's of oil a day burned off
220 bbl's is a truckload = 129 truckloads a day
660 bbl's is a rail carload
So Everyday Set Fire To 39 Rail Cars Of Oil And

See If You Fully Get The Amount Of Pollution Being Created
Bakken Crude Train On Fire

The Flairing Boom -
100 Million Dollars A Month
What A Waste - 2013
Tons Of Carbon Dixoide A Year - 2011

The windows open and the little girl dreams The sky's her playground as she mounts her steed
Across the heavens to the other side On wings of magic does the little girl ride
War Of Man

Bakken - From Outer Space
 No, Its A Sad Photo, Not Impressive,

Burn out the day Burn out the night
I'm not the one to tell you what's wrong or what's right
I've seen suns that were freezing and lives that were through
Burnin For You

Burn Baby Burn

One Well Site After Fracking and Flow Back Is Performed.
The semi trailers are for fresh water during the frack, they hold 500 barrels, best guess their are about 140 of them on site.
140 x 500 bls x 42 gallons is roughly 3 million gallons of water. Some producers like to stock pile the water
and others like to live deliver it while fracking. Figure about 350 to 400 truck loads to bring that water in and then figure 2 to 3 million pounds of sand.
And chemicals and gels, etc, etc.  Figure 40 to 80 % of that water coming back during flow back.
Contaminated and needing to be disposed of at a disposal well back into the earth.

One County
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The Bakken Is Represented As Consuming One Half Of North Dakota
When It Really Only Is About 4 Counties And Now Just One
Its About McKenzie County

In ND - Its Mostly Just One County - June 2014

All The Horizontal Legs already drilled and in place.

The area is at Vanhook. Hwy 23 is the dark line where the sections are off centered. The X is Newtown ND.
The area is from Stanley ND going down Hwy 8 as the center. Whiting on the west side and EOG on the east side.
And south of Hwy 23. Down to the water of the river. So far the sweetest spots in the Bakken.  Mountrial County.
McKenzie is trying to overcome Mountrial.  6 month average, not yet. McKenzie Has Overtaken Mountrial - June 2013.
Oil Production By ND County -

1500 Wells Coming For Bottineau, Rolette Counties?
That's The Story Floating Around, Yet, In Mid 2014.
Page Has Been Taken Down Its Now 2014
 Flashback - September 2010
 I think it's going to be more toward the smaller in size than I talked about in Bottineau a couple weeks ago that 2,000 and 3,000 wells but there's always happy surprises in this.
In 2012 is when they really plan to get busy. They plan to come in with a fleet of half a dozen to 10 rigs," Helms said.
"In the area that they have defined as a good productive area, they plan to drill 24 wells per square mile. That will be a mind-boggling impact.
So down each section line road as you drive across a mile of section line road you will expect to see four drilling pads on the right,
four drilling pads on the left and every one will have three wells on it."
Flashback - Drilling Bottineau County

August 2014 - Still Hypeing Bottineau - Renville Counties

Counties west of the black line have monthly production.
Counties west of the blue line have some to good production.
Counties west of the red line have over a million barrels a month in production.
Counties east of the black line are floating in stories!
Oil Production By ND County -

Its About McKenzie County

& Mountrial Revival

Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies
And everyone goes, 'cause everyone knows
Brother Love's show

Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show

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Energy Independence - Road Repair Estimate 7 Billion

7 Billion Needed

State Fiscal Policy - Unprepared

If This Is How Were Getting To Energy Independence - Its Not Good

Going For Broke
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Will Their Be More - So Many Go Unnoticed
Going For Broke In The Boom

Extreme Oil - Extended Reach Drilling - In The Bakken
 Their is a story floating around that giant extended reach rigs are being built in Texas for North Dakota.
Haven't Seen One Yet - Pretty Hard To Miss

Yastreb (The Hawk) is the world's largest land-based drilling rig - 22 stories tall - using extended-reach drilling (ERD). Up to 7 miles.

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Question Is

Bakken Decline - Production - Price - Chart

Bakken Maturity Map

Obama Visit
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Why Didn't Obama Seize the Moment About Energy On His Trip To North Dakota.
Not One Word About Oil & Gas.
One Would Assume The Leader of  The Free World Has Advisors Who Do Due Diligence. Not Media Hype.
More stories with no due diligence.

Obama Not One Hint

More Energy For Obama

Stories with due diligence.

"Production From (shale) Tight Oil Is Not a Revolution; It’s a Retirement Party"

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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Also Dont Forget The 00 Wells Needed (Apr. 2018) Just To Arrest The Decline - Since Peak 2014 - Add On Another $.7 Billion